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Speaking of NuTone problems…, recently I discovered that the vent door on our NuTone kitchen exhaust had been painted shut by the previous owner. The Marley 1080 is not rated for kitchen use- says so specifically on their install instructions.
In have exhaust fan I found in the wall of the house I am remodeling the numbers on it are.
There are usually building codes with air flow requirements; check with your Building Department or another professional, or you may not pass inspection.
I like the Air-O 808 by Tradewind — they say they’ve been making it for almost 50 years! The vent is very cleverly designed with a chain that opens the outside vent flap and turns on the fan; pulling the chain turns off the fan and closes the vent.

What I would recommend is that you talk to one of the companies that seems to specialize in Nutone repairs and see what they say. I just want to be clear about something here: we have just removed our microwave hood and the cabinet it was attached to.
Marley sells their fans nationally through electrical distributors such as GrayBar, Cresent Electric, AllPhase, for example. In addition, they are not specified for above a shower or tub unit — my preferred location for an exhaust fan in the bathroom. I do not see anyway to remove the inside grill without turning on the fan, and cannot find the wiring without first removing the grill. I see lots of Trade-Wind ads in my vintage marketing materials.  I did not ask the company for its distributors, but I am assuming that as with Marley fans, you can get them from local electrical distributors.

To anyone else considering fussing with their vintage fans: Educate yourself and take appropriate precautions relative to environmental and safety issues.
For example, lead can be in paint, asbestos can be in insulation, EPA links on my Fast & Easy Pages and New?Start Here.

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