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Shenzhen LISIDA has announced the ultraviolet (UV) Optan UVC LED family that will span peak wavelengths ranging from 250 to 280 nm in what is known as the UV-C spectral band. As we covered in our feature on some of the talks at the Strategies in Light conference back in February, there are many potential applications for UV LEDs with life-science applications especially prevalent in the UV-C band. There are a number of companies exploring different avenues to better UV-C performance, and the Crystal IS approach centers on the use of a native substrate.
Shenzhen LISIDA manufactures the AlN substrates and those wafers are far more expensive than sapphire wafers. The company has also used other techniques from the visible LED sector to maximize photon extraction. Venugopalan, however, also said wall plug efficiency isn’t so important in most target applications as opposed to how the LED source compares to legacy lamps. In an application that requires a narrow-band source, a UV LED light engine might consume only 1W. Shenzhen LISIDA expects that the Optan LEDs will find immediate usage in application such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) for chemical detection, spectrometers used across life sciences, and water quality monitors. Shenzhen LISIDA is also working on a surface-mount UV-C LED family that will feature a wider beam angle and enable applications such as water purification. For more details on the UV LED market, see our feature on the UV technology sector published back in 2012.
The 15th China ( Shouguang ) International Vegetable Science and Technology Fair will be opened in Shouguang International Convention and Exhibition Center on April 20 2014 . The best ratio of LED grow light fits different plants growing in different time,of which the wavelength and the brightness is not only the same for sprout and leaves , but is also divided into different color and automatically controlled by the program to give different light . The LED grow light has been  enjoying a great popularity in Plant Factory of Japan, Hong Kong where some of the vacant plant is utilized to grow vegetables and fruits .
Panasonic vegetable plant using LED grow light  in Fukushima plant was officially opened on March 17 2014, which can achieve 1380 Nissan vegetables in 1600 square meters factory, these vegetables will be sold in local supermarkets, This is the first implementation of Panasonic industrialized vegetable production . Vegetable plants use the original digital camera production plant as a production place , which are completely sealed and use the LED grow light, the greenhouse area is ??840 square meters with mainly lettuce crop varieties , including pickled vegetables , spinach and other 16 varieties of vegetables,also including lettuce specialized supplied for the sustain the lives of patients on dialysis potassium consumption.
Vegetable plants will be further improved by heating, cooling and LED grow light control technology to improve crop quality and yield.
Philips has a wealth of technical experience has a huge performance over the world, the company’s LED grow light also has excellent dustproof and waterproof performance, and ensure PPFD required by perilla cultivation ( photosynthetic photon flux density ) , therefore , Toyama decided to use the LED grow light. LED grow light with specific wavelength can affect the quality and duration of flowering of plants . Establishment of Controlled Ecological Life Support System (CELSS) is the fundamental way to solve the problem of life support of aerospace , the cultivation of higher plants is an important element for CELSS , of which the light is key .
Based on the special requirements of the space environment ,  plants cultivated in larger space must have a high luminous efficiency, light output should be suitable for plant photosynthesis and morphogenesis ,LED grow light with small size, light weight, long life, high safety and reliability record and no environmental pollution convert more efficient into photosynthetically active radiation,compared with cool white fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps and other light sources ; in addition, LED grow light has a long life , small size, light weight and other characteristics , so which have been paid much attention in the ground and space plant cultivation.
LED grow light for plant photosynthesis as the traditional supplementary artificial light illumination generates too much heat , if the use of LED lighting and supplemental hydroponic systems, air circulation will be used , too much heat and moisture can be removed , the power can be efficiently converted to photosynthetically active radiation , finally conversed into plant material .
The study found that compared with fluorescent lamps, LED grow light whose wavelength  is mixed can significantly promote the growth of spinach, radishes and lettuce , improve morphological indicators ; and make beet bioaccumulation largest and accumulation of beet pigment in roots the mostly significant and produce most sugar and starch accumulation in the roots. Compared with metal halide lamps , LED grow light significantly change in the stems  of pepper , basil plants, leaves occur , and the photosynthetic rate of plants increase while the optical density is increasing. LED Grow Light is a kind of a plant light , which uses the LED (light emitting diode ) as the light source , in accordance with the growth pattern of plants which must require sunlight , using light instead of sunlight is to provide a lighting environment for the growth and development of plant. Light environment is one of indispensable physical environmental factors on the growth and development of plants, by regulating light quality, controlling plant morphogenesis is an important technical facilities in cultivated fields; LED Grow Light with a more eco-friendly provide plants with photosynthesis to promote growth, shorten the time for the plants flowering and fruiting so that increase productivity! In recent years, as the permeability of LED Grow Lights increase, the output value of the global LED Grow Lights has began to rapidly grow in 2013, although the scale of the output value is only ten million U.S.
Plant factory in Taiwan has developed special LED light wavelengths and customized products, low cost of implementation, the overall solution, technology transfer and other advantages, but it also faces that the supportive of the government is insufficient and the mixed products, such as brand awareness is low and other worries, at this stage the primary problem is the promotion strategies of the LED Grow Light. As the demands of factory plants is that the artificial sources replace the natural light, the plants is moved from the outdoors to indoors so that plant growth prevent from being impacted by the  environmental changes, the cost of LED lighting is high in the past, the plant factories used to adopt the fluorescent lamps or high-pressure sodium lamps, as the LED prices drop and the technology enhance, which promote the application of LED plant factory appeared a new wave of progress. Nowadays,the LED flood lamp and LED tube light are the most widely used as the representatives of the decorative lighting  and the home lighting in daily life,the LED tube light enjoys a great popularity in our corridor, restaurants, shopping, leisure and entertainment, galleries, exhibition halls and other indoor environments everywhere, the LED flood lamp is mainly used in city squares, parks, stadiums, the facades of large commercial buildings and hotel, stage, waiting rooms, airports etc. New LED Flood Light And New Moon Light Come into the MarketIn last week, lead opto technology co., ltd launched two new led lights. LED flood light CL4 adopts curved surface design,which totally breaks the traditional square appearance of led flood light.The curved surface design style redefines aesthetic concept, which brings a refreshing feeling to consumers.
For body materials, the light shell adopts ADC 12 aluminum die casting and spray the powder surface processing craft makes the light appearance more delicate(silver cover matches black radiator). The biggest advantage of led flood light CL4 is that its fixed support of lamp body can be rotated at 360 degrees so as to adjust the light at any degree.

Firstly, the connection of lamp cap and holder adopts pluggable design, easy to install and convenient for changing light components. Secondly, rotary LED lamp holder design enables the installed lamp cap to rotate at less than 350 degrees, which makes the new moon light can be used in many other lighting places. And finally, the new moon light can be directly fixed with screws on walls, easy to install.
It is sure that these new led lights can make your life brighter and beautify your life space. Note: Not all certifying agents offer online lookup, and some have a lag time for posting new certificates. If you wish to change the language or use the original language later, please refer to the header or footer for more language options.
After years of serving the needs of indoor growers nationwide, we decided to come up with an affordable, self contained, complete LED grow setup for growers who would like to start growing plants with LED lights. We’ve answered the call by putting together a complete, turn-key system that gives growers everything they need to start growing a successful and enjoyable LED grow kit today! The easy to use LED GROW TENT KIT is all you need to get growing hydroponically and enjoy countless harvests of your favorite plants! With the standard 60x60x140cm grow tent & 180w LED light option you can grow upto 3 medium sized plants. All our grow kits are delivered via courier who will deliver the items to your door in plain brown boxes. It really is that simple, if you’re good with your hands and can follow instructions you will be ready to grow in less than 30 minutes! After spending a few weeks really reasearching all I would need for a start up, I was lucky enough to find this kit all in a bundle. Then I saw the price in the sale and knew it couldn’t be beaten, in fact nobody comes close for an LED kit, look around all you want, you won’t beat it.
I had read reviews of the tent and they were positive although I knew the proof would be in the pudding.
Ordered one evening, got a personal friendly phone call the next day to ensure my address was right and letting me know of the new more powerful lights. The kit has everything you need and believe me as a start up you will forget something and it will be a show stopper. The tent is super sturdy, all metal frame wich easily takes the weight of the filter, fan and light. Took around 8 days to arrive, apart from that the build quality and overall quality is superb, will be back. A: Hi, all our LED lights are full spectrum and offer the correct light from start till finish.
A: Hi Michael, I have decreased the price back to ?219 for one day only so you can get an order in, they will go back to ?269 after today. The company manufactures the LEDs based on native aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates and the resulting decrease in defect density will enable the LEDs to displace UV sources such as deuterium and xenon flash lamps in a variety of life science applications. Unfortunately, the efficiency of UV LEDs is limited by the amount of aluminum that is required especially at the shorter UV-C wavelengths. The strategy mirrors that taken by Soraa in the visible-light LED sector with gallium-nitride-on -gallium-nitride (GaN-on-GaN) LEDs. Venugopalan said the company has used roughened or patterned substrates and thinning of the substrate. He said a typical deuterium or xenon lamp used in an application such as a spectrometer would consume 35W.
The Optan LEDs come in a TO-39 package that is widely used for discrete semiconductor components. Because the environment can be freely controlled in plant factory , carbon dioxide in cultural environment can be greatly increased, so that the efficiency of photosynthesis in plants is increased , the formation and accumulation of nutrients in plant biomass are times more than that of conventional cultivation. The generated electricity can be used to support the daily operation of agricultural equipment shed , but also to the grid . These fruits and vegetables are pile up layer by layer thanks to the required illumination provided by artificial LED grow light .
Establishment of vegetable plants as Japan’s advanced agricultural systems industrialization demonstration project access to the Japanese Sankei province 160 million subsidies. The plant factory is scheduled to start on April 2014 , the goal is to use the cultivated area of about 800 square meters to production of about 200,000 perilla year. The project aims to take advantage of the hot springs and solar power and other renewable energy nd use the LED grow light to d build artificial plant factory aging, and carry out marketing business from the production ( Section an industry ) , processing ( secondary industry ) to circulation sales ( tertiary sector ) in an integrated manner , creating new local products .

According to reports , the use of the LED grow light whose wavelength is most appropriate for plant growth contains infrared LED lighting , the harvest can reach more 2 times than that of Hf fluorescent lamps when consuming the same energy. Certain wavelengths of LED can increase the number of flower buds and flowering plants and flowering response , regulating the flowering stalk length is conducive to the production of flowers and listing . Research shows that : the use of LED grow light, the growth and photosynthetic rate of lettuce have increased by more than 20% , the LED grow light used for plant factory is feasible. Larger heat radiating area, great heat dissipation effect, low temperature rise control, and longer lamp lifespan. This panel light’s appearance is like the new moon that is very beautiful and suitable for decoration in living room, bedroom, entrance hall, corridor and table.
If you are unable to find a certificate online, contact the certification agency or supplier for further verification. Click on the link in the e-mail to activate and start receiving free alerts when new products are posted! The grow tent simply slots together and no tools are required for the construction of this awesome piece of kit. I had a query about the LED lights and it was responded to immediately over email and followed up with a phone call. Multiple options for cable runs out all of which are “double flanged” with super easy pull cords which create a perfect light seal.
That thing you always wondered about and sometimes seemed so complicated takes 200 quid a single order and 40 minutes… it comes with fantastic customer service and will make you happy that you got off your backside and got cracking. How they sell it for that I don’t know, but clearly I am not complaining and I guarantee you won’t be either. That thing you always wondered about and sometimes seemed so complicated takes 200 quid a single order and 40 minutes… it comes with fantastic customer service and will make you happy that you got off your backside and got cracking. We use City Link and if you're not in they will leave a card and try again the next day or you can pick it up at your local depot or arrange for it to be delivered on a date that suits you. Crystal IS director of global product management Hari Venugopalan said that UV-C LEDs grown on sapphire substrates can exhibit efficiency below 1%. In the UV case, Crystal IS will offer AlN-on-AlN LEDs and the homogenous material approach reduces defects between the substrate and epitaxial layers. Such a product is not fit for remote battery-powered use outside a lab and the lamps are fragile as well.
But Shenzhen LISIDA says the native substrate has extended projected lifetime by a factor of five to ten relative to other UV-C LEDs.
Initially the company is offering the led grow light over the range of 0.5-2 mW in radiometric output power. In the future the LED grow light will be widely used in the field of flowers, mushroom , herbs cultivation, greenhouse fill light , pest control , etc. Future goal is to turn the plant cultivation to open cultivated plants, so that the cultivated area of city and the county is expanded from Yamada area , creating a handful of perilla Japanese origin .
By accelerating the growth rate, planting time can be shortened,which can reduce power consumption by 55% as compared with the original fluorescent lamp.
The integrated design of radiator and panel makes the light a natural led flood light but not led light components combination. And the new moon penal light is not only can be used as lighting product but also lighting art decoration. The LED light is high quality and the right choice for a small efficient set up that is very easy to adjust and will provide extended service. From taking it from the postman to up and running – 40 minutes, and I am no DIY expert.
Venugopalan said the company has realized a five -order-of-magnitude reduction in defect density relative to UV-C LEDs built on sapphire.
Venugopalan said that tweaks to the epitaxial recipe should drive output into the 3-4-mW range later this year. This kit is a complete set up with all required items and extra accessories needed to run a self-contained grow.
With the fan installed in the top vent I found that I could get excellent air flow and temperature control. The light unit came out of the box and I was surprised by the weight of the thing, the build quality is incredible.

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