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The Pirate Fairy (also known as Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy) is a 3D computer-animated film from the Disney Fairies franchise. The film opens on a normal day in Pixie Hollow and Zarina, a Dust Keeper fairy, is always wondering the possibilities of what else Pixie Dust can do.
They arrive at their secret hideout at Skull Rock where the fairies discover that Zarina and the pirates have grown a Pixie Dust Tree of their own.
As the pirates set course for the Second Star, the fairies show up and engage them in battle while Zarina attempts to get the blue fairy dust away from Captain James who is wearing it around his neck. After finally getting back the Blue Dust, Zarina bids her fellow fairies goodbye and is about to go her separate way only to be offered again to come home, which this time she accepts. In a post-credits scene, Smee is seen sailing on a ship where he spots James stranded in the middle of the Never Sea.
This film is the first musical in the Disney Fairies series, though there is only one song sung by characters onscreen, which James and the pirates sing. Unless the little girl in Tinker Bell is not really Peter Pan's Wendy, but a different Wendy. The scene where the poppies' pollen puts the fairies to sleep could be a reference to the poppies from The Wizard of Oz since the poppies put Dorothy and the Cowardly lion to sleep. The movie has certain similarity with the episode Magical Mystery Cure of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, where Twilight Sparkle spear spell that for error, changes the Cutie Marks of her all friends and must find the form of revert the spell. Unlike the previous DisneyToons features, this is the first time that the in-credit text "Created and Produced at DisneyToon Studios" was shown at the end.
Disney•Pixar features from Monsters, Inc., onward, has the same thing, except the text reads "Created and Produced at Pixar Animation Studios, Emereyfield, California". An Earth Scientist's Periodic Table, this is available in number of sizes on the linked page. Kathleen Schenk, a Middle-School science teacher from Indiana, was generous enough to share with everyone this activity that she uses for teaching about matter and the periodic table.
The periodic table linked here is a companion resource to a Nova segment called "Hunting Elements". This is a beautifully illustrated periodic table produced by the Foundation for Education, Science and Technology. A truly unique periodic table, this table focuses on the abundance of isotopes of the various elements. A company called Quantum Design produced this table, which focuses on phase transition temperatures and properties such as superconductivity and ferromagnetism. One of my favorite instructional resources on the Internet is the Periodic Table of Videos, produced by the University of Nottingham. This is the periodic table that was sent to me by Josh Blaustein, a chemistry teacher from New York.
This is a very basic table that I use in class to have students color-code the element classes in our standards. This is a version of my table that is color-coded by element classes, and includes the usual information, but also the atomic radius of each element. This is a version of my table that is color-coded by element classes, and includes the usual information, but also the first ionization energy of each element. This is a version of my table that is color-coded by element classes, and includes the usual information, but also the electronegativity of each element. The "simple" version of the table from ChemGlobe, this table includes the usual information, plus melting point, boiling point, density and electronegativity. This color table from Jefferson Lab's educational site is ideal for elementary and middle school. This is the (mostly) black and white version of the Jefferson Lab periodic table at the left. This is quite possibly the nicest looking, and one of the most informative of all of the tables I have gathered. Great for educators of preschool children through 2nd grade, parents and grandparents alike! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
However, Fairy Gary is against her curiosity and tells her that dust keepers do not tamper with Pixie Dust. As the Winter Fairies perform their act, Zarina returns and summons some poppies that put all the fairies into a deep sleep except Tinker Bell, Vidia, Rosetta, Silvermist, Fawn and Iridessa; who take shelter, and Clank, who was gone at the time.
With more control over their swapped talents, the fairies manage to throw the pirates overboard one by one and turn the ship off course with only the captain left on board. They sail the flying ship all the way back to Pixie Hollow just as all the fairies start to wake up with no clue over what just happened.
After spotting the washed up captain, Smee compliments the hook he's carrying around (alluding the iconic hook he'll one day gain), to which James replies by furiously demanding Smee rescues him.
She has no speaking role, and is one of Zarina's victims when she releases several of the poppies' pollen. In this, it takes place one year later, which is right before Zarina flees from Pixie Hollow shortly after she is chastised by Fairy Gary that she is no longer accepted as a dust-keeper fairy, because she disobeyed.

To view and print these files, you will need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program on your computer. All of the tables will print on a single 8½ x 11 page, though some may require color to retain their appearance. If the file does not reside on my server, you will be directed to a page where the table CAN be downloaded. From the website: "The Earth Scientist's Periodic Table of the Elements and Their Ions is a new periodic table designed to contextualize trends in geochemistry, mineralogy, aqueous chemistry, and other natural sciences.
The activity includes identifying group and periods by number, as well as color-coding elements by class. The site allows you to customize the periodic table, with the information you require, and creates a unique PDF document from your preferences.
As you can see, it contains only basic information, but if you look at the document, it is beautifully produced and suitable for printing as a wall-sized table. It contains a wealth of information about each element, and the key is in both English and (naturally) German.
Produced by IUPAC, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemists, this table is absolutely essential to instruction on the difference between atomic mass and average atomic mass.
This is a colorful, perfectly organized table that emphasizes properties of the elements that are normally not included in a periodic table. This QR coded table links each element directly to the corresponding video resource on their website.
The back of the table includes equations, constants and other information available to students on the test. In his own words, " I was looking for a periodic table with nothing other than element names and symbols - not even atomic numbers - for my class to use during the test at the end of the periodic table unit.
Daria brought few things with her to California, but one of the essentials that she brought was her own Russian periodic table. What is unique is that each element is detailed with the name, symbol and number of electrons in each shell (by actually showing the shells.
These tables aren't popular for print purposes because they don't resolve well on a normal printed page, but they are great for teaching the organization of the periodic table. Joel Weiner of Evanston Township High School, is identical to the one above, except that it does not show the ions of the representative elements. It has an area for a color key for alkali metals, alkaline earth metal, transition metals, metalloids, nonmetals, halogens and noble gases. We use it for labeling element classes, metals, nonmetals, s,p,d and f blocks, periodic trends - you get the idea. Includes the usual information, as well as electron configuration, melting point, boiling point, oxidation states, and percent abundance in the universe. This table includes everything that the table on the left includes, plus electron configurations. It is produced by the Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML) at NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
This black and white table includes electron configurations as well as common oxidation states. The film was originally slated to be released on October 7, 2013, but another DisneyToon Studios film, Planes, took its place, which itself moved to a theatrical film for August 9, 2013. However, when her experiments with Blue Dust causes major chaos, she becomes excluded from dust-keeping. After putting all the fairies to sleep, Zarina heads for the dust depot and steals the Blue Dust. The fairies attempt to get the Blue Dust back again, but Iridessa was unable to control her garden fairy talent and causes a chaos that reveal themselves and get captured. Zarina is welcomed back and just before she promises to never again tamper with pixie dust, Tinker Bell insists that she show off her amazing talents-Pixie Dust Alchemy. It is fundamentally different from the conventional periodic table in organizing entities by charge and consequently in showing many elements multiple times because of the multiple charges or valence states taken by those elements. The elements are colored by element class, and the symbols are done in white rather than the traditional black. What really sets this apart is that it is in Excel format (.xlsx) so you can edit it as you please. You can even create a table with Lutetium (Lu) and Lawrencium (Lr) in the d-block if desired. The elements are color-coded by element class, and the table has a resolution that would allow printing at a very large size.
This is the table that we use all year long in my classes, so that students will be familiar with it when they take their CST in April.
This is a large file (~ 2 mb) and you will need to zoom in to see the quality of the image once you open it in a browser or graphics program. I've posted this in .pdf format, but this table has a high-resolution full SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file. I've translated it to English and posted .pdf format, but in the spirit of "share-and-share-alike" I am also providing the editable, high-resolution, full SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file.

It is the product of Joel Weiner, who teaches at Evanston Township High School in Evanston, Illinois.
BP (British Petroleum), The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, The Chemical Industry Education Centre, and the Royal Society of Chemistry collaborated to produce a fantastic periodic table that addresses those questions. The link will take you to his site where you can access the color or black and white pdf versions of the table. In addition to a wealth of information on each element, it also contains a table of physical constants.
Without the Blue Dust, the Pixie Dust Tree can’t make Pixie Dust and without Pixie Dust the fairies can’t fly, much to Iridessa’s horror. Tinker Bell tries to convince Zarina to come home but she refuses, still hurt by nobody appreciating her talents.
At the moment James is victorious, but Zarina gains possession of one speck and when she tosses it to James the dust all over him goes crazy and makes him fly out of control till he passes through a wall of water summoned by Tinker Bell that washes off all the dust.
At the festival, Zarina shows off her amazing talents in Pixie Dust Alchemy and, at the same time, switches Tinker Bell's and her best friends' magical talents to their rightful ones; each with a different color of powdered fairy dust, putting on quite a show. Only seven of these tables are my creation; all rights are retained by the original authors of the others.
Jim designed this to replace a tattered periodic table that was hanging above his desk at home. Though similar, there are some significant difference in the way the two tables are organized. This is a large file (~ 3 mb) and you will need to zoom in to see the quality of the image once you open it in a browser or graphics program. BP has also published a very nice interactive periodic table activity HERE but to access it, you will need to register (for free). While Clank stays to watch over the others, Tinker Bell and the other fairies go after Zarina who leads them to the coast and, to their shock, pirates.
After the fairies are taken down below the Pirates begin creating Pixie Dust which becomes a major success.
They also produced a black and white version that is intended for students to use to color the elements by class. Also, the Russian table always has Mendeleev's picture on it, and this particular table has the names of the elements in both Russian and English.
As an SVG file, you could have this table printed up to wall-size for your classroom, lecture hall or lab. As with the black and white version at the left, it is a very large file (~12.5 mb), but suitable for large-scale printing because it will maintain it's resolution. The table is large (2 ft x 3 ft) and is printed on high quality stock with crystal-clear images and text. At first, they think Zarina has been captured, but soon find out that their captain is none other than Zarina.
Curious about what it’s like to fly, Zarina sprinkles some of the dust onto James allowing him to experience the wonders of flying.
I have forwarded to Jim several requests from movie set directors wanting his permission to use this table in movies. Quoting his own abstract, this is "A quick response coded audio periodic table of the elements (QR-APTE) developed using free online resources. The fairies get the Blue Dust back, but when they try to make their escape, Zarina casts numerous colors of Pixie Dust switching the fairy’s innate magical talents.
After a joyful flight around the cave, James and the pirates suddenly betray Zarina and lock her in a lantern. The potential of QR-APTE was tested using a smart phone and is envisaged to become a truly powerful tool to teach chemistry to blind and visually impaired students under a mobile-learning environment." You can read the original article HERE. Meanwhile Tinker Bell and the other fairies are trying to escape from their cage and so far they are not having much luck.
It is revealed by the cabin boy, James (the future Captain Hook and Zarina’s closest friend), that a year ago their ship turned a drift and they lost everything until they met Zarina who became their new captain with a promise to make their ship fly. Ivan Grozdanov, and I did and was published in 2000." It is beautifully organized and presented. Then they will able to plunder across the world’s greatest wonders and will stop at nothing as they’ll be in the sky.
The fairies head for the pirate Pixie Dust Tree and manage to get their hands on the Blue Dust. However before they can make their escape, Captain James threatens to throw Zarina into the sea unless they return the dust to them.
Tinker Bell willing gives up the dust and the pirates begin to pour it all onto the ship making it airborne.
After James takes the blue dust and jumps aboard, he throws Zarina into the water, leaving the fairies to save her.

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