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The 2 heavy red wires and the Dark Brown wire from the Alternator is bolted toghether under the wad of black tape. Just drove away in my first BMW and 10 miles down the road the DSC warning lamp illuminated and does not shut off despite trying to toggle the deactivation button. I am looking to replace my radio in my 1994 BMW 525i and was wondering if the radio plays any role in the keyless entry to my car? I have a 2002 BMW 525i..How much should I expect to pay to have the engine rebuilt and how long should a warranty be for?
Here's an example of an ECU panel using terminal strips holding an MS3-Pro that mounts behind the glove box. To wire the fuel pump relay, connect pin 85 to the purple wire from the Megasquirt harness. Connect the 12 gauge red fan power wire to a spare terminal on the fuse panel and install a 30A fuse.
Now that you have finished the wiring inside the car, enjoy your favourite beverage while you examine all the connections you made and compare them to the schematic. Park Assist circuit was designed as an aid in parking the car near the garage wall when backing up.
PIRs are basically made of a pyroelectric sensor (which you can see above as the round metal can with a rectangular crystal in the center), which can detect levels of infrared radiation. I needed to replace two old, unreliable thermostats for controlling the heating and cooling for a large garden shed. Commercial basic digital thermostats are available quite cheaply, but some lack the ability to control heavy loads or have the extra features that I require for saving energy when the door is often left open or to indicate temperature being out of range etc.
The operation of metal detector is based on superheterodying principle, which is generally used in a heterodyne receiver.
The second oscillator is an oscillator Colpitt realization with the help of the transistor T3 (BF494) and inductor L1 (follow the details of construction) was driven by trimmer capacitor VC1. This circuit uses a Dallas DS1621 temperature sensor which indicates the temperature of the device. Here is a simple yet highly accurate thermal control circuit which can be used in applications where automatic temperature control is needed. With this simple circuit you will be able to control the speed of a DC fan according to temperature measured by a temp sensor. An optional circuitry was added to remotely monitor fan operation and to allow some sort of rough speed indication by means of the increasing brightness of a LED.
The MCP9700, MCP9700A, MCP9701 and MCP9701A Temperature Sensors from Microchip offer exceptional performance for the low price. The basic theory behind the Parking Assistant is the Sound Navigation and Ranging (SONAR) technique that is used for finding the distance and direction of a remote object underwater by transmitting sound waves and detecting reflections from it. This is an electrical property of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) which is the fact that a led Produce a voltage difference across its leads when it is subjected to light. Choose fans with powder coated finishes, as they will hold up better that polished metal surfaces. Inclement weather and high winds associated with salt air environments can break off fan-blade connecting arms.
If a white or off white fan is required, ask about special UV coatings that are available to help prevent yellowing. 5th pic is your gauge sender for coolant temp - all it does is feed the gauge the reading, has nothing to do with fans.
Not sure any of that helps you - I'm lost on the V6 cars so I'm not 100% sure on the fans operation.
If fan motor runs, then you know there's an issue either with the relay, the fan switch, or the CTS. Use a piece of 2x2x12" soft wood against the brass part of the bearing and hit the wood softley to drive the rubber portion of the bearing into the stearing wheel shaft column. Starting with the ECU panel, the power and ground feeds from the battery need to be connected as do the relays. Using the appropriate size ring terminal (don't forget your dielectric grease and heat shrink) connect it to the feed stud on the fuse box.

The first relay to wire is the master power relay that brings switched 12V power to the ECU and related equipment.
The left terminal strip connects to 12V IGN from the key, while the right terminal strip connects to the main MegaSquirt relay to provide power for all the ECU related items (relay coils, injectors, BAC valve, ECU itself, etc.). Connect pin 87 to a 12V connection on the fuse panel and install a 20A fuse in the corresponding slot. At the rear of the car on the driver shock tower, cut the blue and black wires on the harness side of the fuel pump, leaving enough wire to make a connection.
Make sure everything is connected correctly then make another trip to the engine bay and once again check those connections.
LED D7 illuminates when bumper-wall distance is about 20 cm., D7+D6 illuminate at about 10 cm. PIR sensors allow you to sense motion, almost always used to detect whether a human has moved in or out of the sensors range.
Everything emits some low level radiation, and the hotter something is, the more radiation is emitted.
The Recorder uses a calculator solar cell as the input sensor and a Multimedia Memory Card for nonvolatile data storage. There are some kinds of LM35 IC, since it is cheap and easy to find we used LM35DZ in our project. So every IC determines how many leds of bargraph will bright due to the analog signal received from the sensor. Besides as a funny and interesting hobby for them, they also wished indeed a treasure that is embedded in the soil when excavated. But for those of you who want to try to make yourself a metal detector, the following will be presented a simple schematic that relates to metal detection. The temperature sensor has an thermal alarm output, which becomes high when the temperature of the device exceeds a user defined value. The circuit switches a miniature relay ON or OFF according to the temperature detected by the single chip temperature sensor LM35DZ.
This circuit use an NTC (Negative temperature coefficient)which is a thermistor is one in which the zero-power resistance decreases with an increase in temperature.
Thermistor (R1) is used as temperature sensor, driving two directly coupled complementary transistors wired in a dc feedback circuit. The basic idea is to send infra red light through IR-LEDs, which is then reflected by any object in front of the sensor. For detecting the reflected IR light, we are going to use a very original technique: we are going to use another IR-LED, to detect the IR light that was emitted from another led of the exact same type!
This wire is quite stiff so with some creative bending it can snake around anything that may be in its way, and hold that shape. The AEM unit specified here comes with a load of wire so you can put it basically anywhere inside the car.
Connect the red 12 gauge wire to the blue wire leading to the pump, and then connect the black 12 gauge wire to the black wire leading to the pump. For fabricating this water sensor, you need two foils—an aluminium foil and a plastic foil.
2.2 microfarad tantal capacitors are connected between the 2 and 3 numbered pins of LM3914. When the LM35DZ detects a temperature higher than the preset level (set by VR1), the relay is actuated. So If temperature increase the voltage at pin 3 on LM311 will decreased .The resistance of NTC is about 10K at 25'c.
Requested by some correspondents, this simple design allows an accurate speed control of 12V dc fan motors, proportional to temperature.
MCP9700, MCP9700A, MCP9701 and MCP9701A sensors are available in different packaging and are very simple to interface with. Before you finish that back porch or patio, consider adding a damp-rated or wet-rated outdoor ceiling fan.
If your fuse panel is the type I recommended with the ground board on it, connect up the black 8 gauge wire to the grounding area in the same way.

For that reason they are commonly found in appliances and gadgets used in homes or businesses. The reason for that is that we are looking to detect motion (change) not average IR levels. You can assemble the sensor by rolling aluminium and plastic foils in the shape of a concentric cylinder. On the Electronic Thermometer Schematic other hand, this circuit measures temperature values only between +10°C and +39°C. The first RF oscillator comprises transistor T1 (BF 494) and 5.5 MHz ceramic filter commonly used in TV sound-IF section. If you do not have a fuse panel with a ground board, connect the black wire to a clean spare stud on the ECU bracket. You must be absolutely sure that this ground connection is good and do not be tempted to ground it anywhere but the same location as the ECU.
All distances mentioned before can vary, depending on infra-red transmitting and receiving LEDs used and are mostly affected by the color of the reflecting surface. They are often referred to as PIR, "Passive Infrared", "Pyroelectric", or "IR motion" sensors. Connect one end of the insulated flexible wire on the aluminium foil and the other end to resistor R2. You should check the datasheet to get a better idea of the parameters for the device you decide to use, though keep in mind that the user module listed below will automatically calculate the temperature depending on the device in use. From now on, this is the point (the panel or the stud) you will connect to when I say to ground something.
If you ground it somewhere in the dash, a voltage offset can be introduced which will mess with the readings.
If one half sees more or less IR radiation than the other, the output will swing high or low. Now mount this sensor inside the water tap such that water can flow through it uninterrupted. The firmware detects the memory card, assigns the file name and begins recording automatically.
The signal of the alarm output is amplified by a BC557 PNP transistor, that drives a relay that can switch a heater element or a blower on or off. Connect the red power wire from the gauge to the little power wire you left dangling from the main power relay. Obviously, you can use this circuit in other applications like liquids level detection, proximity devices etc. To complete the circuit, connect another wire from the junction of pins 2 and 6 of IC1 to the water pipeline or the water tap itself.
So you can use the falling light on the detector to switch on a normally off circuit or switch off a normally on circuit.
The last connection is the white analog output wire on the gauge to the pink (O2) wire on the Megasquirt harness. With the MMC flash technology and a cheap media card reader, the devices will be able to record huge amount of data and quick data uploading to the PC. Because there are three connections to this gauge, I suggest using a connector of your choice to keep the two harnesses separate.
The range of the temperature in which the LED's are on can be set by the user in the program code. I am partial to GM style WeatherPack connectors but you can use whatever makes you comfortable. The circuit needs to be powered by a 5V power supply, which can be obtained from a wall-wart. Still, if you plan to use them, use dielectric grease and then seal the connection up in heat shrink tubing.

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