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2 Speed SettingsThe Holmes HAWF2021 offers two quiet speed settings that are perfect for nighttime use! Circulates More AirThe HAWF2021 moves more air through your window, cooling you down more quickly and efficiently. Removes OdorsOnce turned around, this window fan removes stale odors and fumes from your home and pushes them out the window. If you have a small area that needs better air circulation you could use a twin window fan. Another advantage to using this particular type window fan as a cooling unit is the ability to decrease your use of a central air conditioner. Most of the fan units are designed to fit standard sized windows measuring from twenty-two to thirty-four inches in width.
You can also use the dual window fan in areas where there is no other type of cooling system. This double window fan draws in fresh, cool air from the outside or exhausts stale, hot air from inside. The Holmes HAWF2030 Dual Blade Dual Window Fan with Thermostat is a price efficient cooling way to conventional air conditioner window gadgets. Sign up for price drop alerts and begin tracking this product by completing the form below.

This unit is ideal for rooms that are small to medium in size and works by drawing air from the outside and blowing into the room in a cool manner.
Some often overlooked areas where this item can be placed include the bathroom and the laundry room. It can also do both simultaneously, because each of the two fans can be set independently to draw in or exhaust out, allowing the unit to exchange inside and outside air. This can be even more costly when your house has areas that are not centrally located so they do not receive an adequate supply of cooled air from the central system since it doesn’t reach those areas. These are two areas where moisture can build up causing the rooms to be uncomfortable for those who are in them.
Operable either manually or automatically--with its thermostat turning the fans off and on to maintain a selected temperature--the unit has a one-touch electronic control and two speeds so it can be adjusted to conditions. A large window can accommodate a twin window fan and you will benefit in the way of more power cooling and efficiency of cooling.
In an effort to try to compensate an air conditioning unit can actually work harder, which will cost you more money in the end. If you have an area that could use some help in the summer you might try installing this window unit. Using a window fan as a supplement will help reduce the amount of time your air conditioning unit will need to run and will help it run more efficiently by circulating the cold hair.

A built-in 7-inch extender and two 3-inch extenders permit custom fitting for windows from 24 to 37 inches wide.
In addition to bringing cooler air into the room, window fans also works to pull the heat and humidity out of the room.
These are important factors to keep in mind when purchasing a ceiling fan.We offer repair information for many of these ceiling fan manufacturers as well. So if a flywheel or capacitor has broken down, you can look in our repair section to find information on how to repair your ceiling fan or find the replacement part you need. We are constantly adding new parts and replacement items to the site including pullchains, switches, and other. If you are unable to find the specific part that you require for Windows, then please let us know by filling out the contact us page. We will look for the parts that you require for your ceiling fan and get them added as soon as possible.As always, Kajiji, Craigslist and E-bay are also places where you may find the ceiling fan, accessory, or ceiling fan replacement part that you require. Just keep in mind that we are not affiliated with the businesses or individuals on those websites and we cannot help you with purchases or return issues with those wholesalers.

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