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Welcome to Palm Tree Sales Online, an easy and affordable way to purchase your palm trees conveniently and have your beautiful tree delivered or delivered & installed at your home or business. Canary Island Date zones 8b-11 very large tree that prefers a drier climate and needs plenty of room to grow.
Pygmy Date palm make an excellent understory palm They prefer a little shade and do not grow to large. Windmill Palms very cold hardy fan palm with a hairy trunk that resembles an elephants leg.
From small Bottle Palm trees to the soon-to-be-towering Mexican Fan Palm tree, the A&P Nursery in Mesa, Gilbert, and Queen Creek have the palm trees you need to add some tropical style to your landscape. Browse our collection of palm trees for sale at our nurseries throughout the East Phoenix Valley below, of feel free to drop by one of our palm tree nurseries to see what we have to offer in person. Bottle Palm TreesConsidered by many to be a dwarf palm tree, the Bottle Palma€™s mature height of just 10a€™ makes it ideal for indoors or small outside areas like gardens.
Mediterranean Fan Palm TreesThe triangular, fan-shaped fronds of the Mediterranean Fan Palm can grow to about 24a€? wide. Mexican Fan Palm TreesShooting to over 100a€™ in the sky, the Mexican Fan Palm tree boasts a surprisingly thin trunk at only 10a€?-12a€? in diameter.

Phoenix Palm TreesNot to be confused with our city, the name Phoenix refers to the genus of this palm tree that grows to 70a€™-75a€™ with fronds as long as 20a€™. Pigmy Palm TreesA popular ornamental addition to hot climate landscapes, the Pygmy Palm tree is also known as a Miniature Date Palm. Pindo Palm TreesA very drought tolerant palm, the Pindo Palm tree grows large clusters of orange-yellow fruits known as Pindo dates once ita€™s mature. Queen Palm TreesQueen Palms are one of the most popular choices of palm trees because they require little maintenance.
Sago Palm TreesThe Sago Palm grows very symmetrically, making it useful in spots that can be approached from all sides. With its gracefully drooping leaf tips and hula skirt of dried fronds, the Mexican fan palm is the dancing girl of the Arecacea family. Perhaps the Amazonian dancing girl would be a more accurate description as Washingtonia robusta can grow to 100 feet. This group of Mexican Fans planted at the entrance to a Central Florida subdivision is perfectly placed.
This same feature makes it perfect for commercial landscape design or for larger residential landscaping projects.

Very old Saw Palmetto can grow trunks above the ground several feet tall capped by a rosette of exotic fans of palm leaves. I own about 38 Lay-in Light fixtures that are 277V that I'm selling ($32 each) if you pay 10 or more ($38 each) if you pay least then 10. And, since our palm trees are grown right here in the East Phoenix Valley, you know that our palm trees are ready to thrive in our often warm and dry climate! Reaching up to about 20a€™40a€™ tall and 20a€™ wide, this is a fast growing palm tree that can go from 3a€™ to 15a€™ in only 5 years. With the fan leaves trimmed up to clear the trunk it makes a beautiful specimen Palm - a delightful natural sculpture to grace your patio or entryway. The species are extremely variable in nature with differences in height, leaf colors and trunk thickness.
You can just look at all the Palm Tree Discussion Boards across the country and many focus on the Northern US.

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