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This example looks much like our Brewmaster Belt Driven Ceiling Fan, part of our collection of Vintage Ceiling Fans. The fan itself can be finished in antique black, brass, or pewter, and a light kit is available with white frosted glass. This soothing bedroom space is accented by our Machine Age Galvanized Ceiling Fan, part of our collection of Vintage Ceiling Fans.
To add even more function and style, consider adding a light kit to the fan which comes with an RLM inspired warehouse shade or a cast guard and glass fixture. If you love the industrial look of the Machine Age Fan, don’t miss our entire collection of Industrial Ceiling Fans which come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit most any residential or commercial space.
That’s the reaction most people have when they see a vintage, belt-driven fan up close for the first time. This handsome and unique fixture uses an electric motor but also relies on the pulley system to power the blades thus reducing your electricity costs.
While most of us still have our day-to-day lives to attend to, summer does bring on a more relaxed atmosphere with warm weather, cookouts, and longer days to enjoy friends and family. This eye-catching fixture takes on the rugged style of the Industrial Age with its completely galvanized motor housing and the option for 100 percent galvanized metal blades. The glass can be customized with clear, frosted, or ribbed glass to suit your style and space. Shake up your expectations of what a ceiling fan should look like with this unique and stylish model. These ceiling fans first appeared in the United States in the mid to late 1800s and were powered not by an electric motor but rather running water used in conjunction with a turbine to drive a system of belts to turn the two-blade units.
Early summer is especially nice when you can throw wide the doors and windows and enjoy a pleasant breeze.

And don’t forget a fan control so you don’t have to move out of that comfy chair to adjust the light or fan speed!
This system could move several fan units so they were quite popular in stores and restaurants especially in the hot and humid southern regions of the country. For a tropical location or coastal cottage, the antique woven bamboo or natural palm leaf sets may be more your style. Our Photo Gallery is a great place to get inspired and see what products Barn Light Electric customers have installed and how they look in an actual setting!
You can help Mother Nature by installing ceiling fans throughout your home to keep the air moving on a still day. Maybe they will prompt you a great design of your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garden, basement or any other place.
Today, with the vintage rage is full swing, reproductions of these fans are a popular option to the standard big-box store fans found in so many homes. If possible, we need to always make sure to buy multifunctional pieces of appliances and equipment. While a ceiling fan will not cool your home, it does make you feel cooler thanks to the wind chill on your skin.
But, think about this question: Why settle for just a single purpose product as you can take benefit of the double functions of the other?The overhead fans outfitted with light fixtures are priced the same yet you are given the ability to bring in not only coolness into the area but also some bright lighting to it.
Remember that picking the correct lighting for your interior or exterior makes a defining impact on the design you create.
The double purpose that a double ceiling fan with lights has can provide lots of savings to the homeowners. Working out a lighting plan as you remodel your home will help you reach a desirable result.

The people at home do not have to worry on buying and installing a light unit to the ceiling. You may create magic with special lighting effects, and vary the ambiance from special to occasional and even expressive with shades of light.
Those are very good for areas in which lots of tasks need to be carried out such as home offices and kitchens. So feel free to browse the WinLights site, watch photographs, read articles and create a unique atmosphere in your home.
More than the lighting a double ceiling fan can bring, it can also provide a cool atmosphere in the house that this device is truly made for. It can provide and then circulate in a cooler and also refreshing air in the area to make everybody feel relaxed and comfortable.Another interesting utility of a double ceiling fan is that it can be used not only for the period of summer seasons.
You may also be interested in information about Recessed Ceiling Lights, Ceiling Light Fixtures, 36 Inch Ceiling Fan Without Lights. It can rotate in the opposite directions in order to help circulate warm air throughout the winter seasons as well.
The light fixture is customizable and it can be fitted in the center of the ceiling fan or at the both ends of the horizontal bars holding up the blades.

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