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Having installed a number of ceiling fans in the past, mostly of the Panasonic and National brand types, I was quite confident with installing this one on my own.
I wasn’t going to call Singapore or the shop I bought it from for help or instructions, and a search online for an installation manual for this model yielded zilch.
Arrange installation for you based on your home's setup by experienced local electricians (Price of product excludes installation. Choose from wide selection of fans on display (at least 15) and many more from reputable local fan brands. Most importanly, competitive best prices for all fans and lights at Sembawang Lighting House. With the very low prices of ceiling fans these days, it makes more sense to replace it outright, rather than to have components of it repaired, without knowing how long the appliance will last. There were many other cheaper models available, but I thought this model from the Singapore-based company was quite well-designed – the fan blades looked interesting, and the light was simple but yet elegant without too much embellishments that would detract the features of a ceiling fan.
Upon opening the box, I discovered that there were a lot more parts with this fan with light type, and there was additional wiring to be done to hook up the remote control receiver on the fan for both fan and light operation.

Upon unpacking removing the 5 fan blades packed at the top of the box, you will find the other components of the Fanco ceiling fan. As mentioned earlier, the installation manual that came with the fan was for a totally different model. First, disassemble the ceiling rod, removing the earthing wire, rubber spool anchor, and all attached bolts and nuts.
It features a unique 3 Blade design, optional 18W LED Tri Color Light, 3 speed remote control, and modern simple design. I took the opportunity to purchase a ceiling fan which came with built-in lighting, with the intention of using very low wattage bulbs for ambience-setting purpose and for non-reading activities.
In other words, I wanted a ceiling fan with built-in lighting, not a fancy lamp with built-in fan. Included are 2 incandescent bulbs which we will later replace with energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).
Seems we will have to figure out the following installation without the help of diagrams and texts!

Before dismantling these components, note the end of the ceiling rod attached to the rubber spool anchor, and the end to the bolt and pin.
The existing lights in my living room are fluorescent tubes in light trough, and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) in downlights – bright enough for all other purposes.
There were other fan models with longer blades, reversible rotation, intricate lamp shades, LED lighting, and other features which made these fans more useful or appealing, but I finally settled with this particular one for simplicity. Fanco, if you’re reading this, please ensure the right instructions go into the packaging box for the correct fan model.
I documented the process down to help others in similar situation, so if you find yourself with a Fanco or similarly-designed ceiling fan with built-in light operated by remote control, see my step-by-step guide with photo as outlined below.

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