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Use the Emerson Ceiling Mounting Kit or go with an Emerson Snugger model to achieve the desired seven-foot blade clearance. For ceilings above eight feet, the fan should be hung by a downrod to eight or nine feet from the floor.
The Emerson Ceiling Mounting Kit and the appropriately sized downrod will accommodate cathedral ceilings and sloped ceilings up to 40°.
For safety reasons it is generally accepted that fan blades should be no less than 7' from the floor. This is important because the higher the fan is hung, the less air circulates near the floor.

The dual purpose kit (low and sloped ceilings) allows you to mount your fan as close as eight inches from the ceiling. Most downrod fans, with the typically included short downrod, position the blades approximately 12" from the ceiling.
Choose one of the accessory downrods available in lengths of one foot to six feet to achieve your desired height. On ceilings lower than 8' one would typically use a hugger fan, in which the blades are generally 5-7" from the ceiling. A fan positioned over a bed or table will require less floor-blades clearance than one positioned where people will be walking under it.

This allows the fan to be mounted with the canopy directly attached to the motor, and no downrod. In most cases this allows almost as much clearance as a hugger fan, with the blades positioned 6-10" from the ceiling.

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