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I'm going to teach you how to get over 1000 Facebook likes on your fan page in the next 30 days. You've already asked all your friends and relatives to like your page, including your 2nd Aunt and her bingo friends. Now you're all tapped out and your Facebook fan count languishes in exile, like the man in the iron mask. Well, that's not something you'll have to worry about anymore, because when you're done reading this article you'll have 99 problems but losing fans won't be one.
A share4share is when you make a post on your page asking your fans to like a different page. Exclusive For You: Click here to download a free bonus which shows you how to keep your fans interacting with your page after the growth explosion.
Without a post going viral or getting media press, share4shares are the FASTEST way to grow your Facebook fan base and get Facebook likes. Only do it once per day max, otherwise you'll annoy your fans and your page will look spammy. I have recently set up a new web site offering free club management, club web site and social media platform. Your cover photo is a prime piece of real estate when it comes to the Facebook fan page for your business. Thanks Edmund, such great points that everyone needs to be aware of and follow!  Thanks for the great article and great blog!  Always helpful! There you have it – nice and easy I have a hunch many people will be very glad you wrote this simple and informative post Edmund.
Turns out, in its latest update on cover photo guidelines, Facebook is now no longer mentioning the 20% rule. Edmund Lee is an author, entrepreneur, social media strategist, and speaker who has studied with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Facebook shopping is beginning to turn the tide of doing business online, and the businesses that are taking advantage of using Facebook fan pages for at least one step of their marketing process are reaping the benefits.

They’ve given businesses a place to interact with their customers and build their brand directly on Facebook. Below is the promised info-graphic of Facebook’s shopping and e-commerce history, which has been heavily influenced by applications and customized fan pages. A great place to start would be our beginner’s course, Fan Page Secrets, which guides you through setting up your fan page, attracting your first thousand fans, and making your first sale. Either way, take a look below and let me know your thoughts and the predictions moving forward. As an online marketing firm working with small and mid-sized businesses in Local, Mobile, & Social Media platforms, this information is a valuable tool for these businesses to compete. Good post Brian, although I’m a little confused – does that graph indicate that less than 10% of British facebook users would currently consider purchasing through facebook? I don’t see any purchasing options on Facebook other than for Facebook services such as games and ads. Its Jersey;, the best thing it and all those people could do would be to detach and float east about 150 miles. Recent PostsMost ViewedThe Art of Activision Atari Covers All-Time MLB Franchise Rankings, 2016 Edition Airline Memories #3: Aer Lingus Potpourri Cars, Cars, Cars #1: 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix That's Entertainment!
There are 45912 different things you can do on Facebook (give or take a couple, haha), so it's easy to get distracted. For this example we'll say you're a fighter known for pulling out slick submissions, and being a cardio beast. Facebook is great for marketing but trying to keep up with the changes can be a daunting task! I see so many people still making these mistakes with their pages, especially the cover photos. Question: How would you suggest bringing to another small business owner's attention when they are violating the terms on their FB fan page? An entrepreneur with wisdom and vision, he specializes in working with companies to transform their branding and use social media marketing to create extraordinary companies that generate profits.

Currently, we are at $5 billion in transactions occurring on Facebook, so $30 billion seems a long way off, until you look at the trends. Facebook is offering businesses the ability to attract thousands of new fans with new features like iframes, questions, at tagging, etc.
All of this is leading to more sales because everything is happening inside a trusted and safe environment. If you’re already past this point and just looking for adding thousands of new fans, the Free Fan Generator course is the best thing for you.
Brian focusses on helping entrepreneurs and business owners how to attract news leads using facebook. The only time i ever experienced racism was in Tenn my freshman year in college when I was referred to as an IIII- talian or greaser, wop, and so on…took it in stride and actually thought it was kind of funny. NJ is one of the most racially diverse states in the country and there is less real racism here than in most places around the country.
If you keep going off course or feeling overwhelmed, ask yourself these 3 questions to help you prioritize.
And it includes a sample template so you can put this to use immediately with minimal effort.
Also to add the cover image restrictions, now you can only have 20% text on your cover image.
Edmund is passionate about the reality that in order for a business to truly flourish, it must touch the lives of its four primary influencers (customers, employees, vendors, and investors) in a deep and truly meaningful way.
Let them know you think your fans would really like each others styles and you can help each other out. He's an awesome MMA fighter who is always going for difficult submissions and wears his opponents down with his non-stop pace.

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