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I am not opposed to altering antiques in the form of refinishing, repurposing or re-anything to make them work for me.
I am invested in enjoying the pieces in my home for what they bring to my home, what they mean to me, and how they tell my story. Your home is a collection of memories, and it’s in the objects of your home where the stories are told.

I'm Sheila, a decorating enthusiast with a focus on making over, fixing up, and using what you have. With that said, I do value the integrity of an antique so what I would always ask myself first is, where do I place my value in this antique?
You'll also find me keeping up with Audrey Would!, my online vintage boutique specializing in classic Mid-Century and Art Deco cocktail ware and entertainment pieces.

If it’s a piece I’ve inherited, what is my emotional investment in the piece, and in its history?

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