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Founded over 65 years ago, Keystone Technologies continues to evolve and grow their comprehensive line of highly reliable, electronic, magnetic, and HID ballasts.
Synergy Lighting offers the complete line of Keystone brand ballasts at unbelievable low prices.  From T12, T8 and T5 electronic ballasts to the HID, CFL and more. Keystone’s extensive portfolio of electronic ballasts covers all fluorescent lighting applications, including commercial, industrial, and residential type lighting fixtures. Known for dependability and superior efficiency, Keystone’s high intensity discharge (HID) ballasts are perfectly suited for even the most demanding HID lighting applications. Available in metal halide, pulse start metal halide, and high pressure sodium, as well as ballast replacement kits.
All Keystone magnetic sign ballasts are designed to operate at a minimum starting temperature of -20?F, which is ideal for use in cold outdoor sign applications. While many other manufacturers have discontinued their magnetic ballast lineup, Keystone remains committed to providing replacement magnetic ballasts for the millions of existing magnetic ballast installations. With the economical crunch over the past few years and the ever growing popularity of going green, converting hid to CFL has become a growing trend. As great of an option as this procedure is, many customers have found that the line voltage supplied to their HID fixtures is greater than 120 Volts, typically 208, 240 or 277 volt. Litetronics, a leading producer of innovative CFL products has introduced its full line of HID to CFL retrofit kits. Litetronics high watt compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s) are designed to replace HID lamps in high bay applications for energy savings and higher ROI.
One of the easiest ways to add beauty & character to your home is with low-voltage landscape lighting. Low-voltage landscape lighting combines safety and security with style; enhances the beauty of your property, makes your home safer and more secure, increases the number of pleasurable hours you spend outdoors and is an investment that pays off handsomely in the value it adds to your home. Keystone Gardens has installed dozens of styles of landscape lighting over the past 20 years. Our quest for a durable, reliable and reasonably priced product line ended when we found CAST lighting. A Low Voltage Landscape Lighting System consumes about one-third the energy of a 120-volt security lighting system.
This represents an energy savings of one-third based on the better efficacy of low voltage lamps.
Typical 120-volt outdoor security lighting uses PAR-type flood lamps rated at between 100 and 250 watts. While 120-volt fixtures are typically designed to flood light in all directions, low voltage fixtures are designed for precise control of the light beam.
All low voltage landscape lighting systems are designed to be controlled by timers and photocells. Typical 120-volt flood lighting creates pools of extremely bright light while leaving other areas in complete darkness.
Because the illumination from 120-volt lighting is so poorly controlled, this light can shine into neighboring properties (light trespass). Perhaps the most compelling reason for switching to low voltage lighting is for its potential to truly transform the homeowner’s nighttime experience. The T8 Fluorescent High Bay fixture from Synergy Lighting reaches new heights by becoming the most economical solution for commercial and industrial facilities. The Horizon™ High Bay fixture is available in both T8 and T5 Models using either 4 or 6 lamps.
Synergy Lighting is Florida’s Exclusive and only Factory Authorized Distributor for Horizon™ T8 and T5 Fluorescent High Bay Lighting Fixtures. We are proud to offer our complimentary 10 page energy analysis for any commercial or industrial facility considering switching to more efficient lighting systems. For more information on switching to Energy Saving Lighting, view our website and call Synergy Lighting for a free consultation. Can stairwell light be turned off if the building is closed?  That question would make sense to most, however, the answer is NO!  Not every city or state uses the same code, of course, but the 2009 Life Safety Code from NFPA says you can turn lights down with a motion sensor but not completely off – and the motion sensor has to be fail safe. Don’t get left in the dark, or pay for wasted energy.  Upgrade your stairwell lighting to the Occu-Smart Stairway Lighting Fixture Today! All FWC Approved Pagoda and Louvered Bollards used for Sea Turtle Friendly Lighting must be accompanied with Beach Front Shields installed to prevent any light emission in the direction or direct view from beach nesting areas.  Due to salt water corrosion, Synergy Lighting only uses FWC Approved Poly Carbonate, Fiberglass, Special Coated Aluminum, Brass and Stainless Steel fixtures.
For more information on FWC Approved Turtle Friendly Lighting, view our website and call Synergy Lighting for a free estimate and consultation.
Everyone these days is a consumer of gasoline, and in the United States there are nearly 280,000 Gas Stations and Convenient Stores offering customers a seemingly unlimited supply of petroleum, fast food, quick service and easy access.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of Gas Station and Convenient Stores which often operate well into the late night hours.
Typically a Gas Station or Convenience Store has outdoor lighting that consists of 3 different types of lighting.
An alternative to the Metal Halide lighting systems is LED Lighting, and Induction Lighting. The BP Gas Station and Convenience Store pictured in this article utilized Synergy Lighting’s 5000K Induction Lighting Fixtures.
For more information on switching to Energy Saving, Induction Lighting, view our website and call Synergy Lighting for a free consultation. LED LightingLED lighting is gaining popularity due to energy conservation and advances in technology.
Thanks to a recently announced $1.2 million grant, Keystone College will begin reconstructing the schoola€™s main entrance and install new street lighting, landscaping and sidewalks. Keystone College will use a state grant to reconstruct the schoola€™s main entrance and install new street lighting, landscaping and sidewalks. The $1.2 million Multimodal Transportation Fund investment grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will improve both safety and campus aesthetics, school officials said.
The project is one of 86 in 35 counties to receive funding from Act 89, the statea€™s transportation plan. Keystonea€™s project includes realigning the main entrance to the campus as it connects to Routes 6 and 11. PennDOT is already planning a traffic light at the schoola€™s entrance, which is separate from this project.
Design plans also include improvements to College Avenue with a central median island, curbs and streetscape improvements, including Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant sidewalks and crosswalks. Factoryville Borough Manager Mary Ellen Buckbee, noted the borough has worked well with Keystone College and this grant is yet another step in the long-term partnership. The grants such as Keystonea€™s were made possible by Act 89, which increased transit funding and established dedicated multimodal funding for aviation, passenger rail, rail freight, port and bicycle-pedestrian projects.
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You will find Keystone products installed by many of the world’s leading lighting fixture manufacturers and contractors.  They choose Keystone because of their quality, value and commitment to engineer only the best ballast products for the market. Known for their dependability and energy efficiency, every Keystone electronic ballast is “burnt in” at the factory to ensure exceptional performance and superior reliability.  Complete with a 3 year factory warranty.
Keystone utilizes sophisticated manufacturing and quality control processes to guarantee outstanding performance in the field. With only six ballasts that cover virtually all common plastic sign configurations, you’re sure to have the right ballast for the job. In these cases, customer find themselves either not being able to find a CFL bulb in those voltages, with the exception of the TCP 277V spiral, or that the fixtures are too small to fit an equal wattage CFL bulb. These kits include a non-ballasted CFL high wattage lamp for easy screw in the socket installation with a remote multi-volt ballast capable of 120, 208, 240 or 277 Volt systems. They off er high 85 CRI for excellent color rendition, and they promise reliable operation with instant start and instant re-strike.
When the lamp and ballast are together in a self-ballasted lamp, heat builds up in a condensed area, which leads to premature failures.
CAST solid bronze low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures are the industry's most durable, reliable and highest performing products. Instead of outdoor lighting that is glaring, leaves dark shadows, or doesn't even work, a solid bronze CAST Lighting system is rock-solid-dependable and delivers light where it's needed - in the right amounts. These units can be set to operate lighting fixtures for the precise amount of time needed, rather than operating all night.

Low voltage lighting operates on a better principle – the selective low level illumination of various areas throughout the property.
A talented lighting designer selectively reveals the natural beauty of the landscape and creates beauty through patterns of shadow and light.
The Horizon™ fixture replaces any 250 or 400 Watt High Bay with superior brightness and performance.
The T8, (our favorite) offers the greatest impact to both the working environment and the profitability of it users. The two outside lamps are 4’ linear lamps that are operated by a program rapid start ballast and controlled with an internally mounted, high frequency ultrasonic motion sensor. The road entering campus will be reconstructed with roundabouts at two locations along College Avenue, at Edwards Lane and Regina Way.
Keystone College is a vital presence in our town and the improvements will greatly enhance the experience for the students as well as ensuring their safety. The grant process was a competitive one and selections were based on such criteria as safety benefits, regional economic conditions, the technical and financial feasibility, job creation, energy efficiency and operational sustainability. Please help police the community by flagging offensive comments for our moderators to review. For customers with 208, 240 volt system, the only option has been to pay large expenditures in order to convert electric panels, and rewire to accommodate lower voltages.
Unlike HID lamps, Litetronics high watt CFLs have no color shift over time, and they have lower glare and higher lumen maintenance. Separating the lamp and ballast allows for better heat management, which translates into maximum life and lumen maintenance. It is impervious to corrosion, won't crack, break or peel; and weathers naturally to a beautiful patina.
Compare this to low voltage lighting, where the most effective lamps are between 10 and 35 watts.
Though in their time, they were an excellent way of achieving higher light levels at an affordable cost per fixture, those days have long been surpassed by rising cost of electricity.
Though most Fluorescent High Bays look very similar, many T8 High Bays simply do not produce enough light to be a suitable replacement, however the Horizon™ High Bay outshines other brands with it component structure and power design. Replacing 400w Metal Halide with T5 reduces the energy consumption by only 158 watts per fixture.
The center lamp can be either a 3’ 25w lamp or a 2’ 17w lamp, which is on constantly for standby mode. The new configuration will improve traffic flow and improve safety for pedestrians, school officials said. With a lower system cost than HID, Litetronics high watt CFL’s are the best solution for high and low bay lighting.
The external ballast also reduces lamp replacement costs compared to self-ballasted CFLs because you only need to replace the lamp at end of life instead of the lamp and ballast. CAST Lighting, installed by Keystone Gardens experienced team, will meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and greatly enhance the experience of your home. The availability of these highly efficient low wattage lamps gives the lighting designer great flexibility in design while maintaining energy efficiency.
The Horizon™ T8 Fixture goes even further to reduce the energy used by 266 Watt per fixture while providing in most cases 20% brighter light than the metal halide being replaced. This standby mode allows light to be present for safety and compliance purposes and designated for emergency egress.  Most areas require a minimum of 1 FC average, but we recommend choosing the option that will provide the minimum code compliant light levels while in this mode. This means that Litetronics high watt CFL’s are more cost-effective and provide higher ROI than alternative high bay CFL lighting.
An optional emergency battery backup is available, which eliminates the need for additional “headlamp” battery packs. Litetronics high watt CFL’s also have a smaller MOL than competing lamps, which provides better optics out of the fixture. We set out to find a company that offers a limited number of no-nonsense fixture designs meant to blend naturally into the landscape.
Because the Horizon™ High Bay uses only top performing components, the fixture offers 36,000 hour lamp life (2x HID) , and an average ballast life of 15 years compared to 3 years for HID systems.

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