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Like so many other parts of wedding planning, coming up with your wedding invitation wording is all about figuring out what the rules are… and then figuring out how you want to strategically break them. In reality, wedding invitation wording is a place where you might want to get creative… but not TOO creative.
Because of that, the conventional structure of wedding invitation wording samples can be a helpful starting point. The InformatioN: This is the one line where I strongly advise you to stick to the basics, since you want people to actually come to this thing.
For more specifics, we asked invitation expert (and no-nonsense none too traditional lady) Kimi Wert of Printable Press to provide some wedding invitation wording samples that vary from classic to whimsical. I put my husband’s name first on our invitation because of that bride-centricity we are all so used to in wedding planning. Also, we did both of our last names, mostly because it seemed most natural, but also because we both have fairly common first names (me especially) and were using Glo evites.
We were so totally egalitarian on everything wedding wise, but my name went first and that was just that. My name was listed first entirely because it looked better in terms of typography and design (I work in publishing and think about typefaces A LOT). Since I think this is a similar department, I did do all the wording on our wedding website. We put the basic info (date, location) below that, and then decided to print more on the back. I have our wording drafted, though our invitations won’t be ordered until later this week or next. This is probably culturally and geographically varied, but my experience is that host lines don’t do that. Should we (a) use the back of the invite (might cost more to print) or (b) insert a self-printed little slip of paper with the envelope or (c) try to squeeze it in on the front of the invite?
Our invitation was a single card (we sent electronically to 90% of people so cost wasn’t an issue, but it was all there). I just used Vistaprint business cards for the RSVP enclosure telling people not only the website…but by when! A note about putting it on the back of the invitation: We did that, and some people missed it completely. I think the most frustrating part of our wedding planning process was invitation wording (it was one of the few times I cried). Another frustrating part was that neither of our fathers go by their legal names and my MIL prefers the short form of her name over her full first name.
People liked our invitations because they were different and I didn’t hear any negative comments. It was one of our favourite wedding projects, and still makes me so happy to see our invite hanging over my desk!
This young girl, a Pastors daughter, from England testifies of multiple visitations from the Lord Jesus over a 1 month period in mid 2012. 205 Pages, 6 chapters, Visits to Heaven and Hell, Visions of rapture, tribulation, end times, Encounters with Jesus Christ, angels, tours of the spirit realm, Intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Ian McCormack died from 5 box jelly fish stings and had a 15 minute near death experience in which he had a brief experience of Hell, and saw the Lord Jesus Christ and a glimpse of Heaven. Together as a group, these 7 Columbian youths were taken by Jesus Christ and shown Heaven and Hell. I saw a road that led to Heaven, many people were not walking on it, the few I saw on it, were even crawling, barely making it, just sustained by GOD’s hands not to fall away, GOD told me that our generation has fallen very far from the Standard required to make heaven, causing GOD to do act by his mercies & grace more than he has ever done, to help people to make heaven.
Around 8am, as I was on my bed, GOD opened my spiritual eyes and took me into a vision, in the spirit HE took me to Heaven.
Then I was lifted to another place in heaven, Then as I looked towards a certain place, there were golden structures, I was given a revelation that gold is one of the major colors in Heaven. One late evening while deep in worship, in a vision I saw an enormous angel, ten times larger that the most physical and muscular man I had ever seen on this earth. His clothes were made of a heavenly material- such as not ever found or seen on this earth – like a very fine bead-like material that seemed as if it were alive.
Oh and suddenly, ever-changing musical melodies in endless scales and descants of indescribable beauty were like a spontaneous spring gushing forth form His very garments.
He took me by the hand and in one moment we were moving upward at great speed where I could see on the horizon to the north, a great throne of light. Again on the horizon one could easily see in the far distance a glorious throne upon which sat the most excellent glorious God and King.
The angel said, ‘This is the future dwelling place prepared for God’s own elect.’ I then pleaded with the angel, “Please take me closer to God’s throne,’ because I could feel the life and the love and the light that came from His very being even though it was at such a far-off distance.
Myriads of angels with such beautiful and glorious singing; millions of angelic voices blending together in descants so high and harmonious and complex with amazing ethereal quality as to defy the imagination.
The brilliance of the ‘Shekinah” streams forth from His presence for millions and millions of earth miles.
Then, suddenly, I heard peels of the loudest thunders and huge lightenings as the heavenly whirlwinds pushed us higher and higher toward the most Holy One’s very own throne. The face of our God cannot be spoken of…Yet from his glorious face, He emits sparks and lightenings of life for the entire universe. His form is attended to by armies of millions of angels who obey His every thought and whim and worship before His Holy face with never silent singing. Immediately after the vision and upon returning to the Earthly realm I pray our eyes are open to see the great need for Holiness.
Enthroned above millions of faces and crowned in golden diadem, bright as jasper and clear as quartz, eyes emblazed like coals, through an emerald rainbow the King gazes down to transparent forms shining in a sea of glass, they mirror His glory.
Crystal Christians brighten the Earth and though darkness crowds around, the light shines, it can never be overcome. In May 2006, a servant of God named Brani Duyan from Malaysia, was brought to Heaven to meet with the Lord Jesus and receive a revelation of 6 messages for the church. While Jesus was giving me this message, He said “My child, look there” He showed me beautiful houses which are ready for His children. While Jesus told me the sixth message, He showed me the sky, it was all clear and no clouds. Thank you Lord Jesus for being so merciful with me and for leading and guiding me all these years when I was lost and wandering not knowing what to do next. I believe Jesus His Majesty The Christ is the very glory, splendor, light and beauty of Heaven and the very opposite of Hell.
May God Almighty grant you PEACE in your lifetime here on earth for your good works in JESUS MIGHTY NAME, AMEN. Garret and Whitney wanted to make sure that all of their wedding decor and accessories could be used after their wedding. The wagon wheel theme came about organically, a simple purchase for their wedding decor turned out to be the core element of their wedding.
Sometimes a wedding theme can come about totally organically like in this DIY Rustic Wagon Wheel Wedding. Hey I know this might be a little late but I just adore these bridesmaid dresses and I am getting married in October.
I was wondering if you might can give me a little more information on your cute bridesmaid dresses?
Family Channel series debuting March 8 stars real dancers like Jordan Clark, Bree Wasylenko, Alexandra Beaton and Victoria Baldesarra. When Frank Van Keeken set out to make a TV drama about the subculture of dance, there was one important requirement: the stars had to be real dancers.

So phenomenal that one cast member, Brennan Clost, had to leave partway through shooting when he got accepted at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York.
The Next Step portrays the world of dance studios and competitions, something TV audiences have glimpsed on U.S. The Canadian show takes place in the fictional Next Step Dance Studio, run by Wasylenko’s character Kate, as students jockey to join the elite A-troupe and win regional and national competitions. Indeed, the show is packed with dancing, whether in the studio scenes or the competition scenes, which were shot at York University.
According to the philosophy of painting, rich and green leaves would trigger a beautiful and prominent flower.
In choosing a simple prom hairstyles is best suited for your prom, you have to consider many factors including the shape of your face, head, nose, eyes, and their ratio to one another.
Oval face shape, most people think that the oval face gives it a friendly and suitable for different hair styles. With a distinctive and attractive facial features and contours, simple prom hairstyles should be chosen for the famous unique temperament. Triangular face shape, triangular faces can be classified into a heart shape and pear shape. For pear face, the settings can be based on dividing the face into four equal parts, and prom hair styles to be set to make the overall impression of an oval face shape. No matter what beautiful form they come in (old fashioned post, email, on a balloon, sent by a flock of pigeons, unrolled as a poster) they still need to convey some basic information. Here is a general outline of how the wedding invitation often breaks down, with specific examples to follow. Time, date, and location should all be listed (though the address does not have to be, assuming it’s otherwise easy to find).
This is both your time to get celebratory, and your time to give guests a solid idea of what to expect.
It wasn’t even that stark for us, but I wanted to give him a little nudge of visibility to everyone. I got to be honest, I think I will just put my name first on everything because I am doing most of the work. I did do most of the work, but the stress was absolutely because I knew I would get 100% of the shade thrown, even when it was for calls he made, or from his family. At first it was tough and then I got in the groove and borrowed from phrases from some of my favorite Etsy invites and RSVPs. The challenge was limiting the number of lines when I need to include RSVP information, too. It may undermine your visions of scripty goodness; but it can make entering the address into a GPS much easier. Does the hosting line, if used to indicate one family is the host, kind of throw shade on the other? In that case the bride’s parents were hosting the wedding and the groom had no contact with his family so it made sense. It wasn’t seen as throwing shade, because in their social scene, traditional weddings were the norm. Our guests were able to either just request to be let into the web-site when they opened it (which automatically sent me an e-mail to confirm they were allowed to get in). We did do an e-save the date, so it wouldn’t be so hard to send them an email with a link to the website! If you have the email addresses saved with their contact information in the guest list, you can actually just blast a direct email invite through the site to everyone on the list, and then they don’t need the code if they click the direct link in the email! I am very happy that APW provided an option for deceased parents since I had a hard time trying to figure out how to word our invitations, as excluding my mother was not something I wanted to do.
I’m paying for half, her parents are paying for half, and my parents are hosting the reception, so it really does feel like our parents are helping host. Got a little squishy with the formal Catholic wording, but got all the necessary info on there. I think we ruffled a few feathers with some of the nontraditional bits (but it certainly warned people of what was to come for wedding day.
We drew everything by hand (me), made the illustrations into vector files (husband), and then had the invites letterpressed, so I wanted to keep the text minimal. Included are her descriptions of the order of heaven, the city and gates, what happens to children, and the throne of God. Juan is currently 7 years old and has experienced numerous encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ. The place I found myself standing, it was paradise of GOD, I saw stupendous mountains, hills, very high water falls, with clear sparkling water, there were so many of this waterfalls, I could hear the sounds of waters falling from the heights , there were beautiful colorful flowers growing everywhere, I saw extremely green grass, forest of trees, full of life and vibrancy, nature, just going as far as the eye could see, when I looked at the atmosphere, it was exhilarating with light, the light I saw was mostly golden, golden light, the glory of GOD seen from everywhere, the scenery was so beautiful, colorful and full of glory.
Also most structures, equipments, buildings etc are made of gold; it was so beautiful to see gold everywhere in that world of Heaven. Platinum-like in color, it pulsated with light, a living light that emanated the very glory of my Creator God. All around the throne was a brilliant fog and mist, surrounded by incalculably tall towering clouds with a multitude of lightenings and loud thunders encompassing it. And above His throne was an emerald rainbow, the arc of which is immeasurable in height, too awesome to describe.
These Cherbim like creatures, great powerful living creatures who protect the throne of God, who incessantly praise the Lord of the Universe. The light of the face of God is brighter that a trillion sun-stars, His Holy face is man-like but it is translucent and incandescent, and so unutterably beautiful and pleasurable beyond any compare. I saw Jesus opened His hands to Earth and He spoke “I am ready to take My children.” Then I saw many people in white robes flying up in the sky to meet Jesus. To fancy everything up they all have their hair  in up-dos with matching earrings, and the maids of honors each have special bracelets. When we look back, this was the most important purchase, and the item that set the tone for the rest of the wedding.
I wanted to make our wedding different, and I wanted to make sure I could use my decor again in our house. We reserve the right to delete comments that we deem inappropriate, negative, distracting, or rude. Pam Cooley did an absolute amazing job capturing our special day, and it is so great to share it with others!!
New girl Michelle (Victoria Baldesarra in her first acting role) challenges the reign of queen bee Emily (Alexandra Beaton) when she joins the school and wins a spot in A-troupe. Similarly, a beautiful prom hair style should be similar to your face to bulge out its own characteristics and charm.
However, this would give a false impression that an oval face shape would be lack of personal characteristics.
For a heart face shape, be aware that the prom hairstyle should not be set to exaggerate the impression of weakness and pains. It is recommended to match the Bang Bang imbalance or a curve smoothie that provides a gentle and soft temperament.
I wanted it to come off playful and casual, like us and the reader are family already, but at the same time not offend my grandpa. We put more details about the ceremony and reception, along with our wedding website and instructions to RSVP there. You can spend 500 hours perfecting your invitation wording, and basically nobody will RSVP. I am probably going to skip this all together for something more general, but this thought occurred to me.

We want people to RSVP via our wedding website, which also has a 5-digit code that you need to get in. These breathtaking glimpses of heaven will turn your heart toward the beauty and joy that await every believer in Christ. I felt so much peace, joy and the love of GOD, then I saw a bird, it looked more like a dove, but it was a bit transparent and golden, so beautiful, I remember I was so thrilled, I looked and admired it; it flew across the skies of heaven, from west to the east. His face was like that of a shining white hot furnace and in his mouth were tongues of fire from which came forth beautiful celestial languages of the heavens. Then I began to realize that the glory beads of his garment still sparkled and shimmered with the light of God’s own Shekinah presence. And I could see angelic beings singing beautiful songs and some were doing cartwheels in the sky.
To the Northeast, I could clearly see seven large, jeweled mountains with pillars of holy fire extending up from them. And I could see the multitude of their eyes, within and without, who see and discern all things.
Supremely awesome and infinitely unique and glorious, with powerful and mighty mysterious voices of incomprehensible magnitudes, multiple voices and billions of commands, simultaneous commands, emitting forth from His mouth and being. Then this marvelous archangel looked down upon me and said, “Yet even the least of the elect saints are the brother of Jesus Christ, your Lord.
I asked“Lord, why are these houses not yet completed?” The Lord Jesus said “My child, these houses belong to My children that are not generous giving tithe and offerings. Many Hell and heaven testimonies say that people with earrings and wigs are not allowed to enter heaven. Their dresses were purchased at Dillard’s making for an affordable, yet cute bridesmaid option.
Our wedding was a collection of DIY projects and ideas and although my Mom and I had the vision of the decor, so many people played a part in making it all happen. I wanted to spend money on things that would not be used just once, and my future husband absolutely loved that idea! But, before you start searching for that perfect band, be sure that your venue can accommodate live musicians. Is there anyway you would have an item number or color or even a style number, anything on the dresses would help?? In designing the prom hairstyle, it is important to highlight the beautiful parts of your face, but to cover up weaknesses. Therefore, it is very important for oval face shapes to choose a hairstyle that is more typical to drive unique character. In addition, a badminton type prom hairstyle would also be suitable because it can draw people’s attention to attractive features of his face. A smoothie-curved hair is recommended for both long and short hair that could help to project a more capable character. Moreover, it is better to regulate smoothly curved bang which could neutralize the feeling weak and strained jaw pointed. It is recommended to set the hair in the front to create the impression of a more oval shape. In addition, after the hair had thickened and lengthened ear to balance a round face shape. Hosting the wedding is, in the end, a (mostly meaningless) honor that you get to choose how to pass out. And secondly, this particular honor is generally only used for the living (since these people are, ostensibly, inviting you to a party). I did put my name first on our return address labels because I wanted people to notice that I didn’t change my last name. In the end, they both decided to change their names to the short forms of the names they go by. Once I’d gotten as far as thinking about wording, that hosting line would have driven me insane. And suddenly, his right hand extended upward toward the northern sky while his lift hand clasped the end of a brilliant, bright, glowing amber sword.
I trembled at the reality and the very existence of such glorious beings obviously from another dimension far greater than this. One is not capable to perceive or calculate their height, their width, their fearsome might or power, the amplitude of their energy or strength, glory and honor.
For all eternity He will never stop loving you, you are His bride prepare yourself for HIM. I dont trust those other testimonies you refer to because they arent consistent with the Bible (Bible does not condemn such), or with many other true testimonies and they cause some bad fruit of legalism, angry believers, accusing, fear not faith etc. You can see more of Garret and Whitney’s DIY rustic wagon wheel wedding in the full gallery here.
Every aspect of the wedding turned out greater than I could have expected, from the wedding printings, to the flowers, and all of the details in between. I grew up on a farm, and have lived with antiques my entire life, so it only felt natural that my Mom and I began our wedding planning by shopping at Third Sunday Market. Basically, there are four common types of face shapes to consider, namely oval, triangle, round shape and rectangular shapes.
In addition, changing hairstyles more often recommended because it can help to project her attributes. On the other hand, for those with a less distinctive facial features, they should choose the middle to long hair styles, and hair should not be set back. For an instant, an explosion or explosions thickened inner curved can also serve this purpose.
In addition, the thickness and size of the explosion should be designed based on the shape, size and away from the eyes. Or you just don’t want to do it that way?) Will you list both last names, or one last name, or no last names?
His face was imbued with a spirit of nobility and purity and purpose, and yet with an almost pitiful expression, he looked down on my trembling frame and said with a loud clarion voice, ‘Come’.
Jesus also wanted me to share my Heavenly experiences to all the children of God so they will be blessed and renew their strength to follow Him.
How you share that information can express everything from your values, to the kind of wedding you’re going to have, to your artistic taste. As I looked upward, I could see streaking across the celestial skies of heaven like shooting stars, multitudes of amber like chariots of multiple colors carrying scores of heavenly luminaries. Yet the extent of the Holy Father’s face is incomprehensible and without measure or analogy…To see this part of the vision was for me to melt into nothingness. But an invitation still is, in its most basic form, a simple means of passing along information.
And I could see a sea of angelic beings Seraphim and Cherubim and archangels and angels of all varieties, a multitude too numerous to estimate, all raising their hands all playing instruments to the glory of Him who sits on the throne between the four Beasts. I cried out to the angel, please save my life… For the lips of the Lord are as a furnace of fire – There is no metaphor or words in earth language to describe all this…. We just got a pattern from a fabric store, and then matched some fabric, and she did some magic.

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