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With temperatures rising, homeowners begin rethinking their budget to accommodate rising electric bills, as well. Adding drapes to your home is a great way to decrease the amount of heat entering the house and are fairly inexpensive if you know where to look. When buying drapes or curtains, the heavier they are, the better they are for cooling down your home.
If you have a particular store in mind for procuring your curtains from, keep an eye on their sale fliers. Also, dollar stores typically have sales on leftover curtains from last year’s stock for much cheaper than you can buy them at most furniture stores. If you want to use your air conditioner during summer, keep in mind that a small area is easier to cool than a large one. Another great tip for decreasing the amount of electricity is to use natural light during the daytime instead of artificial lighting. Heat from cooking can be downright miserable during the summer and is one of the main reasons that people are using their air conditioner. While the energy savings associated with daylight savings times are negligible, the health costs are not. Large commercial office buildings have used energy-smart thermostats by Siemens and Howell for years, but their cost is prohibitive for small businesses.
Power companies are state regulated and most are under mandate to invest in energy programs such as solar power. If you install a solar or wind system, you can be eligible for federal and state tax credits. You now have three alternatives to incandescent bulbs: more efficient halogen bulbs, LED, and CFL bulbs. This means you can now install LED bulbs in hard to reach spots and not worry about it again for literally years. It may take some time to get used to the ways packaging describes light intensity and color on energy efficient bulbs. Federal legislation such as the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) requiring the phase-out of incandescent bulbs by 2014 has made lighting a confusing topic for consumers. Projectors and televisions, electronics with displays, cameras, laptops, cell phones, toys, and vintage electronic devices… they all use light bulbs in one form or another. The legislative mandate will have a huge impact upon businesses and industrial facilities, which face swapping out their incandescent bulbs.
Compact fluorescent bulbs produce more light and have a longer life than incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs are light emitting diodes – a small electronic device that lights when electricity is passed through it. Xenon light bulbs are often used in specialty auto headlights and in exterior path lighting. Before we talk about specific ways to save on heating costs, remember that there are a lot of ways you can save on your overall energy costs.
In addition, make sure your heating equipment is in good condition so that it can operate efficiently. The Department of Energy (DOE) estimate you can save about 3% on your natural gas bill for every degree that your turn your thermostat down during the winter. Use a programmable thermostat and set “away” and “bedtime” temperatures to 62 degrees and “at-home” temperature to 68-70 degrees. You don’t have to heat your whole home when you take the chill off by putting on a few layers.
Science has debunked that we lose most of our body heat through our heads, but your head and face are more sensitive to cold, so wearing a knit cap will make you feel warmer. If you choose to wear long underwear, a “wicking” synthetic brand is lightweight and feels soft, but synthetic fibers can stain easily and odors may build up. When you layer for warmth, wear a wicking layer (non-cotton) garment first as your base layer. Take a tip from your great-grandmother and use a hot water bottle wrapped up in a towel (can leak, though) to warm the foot of your bed.
The holidays mean celebration, togetherness, and good cheer – but they also mean increased risk of crime and accidents. It can be very difficult, even for a pro, to track down the cause(s) of high relative humidity inside a home.
Sometimes, after installing new hurricane impact windows, homeowners notice an increase in relative humidity. A leak in your ducts can also throw off your AC system.  In fact, a dirty AC filter can throw off your relative humidity, so that is one more reason to routinely change your AC filter on the first of every month. A whole house dehumidifier system is a last resort in severe cases where the humidity hovers around 65% or more. 4.     Because light sticks are so inexpensive and last so long, you can use them to illuminate the walkway to your door.
6.     Take old milk jugs, draw scary faces on them and fill them with battery operate LED lights.
7.     You can decorate lampshades with cut outs of black cats and lamps and use orange party bulbs.
8.     Paint scary faces on white and orange balloons using magic markers and float them near the ceiling. If you want to be inspired by people who spend all year getting ready for October 31st, here are three of our favorite Halloween Light shows.
Just about the only thing we can’t do is install your light bulbs ourselves… But we’re working on it.
When you sit down to make your home or business more energy efficient, the first place you should look is at your light bulbs. Now, Fluorescent lights are about as efficient as LED lights, but they have their own shortcomings.
As we move forward, all those halogen and incandescent bulbs will be replaced, and we need a great alternative.
G60 LED Globe Bulb With Super Bright SMD5630 Diodes Economical retrofit bulb for replacing 60W incandescent, utilizing super bright Samsung SMD5630 integrated diodes, 8w total power consumption. Candle Shape LED Bulb With 3*1W High Power Energy saving Candle shaped LED bulb with universal voltage operation.
LED Globe Bulb G45 With 10 SMD5060 SMD DiodesUsing super brightness 5060 SMDs as light source, aluminum as heat sink material for maximum heat dissipation, only 2w electrical use. LED Single Color Bulbs With 3528 SMD DiodesUsing color LED replacement lamp is a economical way for party event, holiday decoration, and interior mood lighting, lasting ten times longer than traditional incandescent lamp.
7 RGB Color Change LED Glow Bulbs With 18 DiodesScrew this bulb into standard socket in party entertainment, holiday occasion, casino hospitality, creating colorful glow with amazing slow cycling through each seven color.
An LED driver is a self-contained power supply that has outputs matched to the electrical characteristics of specific LEDs or array.
About usGoodshomedesign is an online home design magazine but do not sell the products reviewed or showcased on this site. Try searching with the Part Number (UPC Code) or Description from your light bulb, ballast or lighting product. This refers to the literal measure of the light-output of a particular light bulb, measured in the number of lumens.
The "Bulb Type" is typically a combination of the style of bulb as well as the width of the bulb. The filament is the style of fine wire that is heated electrically inside of an incandescent light bulb. Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) is a specification of the color appearance of a light bulb, relating its color to that of a reference source heated to a particular temperature, measured in degrees Kelvin (K). This refers to the number of Fluorescent or HID light bulbs that this particular ballast can light.
Wherever you see this badge, you can be assured that the review has come from a customer who has purchased from eLightBulbs, ensuring the authenticity of the review. However, there are better things to do with your summer cash rather than worrying about sky-high rates. However, even if you can’t afford to put drapes on all the windows of your home, don’t worry!
Thicker fabric absorbs more heat from the outside while keeping the inside temperature from escaping outside.

Although they might not match, particularly if you’re planning on having drapes throughout your home, the drapes available are usually serviceable and cheap. By closing the adjoining doors to the main room, you can keep your house cooler while spending less electricity! Window and box fans can be positioned for maximum effectiveness anywhere in the room while ceiling fans deliver a cool burst of air circulating around the entire room constantly. He believed rising with the sun would enable people to be productive during the daylight hours and thus save resources. A Kansas study found thats daylight savings time can actually increase consumer energy use because people arrive home when it is hot and turn on their ACs.
Studies have shown daylight savings time can disruption the body’s circadian rhythm, which is the basic biological clock that regulates hormone production, among other things. In reality, these savings can be much lower because Nest aims to keep you comfortable, not keep energy use in check. EnTouch aims to bridge the gap by offering a $5000 system that automates energy consumption by smaller facilities, such as restaurants.
In many states, residential and small business customers can have an energy audit done by the local power utility at a reasonable cost.
Often the cost to finance a solar system is about the same or less as your utility bill, so it in effect pays for itself if it provides more than 75% of your power needs.
While remaining inventory can still be sold, it is illegal for US companies to manufacture or import 40, 60, 75, or 100 watt incandescent bulbs. You can run outside lights for security at nominal cost and maintenance is almost nonexistent. Most people will make the transition and barely notice the difference, except that you no longer need to remind the kids to turn out the lights when they leave the room. Now, consumers are faced with understanding lingo like wattage, lumens, and voltage in order to buy light bulbs. Trying to find an energy-efficient light bulb for your refrigerator or your microwave may not be as easy as walking into your neighborhood hardware store. They use very small amounts of mercury, so they should not be thrown out in your regular trash. They are usually low voltage and can be touched with your bare hand, unlike halogen lights.
Call us and we’ll shed more light on the different alternative to incandescent light bulbs as we enter 2014. Expect rates to be higher by 2% (electricity) up to 13% (natural gas), while the cost of oil can spike depending upon demand.
One of the easiest is to use ENERGY STAR certified appliances and fixtures, and to replace incandescent light bulbs with CFL or LED bulbs. If you central air conditioning, a SEER 16 unit is a good choice for year-round savings on both heating and cooling. Don’t forget the wall between an attached garage and your living space; attached garages and enclosed porches can be significant sources of energy loss. Both cotton and wool absorb and retain a lot more moisture than acrylic, so a good-quality acrylic or synthetic-blend sock will keep your feet drier. Microwavable bags of rice stay warm, don’t slip around, don’t leak and you can make them easily. Food may sit out on buffets longer than you expect, so avoid serving perishable  foods with mayonnaise sauces, fish, etcetera.
However, such a system will be necessary to prevent the growth of mold and wood rot.  The cost to install a single whole house dehumidifier is around $1,700 in 2013, but will vary depending on the size of your home, the difficulty in removing debris, and the existing wiring in your home. There are a few simple things you can do to help your AC keep its cool in summer and its warm appeal in winter. Service Your System Annually:  Every year, have a service tech clean the coil and drains, and check your system out.
Check Your Ducts: Leaks in your ducts can reduce efficiency by 40% or more, causing your electric bill to soar. Give Your Condenser Space: The outside part of your AC (the condenser) needs air to circulate around it to operate properly. Use Window Coverings: Heat-blocking drapes, curtains and shades reduce the load on your AC. Keep Registers And Vents Clear: Keep furniture, drapes and other objects away from registers and vents. The Monster Mash (from 1973), Michael Jackson’s Thriller (1982), Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells (1973), and the Rock Horror Picture Show soundtrack are all good choices.
It’s easier to throw away a burnt-out bulb, but it is lovelier for it to be transformed into a decorative item. We try to show you what is new and beautiful in this area, arranged in several categories (apartments, ideas, interior design, home decor, home design, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, furniture, hotels & resorts, architecture) related to the area and style. Although it might seem impossible at first, cutting your electric bill during the summer months cheaply is easier than you think. Adding drapes to the areas of your home that receive the most sunlight will still keep your home cooler than it would be without them.
In addition to being effective, using fans costs less than using an air conditioner will be a good idea. In so far as many consumers use energy-hogging AC units, this means energy consumption is higher than if the same people had stayed at the of?ce. Many people never adjust their circadian rhythm after clocks are set back, resulting in chronic over tiredness and lack of concentration.
Researchers have found that the blue light spectrum of daylight is responsible for an out-of-whack circadian clock. Nest manufactures Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostats and smoke alarms, while Texas Wind Farms produces clean, sustainable power. Many people actually spend more using Nest than not using it, and Nest does not work at all with some oil pump heaters.
In most states, the largest non-industrial energy users are grocery chains; commercial freezers are notorious energy hogs. Often there are rebates for the replacement of outmoded HVAC equipment, along with federal tax credits. The break-even point is usually around 8 years, at which point your energy is basically free. You can now buy energy efficient CFL bulbs that light immediately and have a pleasant light color. Lighting is the top deterrent to residential crime like burglary so security lighting outside your home can save peace of mind as well as energy. The issue becomes even more complex when talking about specialized light bulbs for healthcare equipment, aquariums, electronics and appliances, and cars and trucks. Further, as manufacturers have rushed to supply appropriate lighting, there have been recalls, such as one in May 2013 affecting LED light bulbs produced by Lighting Science Group. Just give us a call and we’ll tell you the most economical way to comply with legislation while reducing upfront lighting costs. Earth 911 is a clearinghouse of information for where to dispose of CFL bulbs if your local government does not have a special disposal or recycling option. Xenon bulbs emit a clean white light and may be used in high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting.
Otherwise, many of the tips that save money on heating will also save money on cooling your home. This is relatively inexpensive and can mean significant savings, especially in an older home. Then add flannel, fleece, or knit polyester jersey sheets that wick moisture (cotton is out). Do not make charitable donations at your door;  ask for the name of the charity and say you will make a donation on your own time. Your AC unit works by running so that the air passing by the cold coil condenses, thus dehumidifying the house.
There are also more serious situations, such as humid crawlspaces that release moisture up through a wood floor.
A dirty filter will reduce your AC system’s efficiency because trapped dirt reduces airflow. Many electric companies, including FPL, have a duct inspection and rebate program to repair or replace ducts.

Also do not close the vents completely in a room, for the same reason you shouldn’t close interior doors. But, we still believe in carving the real thing and adding a battery-operated LED flame; it won’t blow out and it won’t set your house afire. While they might be enjoying a little bit of popularity now, fluorescent lights just dona€™t have what it takes to become the next generation of lighting products for the market.
Incandescent lights are not only inefficient, but many countries are banning them outright, making these outdated bulbs illegal to use.
If you don’t want to waste your burn-out incandescent light bulbs, we came up with a very simple way of recycling them.
More specifically, the presence of daylight interferes the production of melatonin by the pineal gland. So, turn off blue light – televisions, computers and other electronic devices – at least one hour before bedtime if you want a good night’s sleep. Independent studies have found that programmable thermostats often result in higher energy consumption simply because people do not know how to use them properly. Equipment such as dish machines, commercial laundry machines, and ice machines all use significant amounts of energy. While installing the panels on the south side of your roof will provide the most energy gain, installing on the western side will provide power during peak periods. Give us a call if you want to know more, especially about new LED and halogen incandescent bulbs.
We can supply your household light bulb needs, including full-spectrum CFL, LED, and halogen bulbs. CFL bulbs come in many shapes besides the familiar spiral, including plug-in bases, circles and tubes, and chandelier and globe screw-in light bulbs.
Festoon xenon light bulbs can be used in either task lighting or for indirect lighting under cabinets and shelves.  When using them in a store with glass or jewelry, choose a clear festoon bulb.
Some electric companies offer inexpensive energy audits, or you can hire a professional to conduct an energy loss assessment.
If you don’t want to buy different sheets for summer and winter, buy good quality cotton-synthetic blend sheets. So if your system is too big for your home, it will not run long enough and high relative humidity will result. This does not occur in the typical crawlspace, but can be an issue if there is a plumbing leak or other problem that causes ponding water. Once a year, turn off the unit and spay the outside coils with a hose to remove dirt and leaves.
Seal leaky ducts and you can gain an up to extra half-ton of cooling and heating power from your AC. It will throw your system off balance and make it more difficult for you to feel comfortable. If your thermostat is in a hallway that is a lot cooler or hotter than the rest of your house, it will affect the accuracy of its readings. Fill a few old bottles and mark them with a scull and crossbones or drop plastic spiders inside. Why not have a scarecrow with lights glowing through his ragged clothes – LED lights make this possible.
They just eat up energy, and over 90 percent of the energy that you use to light them up is wasted as heat, not light. On the other hand, LED lighting is long-lasting, rugged, efficient, attractive and eco-friendly- the characteristics is needs to take over where incandescent lighting has failed.
If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine.
A California study found that electricity decreased because people remained outdoors longer. Low melatonin production is associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cancer as well as insomnia. Nest does better than traditional programmable thermostats, but is not the magical device people expect it to be.
Replacing these systems and upgrading water-heating systems can produce energy savings without altering the way you do business. After that, consider adding insulation, replacing old windows and doors that are not air tight, repairing torn ducts, and painting a dark roof with a light, reflective coating.
We can also supply specialized bulbs for your home appliances, including your refrigerator! Use a “dark sky” CFL to keep light from spreading into areas such as a neighbor’s yard.  Reflectors have a built-in reflective surface that helps CFL bulbs to throw off more light, which can assist In providing security. Because they are fragile, they are not recommended for homes with small children except in difficult-to-reach fixtures. If the house is very tightly built and insulated, and particularly if it has a lot of non-porous glass windows, it will not “breathe” and it will cool or heat faster than the AC system can pull moisture out of the air. The job of an AC filter is to rap dirt before it builds up on your evaporator coil and cause it to fail. Think about it- where else in your life would you be ok with 90% of your inputs going down the drain?
These bulbs produce a lot less heat, and thus require a lot less energy to light things up. Only LED solid state lighting provides the right combination of life span, attractiveness and energy efficiency to carry us forward into the future.
During that period, electricity consumption decreased by 1% but it may have been more to higher prices than anything else. The bottom line seems to be that, while energy consumption nationwide decreases by 0.03%, actual savings depend on where you live. And melatonin is just one of more than a dozen hormones disrupted by daylight savings time.
CFL bulbs are less likely than incandescent to break and you can also buy special CFL for exterior use that are shatter-resistant. In general, during the winter your interior humidity should be around 40-50% in most homes. Sizing a little small is actually better than sizing too big, and it will not be less energy efficient. This is compounded by moisture released from cooking and showering, as well as moisture trapped in carpet and wood paneling.
Be sure your filter is the right size (not too small) and that is MERV 6 value or higher efficiency rating. Think about it- whata€™s it like to try and touch an incandescent bulb thata€™s been turned on for more than a few minutes? In 2005, the federal government extended daylight savings time by a month under the Energy Policy Act.
However, energy saving red-light bulbs are commercially available, and we sell them of course. A great thermostat system will save you money, but it can’t offset a low SEER system and its inefficiency.
It will have an easier time cooling and you will feel comfortable at higher temperatures, so you do not save money by increasing the AC tonnage.
In a very tight house, if it is 82 degrees outside, your AC won’t run very long to maintain a temperature of 76 degrees and you may have an issue with high relative humidity.
Using the “warm color” light bulbs will not only save energy, they can help save your health. While down comforters are warm, they are difficult to clean and many people are allergic to them. Down alternatives are pretty good performers, are usually machine washable, and are fine for allergy sufferers.
The more layers you use on a bed, the warmer you’ll be – and sleeping partners who like it colder can flip back a few layers onto your side. Many people swear by electric blankets, but you can stay warm with the right layers without paying the utility company.

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