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The kit, which sells for only $9.95, includes a light-up phaser, and Phasers, a short booklet by Chip Carter on the history of the phaser. QMx has updated its website with a listing for their forthcoming artisan replica of the USS Vengeance.
If you're not feeling quite rich enough to get this particular ship, QMx are also planning a collector's model, which should offer another super accurate representation of the ship, but without any of the fancy features, and somewhat smaller, for something around the one-hundred dollar mark. The first batch of Trekkies figurines will be available for the first time at the San Diego Comic Con, along with a limited edition mirror-Spock. For full coverage of this year's releases and what's coming up, check out the 2016 schedule page.
Good news Star Trek music fans, you can already pre-order the soundtrack for Star Trek Beyond !
Actor Richard Hatch, who plays a Klingon in the fan film "Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar," during a makeup test. The new Enterprise is based on the winning entry to the Design the Next Enterprise Contest from Adam Ihle.
These ships look like they are designed to fly really fast through an atmosphere, or even under water or something.

Seems like Star Trek never dared to be different beyond TNG until Abrams took it over and gave the ships a faithful yet original look. Upload Home Files   Addons Client Demos Freeware Map Mods Patches Skins Tools Articles   News Reviews Features Hardware Modding Walkthroughs Cheats Games Forums Notices Welcome to GameFront! Established in 2001, GameFront Forums is a community of gamers who like to hang out and chat about games, technology, and much more. Tim Russ has lent his vocal talents to the season, reprising his role as Tuvok, Voyager’s security officer. Other updates includes changes to the reputation system, ground combat kits, Borg single-player missions, better character customisation options, and an overhaul to Earth Spacedock. The 1:1600 scale model is almost a meter long, the largest replica starship in their range so far. If that's still to rich, there's always the Hot Wheels version, or the forthcoming Kre-O rendition. With all the new non-fiction books lately I'm constantly surprised we haven't had something like that already! Since then they have been developing the design into a functional model for the Star Trek Online game and this week they have revealed the final ship.

A New Accord introduces a stack of new adventures familiar to fans of Captain Janeway and the crew of the starship Voyager.
You’ll also encounter species 8472, now know as the Undine, including playable starships and gear. Like all the artisan replicas, the Vengeance is hand-built by a team of talented modellers; it apparently takes six artisans two-hundred hours for each ship (and unlike Section 31, they manage it without assistance from an augment). Honestly, with so many better designs out there (Vektor’s USS Grandeur, for example) why do they keep going with this crap?
The model comes with a mirrored display base, to make viewing it from all angles a little easier, and features light and sounds effects, using one-hundred LEDS, including warp, impulse, weapons, and running lights, all of which can be remote controlled. If you want one of these dreadnoughts you'll need to have almost ten-thousand dollars to spare!

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