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Fits Most Standard WindowsThe 9166 can fit many standard windows and is the largest of Air King's window exhaust fans at 20". PowerfulThe 9166 offers up to 3560 CFM and provide fresh air to your home, as well as exhaust hot humid air outside your home. UsesExhaust window fans are great to use when it may not be in the best interest of your household budget to leave the AC on. Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue.
Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. 9122 Air King Window Exhaust Fan Availability: Usually ships same business day List Price . A good window fan is a real blessing to a fan person, and doubly so if that fan can be set to blow in two directions. When you find a product you like on the web, click the link in the tool bar and you can ask a question.
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The Window Exhaust Fan is gaining great popularity as a cooling appliance.  In these times where everyone is trying to meet their expenses within the budget, while the costs of living is upward spiraling, it helps to cut down on the costs of electricity  as well as save the environment by cutting down on the energy usage. However with the summer heat that puts people through severe discomforts in some parts, the first and foremost priority is to keep the home cool and comfortable.
The growing global warming and depleting natural resources make it utterly impossible that we do our bit to conserve energy and reduce pollution.
Electricity bills are not cheap, so we need to make prudent use of appliances like air conditioners that use a huge amount of electricity to operate.
This is a great way to cool your house while keeping the energy consumption at the minimal. Exhaust Fan Manufacturer: Hunter is a name synonymous with provider of stylish and efficient ventilation systems such as air purifiers, humidifiers and exhaust fans. Ceiling mounted bathroom fans can keep your bathroom properly ventilated and are easy to install.

Evaporative Coolers, portable electric fans, ceiling fan, and window exhaust fans – Stay cool with an evaporative cooler electric fan or window fan Looking for a fast, inexpensive way to improve the air quality in your basement shop? The space-saving tower and pedestal fans at True Value deliver the performance it takes to stay comfortable in rising temperatures. It operates on three varying speeds and has a RPM of up to 1600 while using 170 watts of power. It has a powder coated steel front grill and blades so it's not a flimsy machine made from cheap materials. Additionally, you'll receive announcements related to the IMshopping service, you can opt out at any time. Energy costs a lot to produce, in terms of money as well and the priceless natural resources and it costs even more to use. Therefore the best way is to use appliances that give the maximum comfort with the least amount of energy consumption, like a window exhaust fan.
Shop huge inventory of Bathroom Exhaust Fan, Kitchen Exhaust Fan, Shutter Mounted Exhaust Fan and more in HVAC Fans and Blowers on eBay. Window fans are easy to use and install; they cool indoor areas quickly and efficiently too!
Shop for the Air King 9166 NA 20 Inch 3560 CFM Whole House Window Mounted Fan with Storm Guard Housing from the Window Fans Air King’s window fans can bring fresh air in or exhaust stale air out of residential and commercial settings.
Wall The Holmes window fan can provide relief from hot weather by drawing in cooler air from the outdoors or by exhausting stale indoor air. We ordered it and it came faster than many other product as that have shipped to us from California (3 days as opposed to 10-14 days.) It came well packaged. Why do most of the food trucks and trailers have roof-mounted exhaust fans compared to many of the trucks "out west" with side-wall mounted exhaust fans? These fans expel air upwards through the Wall Exhaust Fan Definition: An exhaust fan that is wall mounted and usually exhausts to the outside, through a hole in the wall. And use it to pull in the cool air at night, the ease of installing and removing it from the window I love that. At night it really cools the house down and when it starts heating up in the morning, we close the door to the 2nd floor and close the windows on the main floor.

When it cools off out side, we open the door and the windows and cool the entire house again. It performs better than our old fan, so we are looking forward to years of using this product in the summer. The shop side is insulated and remains cool on a hot day; however, the car side is not insulated and gets way to warm and humid.
Even though the installation instructions are for a window that slides up, I changed the orientation for my window that slides to the left. The only thing that would make it better is if it had a thermostat so I could leave it on all the time. However we will have to remove both upper and lower window panes for it to function properly.
At this point I'm going to have build or put another window on the outside of the house and figure a way to close it during rainy or stormy weather. You can stand in the doorway of the room where they are installed and feel the breeze entering the room. I had an issue with another fan I ordered first from Air n Water and they were super easy to work with to return it and swap for these fans.
The only improvement I can think of is it would be nice if it had a shutter system so that we wouldn't have to close the window when we turn it off to keep the rain out.
Water after the first company told me it was in stock and then later when I asked where it was, I was told that the manufacturer was having problems and it wouldn't be available until Oct! I use it to cool the garage as well as provide ventilation for drying my garlic and onions each year. So I ordered this Air King 9166 Exhaust Fan and hoped it would come close to what the fans were made of some 30 years ago.

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