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If Pierce were here right now, he'd probably hunt you down and kill you.The only ones which I can look at without saying 'WTF!?' are the white plastic emerson and the 36" K55 blender. The blue Ge vents is cute but it needs to have it switch housing back and would looks MUCH better with the brackets mounted on the right side.I like the polished brass Hunter 52'' in your parents house. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! Of course the notion of insulation is much more foreign to the Filipino than to those of us from the north where insulation is a fact of life and survival.
The reflective foil did not come attached to the fiberglass batts so the workers manually glued the foil to the batts using contact cement.
The roofing and insulation was purchased through Far Eastern Hardware on Quezon Street in Iloilo City. It’s our hope that all these things will combine to reduce the interior temperature of the house by several degrees compared to what it would be without the steps we took. We’ll use our two air conditioners during the hottest weather, but far less than than we did in our oven-like apartment. As of now we are considering to build a new house, focusing on efficiency and low-maintenance. Again, your blog is very interesting, and I just wanted to share this information with you which I found on the internet. Geoscience Labs in the USA in their testing found a savings of 42% in energy using our product. We have purchased a Lot in Panglao and will commence a bungalow build in January next year. For the roof, I would suggest a gabled design or a modified curved roof gable if the house is of modern design. On another note, Panglao is termite nation, spend the money on steel wall studs and make sure to do termite trenching every 3 years.
We just built a house just outside Manila with several louvered vents that look almost exactly like yours.
Our house used red oxide painted steel work in the roof and I now find after 5 years that if I touch the surface I pick up red rust. Shade trees can be strategically grown close to south facing windows and provide some where to sit under during the hot afternoons. Congratulations, your house is awesome and your website a “gold-mine” of precious and detailed information! I am in the process of building our own house in Moalboal-Cebu and it’s pleasant to see that we independently came to the same conclusions about roof-ceilings and the way to keep the house cool. When i talked about a WHITE roof people there were looking at me with a surprised smile as if i were asking for chicken’s milk! I am familiar with the product you are talking about, and am also interested in using it in the Philippines when I build there(not for a long time yet).
Why wouldn’t you put in an attic fan or large wall fan to blow out the hot air at night till dawn and suck in the cold night air.
Work to keep the sun off the house and it’s going to help more than all the attic insulation in the world. I had reservation myself regarding the moisture level of my soil as I am 7 miles from the ocean.
Too bad on the roof ventilation, we went with putting the vents on the overhang where the roof sits on the blockwork. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. At My Lighting Source we specialize in lighting and decor for both residential and commercial spaces.

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The triangular roof vents shown above have been closed off with sheets of plywood on the inside. The reason we want to build new is that (aside our house becoming too big with the children away) the quality of building materials improved a lot over the years; the is labor more skilled in handling modern techniques and we would like to focus on low maintenance and low energy consumption. Although the house they suggest in this PDF will be very far off from the house I have in mind I hope it will have a lot of the ideas in it. If possible to incorporate Dormers on the roof since you plan to use the attic space that would be best. Attaching the insulation to the roof underside will cause the steel to become tremendously hot and make it expand more than ordinarily.
I have lived here for several years with no real heat issues…until now, I bought my own place and its like an oven. My brother (whom I got my seed from) has four of these in his yard that are at or near 50 ft. Still got the issue of heat rising which is where those spinning roof vents come in as the hot air will force them to turn but with a cap on the top unlikely to see any water come in. We carry over a 100 different manufacturers of lighting to guarantee that all of our customers find exactly what theya€™re looking for.
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Coastal Breeze 52'' ?I like how your Emerson Designer Series 42'' is not yellowed for once. Im looking at attic extractors and also ceiling extractors, do you have any opinion on these?
The fastest way to do this is first to screw 3″ wide strips of 9mm plywood to the bottom of your roof purlins.
Across the other side of the rooms will be ventilator openings in the ceiling where hopefully the hot air will be drawn from the room and out through the gable ends. They suggested me Poliethylene foam alluminized but i would prefer double bubble double aluminium foil.

The motor comes in a Peruvian finish with crystal up-light and down-light that’s matched with your choice of hand-scraped wood blades.
Our goal is to illuminate your life by providing you with the perfect light fixture, the ceiling fan that finally makes that room a little more cool and comfortable, and by giving you a variety of lighting and home decor products that will give any home, office, backyard, or commercial building the exact finishing touches its been begging for. By giving our customers variety, we not only give them the ability to choose exactly whata€™s right for them, we also serve as a source of inspiration for design. Make your life a little easier and trust us- when it comes to home decor and lighting we are experts with impeccable taste and care for our customers. If you are struggling with how to setup your new chandelier in your dining room, we want to hear from you. I have been fortunate enough to travel to almost every state in the US, all over Cananda, and multiple European trips. I have researched companies in cebu but cant find any that can offer simple solutions that at least reduce the problem. I know this tree grows in the Philippines because I saw one of them a little ways outside of Manila. Generally speaking, we don’t get the amount of rain as you do annually but at times the rain really comes down.
All were wonderful, but I live in the greatest state in the country and my favorite place in the world. The coolness of the tropical nights don’t penetrate our bedrooms which remain hot all night. Most are reallly complex, covering the ceiling and walls in a spray type material that turns out to be very very expensive. In your case, since you will be using the attic, screw on 9mm gypsum panels to the bottom of your purlins in effect sandwiching the foil between the roof and ceiling. It’s too late to move elsewhere as the amount of building going on in cebu means there is no shortage of new houses so im stuck with looking at economical solutions for my current place. They make a superb shade tree and strong enough to handle most Hurricanes we get here in Florida.
Last summer we got 6″ in 20 minutes and the Paulownia tree seemed to weather it just fine. After all, our ultimate goal is to illuminate your life and make your designing experience pleasant and stress-free. Cost of living is high here, but we are the most wealthy state in the nation by far, so the wages are very high. It’s painful to switch on the air conditioning when just outside the walls is a lovely, comfortable tropical night.
Because we don’t have window screens yet (see our post about that) we keep windows closed at night to keep the bugs out.
I was looking at house ceiling extractor fans and attic (roofspace) extractors, any opinions on this?
I never went to college, I'm 22, and I make $60,000 plus a year with a job I found at 17 in the newspaper. I doubted that the foam would hold up over time in the heat of an attic and having all that foam up there would accelerate any fire and create lots of toxic fumes. I am an hour from the most amazing beaches, an hour from the most amazing skiiing south of Vermont, and 20 minutes from the night life of Old City in Philadelphia.

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