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If your fan does not have pull chains on it then there is a possibility that your fan also had a fancier remote that came with it that was replaced. It is common to have a remote to stop working after several years while the fan continues to work perfectly. Check the top of the motor housing for this reverse switch and write me back here and let me know if we are going to have to move on to plan B. The black and white wires on the LEFT side of the receiver will connect to the black and white from the electrical box. I am trying to install a ceiling fan with light and remote.A like the transmiter below (image) post 341.A  I have three wires, 1 bk, 1 wht, 1 blue on one side and on the other 1 white and 1 blk, how do I connect them to the two wires from the cieling 1 whit and 1 blk and the three wires from the fan base 1 wht and 1 blk? The power still works on it and when I push the buttons everything registers on the remote however the fan is not responding. The fans in my bedroom and living room both have remotes but the reverse switch is on top of the motor housing on one of them and just above the light kit on the other. It is a possibility that if someone else lived in your house before you, they could have replaced the old remote with a reverse switch with one without. You will need to change the switch that is typically behind the battery in the remote to a different setting on one of the fan remotes and then change the switch to the same setting on the transmitter in the canopy of the ceiling fan.

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