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Info: StarBreak is a Co-Op Roguelike MMO Action Platformer where you explore strange sci-fi worlds alongside dozens of other players, kill legions of dangerous aliens and fight epic boss battles.
Info: Gear Up is a multiplayer game where you build customized tanks and battle online opponents in deathmatch, team deathmatch and conquest. Info: Unreal Tournament is a free first-person arena shooter with multiple game modes, focused on solo as well as team-based gameplay. Info: Fistful of Frags is a free multiplayer online FPS born years ago as a Wild West themed modification for Source engine. The plot of the game unfolds in an imaginary universe, where two highly advanced races, Neils and Atlans, fight against each other. Based on the novel “The Skies”, the multiplayer game is centered on a real-time evolving experience in which each player’s action causes a change in the world, including relationships with characters, factions and other events. The visually striking worlds are procedurally generated so each mission is a different experience, and you never know what is around each corner.

In the game, you compete with friends or players from around the globe using some of the world’s deadliest modern weapons and vehicles. Explore a massive mountain, customize your character with clothing and equipment from the biggest brands, and compete in events to be the best. Crawl the arena in devious spider legs, escape with your trusty jetpack or serve your opponents a healthy dose of proximity mines as you design with over one million different combinations.
Unreal Tournament is unique in that it is a project being built by, for, and with the community. In the game, players build their own asteroid bases, send spies out to enemy territory, and shoot at other spaceships in drag-and-click arcade style PvP combat. It has been completely renewed for its Steam release, paying special attention to combat mechanics. Instead of grinding, StarBreak’s fast-paced action combat platforming rewards skill, cooperation, and improvisation.

Play with up to 24 players in 6 unique arenas designed for infantry, vehicle, and air combat.
The whole game, including the source code, is fully free and can be downloaded, played and edited by anyone. Moving bases on a 3D spherical map makes Astro Lords unique, bringing an entirely new dimension to multiplayer challenges. Astro Lords also seamlessly combines three different gameplay genres – construction management, arcade-style shooting, and strategic raid warfare – into one cohesive experience.

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