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Then this program will give you all the marketing strategies, communication strategies and information to not only Sky Rocket your page or Group to over 5000 Fans put how to use it to increase revenue in your business and add more values to your follower’s lives.
By creating and launching a powerful Facebook plan stacked with dozens of strategies, accountability, an action plan and tracking you are guaranteed to reach 5000 Fans within 12 weeks! Have you seen our 3 Premium Programs below for assisting Personal Training business owners like yourself grow your PT business yet?
Jason Grossman Has been in the Health and Fitness Industry for 14 years and has spent the last 5 years working with personal trainers across the globe to build their business to 6 figures THEN enough passive income to NEVER have to work again.
There are a number of reasons why, as an entrepreneur or small business, a business page is a better choice over using a personal page to showcase your business. A Facebook business page looks so much more professional than using a personal profile, or worse, a group. Before the targeting options were upgraded, Facebook Fan Pages could only target their posts based on location and language. As we mentioned before, we are not able to target all of the parameters we can target with a Facebook Ads campaign.
If one of your fans is 26 years old but doesn’t fill out the age section of the Facebook Profile, then they will never see the posts targeted to an age group. Imagine that it is the holiday season, and your company wants to market its new toy to teenagers. If you have a separate toy design for boys and girls, then target each gender with a specific post.
What makes these promoted posts so powerful is that when the initial fan interacts with them, the post is shared to their friends if they meet the same targeting criteria! The examples described above are essentially different ways to split test your posts to see what style and demographics get the most engagement. We hope this gave you some insight to the new features included in Enhanced Facebook Targeting.
Thanks Brian for the wonderful tips, I came to know about this blog and you by a friend and I must say this is so helpful. Get 2500 GUARANTEED, REAL and GEO TARGETED Facebook Fans (Likes) direct to your Facebook fan page within 5 days! Get 10,000 GUARANTEED, REAL and NOT GEO TARGETED Facebook Fans (Likes) direct to your Facebook fan page! Get 1000 GUARANTEED, REAL and NOT GEO TARGETED Facebook Fans (Likes) direct to your Facebook fan page within 2-3 days! Get 1000 GUARANTEED, REAL and GEO TARGETED Facebook Fans (Likes) direct to your Facebook fan page within 2-3 days!
Get 50,000 GUARANTEED, REAL and GEO TARGETED Facebook Fans (Likes) direct to your Facebook fan page within 8 weeks! Get 5000 GUARANTEED, REAL and NOT GEO TARGETED Facebook Fans (Likes) direct to your Facebook fan page within 10 days!
Get 100,000 GUARANTEED, REAL and GEO TARGETED Facebook Fans (Likes) direct to your Facebook fan page within 3 months! Get 5000 GUARANTEED, REAL and GEO TARGETED Facebook Fans (Likes) direct to your Facebook fan page within 10 days!
Get 25,000 GUARANTEED, REAL and NOT GEO TARGETED Facebook Fans (Likes) direct to your Facebook fan page!

You have built your online business, created the products, and you have spent numerous hours ranking your site … but, do you have the social power needed to make a strong impact? Our Social Power packages are affordable, especially considering the real value that you are getting from us. Also, we have plenty of experience working with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ and we have learned what works and what does not. So, now you know exactly what Social Power is, why you need it, and why we are the best option for your Social Power needs. Targeted Advertising – With a fan pages you are able to use advertising to promote your pages or external websites or contests or events. It’s to your advantage to get yourself a professionally designed banner (aka cover photo) and use professional language and images in all you do. There is a requirement that Fan Pages need at least 5,000 likes before the new targeting features become available.
One of these metrics that we do not have access to is one of the more powerful ones – interests.
This is an issue because you may be unintentionally alienating a portion of your fans when you use targeted posts. Think of them as Facebook Ads, but larger and more powerful than those little ads on the right of the page.
You can create multiple posts about the toy, but worded for different age groups or genders.
This eliminates the possibility of a boy seeing a pink, girly toy that does not interest him (unless he filled out his Facebook Profile incorrectly, of course).
This means that when Timmy sees your toy and says he wants one, his friends Jim and Max will see the post as well. Perhaps your toy company has 5 different toys that they think will be a hit, and would like to narrow it down by asking their fans.
Feel free to play around with the metrics and see what ones work best for the niche your business is in! Brian focusses on helping entrepreneurs and business owners how to attract news leads using facebook. Unfortunately I didn’t checked this new targeting option but now I will make most of my things targeting on Facebook.
There are several significant social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ that allow people to endorse your company, products, videos and more. Well consider this, if you were on the fence about purchasing a product and your friend told you that they like it, would you buy it? We do not send you random Facebook friends, but rather, we send you extremely targeted Facebook friends that are more likely to actually use your company or products. You see, many social traffic providers just blast you with “junk” traffic that will get your Facebook accounts, YouTube videos, and other social platforms marked as “fake traffic” or “abuse traffic”. The information inside this tab is simple to read and gives you data that will help determine if your efforts are on target with your goals.
This means there is a greater chance for your fan page to come up in search results when people are searching for terms relevant to your industry or actually looking for you!
Not everyone wants to spend time figuring out when to post or how to schedule posts or how to coordinate these efforts with other social media platforms like Twitter.

It is now referred to as Enhanced Page Targeting, and we will cover what Enhanced Page Targeting is, and some potential uses for your business.
If you have had any interaction with a Facebook Ads campaign, then you already know the wide array of targeting options at your fingertips. If you have kept up with our blog posts or products, you should be familiar with a variety of ways to attract more fans to your Fan Page!
If you have a business centered around people outside of this age range, targeting them specifically may not be in your best interest. These people are more inclined to show an interest in your product, and have a higher chance to actually become a customer of your business.
Text that is flashy will be better suited to grab a teenager’s attention, while a post explaining why a teenager would love this toy would be best for older friends and family looking to buy gifts. We have the largest, most reliable, group of Facebook friends available for purchase every single day.
Of course, because the traffic is targeted, you have a much greater chance of converting every single visitor. We understand what causes this, and we work hard to ensure that you are not affected negatively. With all the social media profiles you are using, make sure you have filled out your profile fully. Be sure to think about what posts are appropriate to target, like some of these examples below.
We also have an extensive network of Twitter followers, and we can deliver Google+’s and YouTube views as needed. Of course, all of these visitors are real, whereas our competitors generally provide “created” visitors (visitors that aren’t real and never post).
Purchase one of our Social Power plans today and stop waiting for your business to make an exceptional entrance. You can highlight promotional offers and send people to an external website to sign up for workshops or purchase even purchase your products, all  via a simple Facebook ad.
This makes getting expert help while you are still the one in control of your profile easy and safe.
If hundreds of people have liked your product, or follow your company, then you have a positive social power or presence. Let’s start from a place of assuming that your page will have that many fans at some point, hopefully soon.
Every user gives Facebook a lot of personal information making highly targeted campaigns easy for businesses. If you can only come up with one reason to justify the switch to a Facebook business page, this should be it. If you want to talk directly to your target market, you can do it with Facebook advertising.

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