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Well, it looks like the acute stupidity known as the NHL Lockout is finally nearing its end. A new hockey league simulator from the folks behind the excellent Out of the Park Baseball series is slated to hit the desktop early this year. Just in time for the holidays, Out of the Park Developments announced a robust initial feature list for FHM 2013. The fact that one can start any NHL season back to 1947 with the game progressing seamlessly from season to season is a great feature.
Considering the utter incompetency of the Columbus Blue Jackets since their birth earlier this century, I can’t wait to get my hands on FHM 2013, so I can set things right — at least in my imagination! A truly global game, FHM features NHL, AHL, OHL, WHL, Liiga, EIHL, KHL, SHL, and many more leagues, with hundreds of real teams and thousands of realistically rated real players included.
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If you have an older version of the game Franchise Hockey Manager 2014 you can upgrade your game to the latest version using this patch. Using it you will make sure that your game runs bug free and you benefit from the latest features available.
After months of beta testing Franchise Hockey Manager 2014 has been released to the public! If you want to edit anything in your league, simply turn on commissioner mode and change player ratings, modify financial parameters, and much more. Launch a 2013-14 season and guide your club through unlimited seasons of championship chasing or travel as far back as 1947 and take control of your favorite NHL or WHA team. When you start a new game, your league will come alive with news articles, messages from other GMs and players, announcements of upcoming milestones (a player’s 500th career goal, for example), and more. Players also have their own personalities, and their attitudes can affect their performance.
FHM also features the FaceGen engine, which offers realistic portraits for all your players. The short version is that checks against a players’ Coachability rating determine how likely it is that any of their Offense, Defense, and Goalie ratings will improve each month.
Those ratings can’t exceed their potential ratings, but there is the occasional chance that a potential rating will increase and offer more headroom for improvement. Slightly less than half of a player’s ratings will decline over time, primarily the Physical ones. When you turn on Commissioner Mode, you’ll see an Aging rating among the hidden ones. Each August, FHM performs a retirement check according to each player’s current age, Aging rating, and number of seasons left on his contract. In general, most players in high-level leagues who have productive careers and remain free of major injuries will probably retire in their late 30s. Straight from the creative minds that brought us Out of the Park Baseball comes a new sports simulator geared toward ice hockey.
Stat junkies will find plenty to love, as every player has detailed information kept for every season.
There was also a moment in my first season where my top three goalies all became injured at the same time. As mentioned earlier, there is a steep learning curve when it comes to learning the ins-and-outs of the game’s interface. When I first played FHM months ago, I had problems with the game randomly crashing, but I am happy to report that hasn’t been an issue after their latest patches.

There is a ton of potential within Franchise Hockey Manager, but it could have arguably used some more time in development before its initial release. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Franchise Hockey Manager allows gamers to run their own hockey organization or league, and features the same attention to detail that is the hallmark of Out of the Park Baseball.
In Out of the Park Baseball, I am currently playing an OOTP game running the Cleveland Indians that started in 1920, with the hopes of ensuring the New York Yankees never win a World Series.
The game sees you manage a hockey team, picking and training the best players you can find. This will prevent your screen from getting scratched, and may event help save it in the event of a fall. Oversee team finances, keep an eye on the salary cap, check on your assistance coaches and scouts, watch the waiver wire, put together trade packages, make contract offers to free agents, and much more. Take control of your favorite team and set lineups and strategies, draft the next crop of superstars, haggle over trades, negotiate with free agents, navigate the choppy waters of injuries, and prepare your players for the grind of the regular season and the playoffs.
You’ll read about hat tricks, thrilling come-from-behind victories, key trades, devastating injuries, and other important happenings. A veteran may become disgruntled if his contract will expire soon and you haven’t offered him an extension. Their faces change as they age and as their moods change, and their jerseys change when they switch teams. While Hidden ratings can only be seen when you turn on commissioner mode, most of them don’t change. FHM automatically assigns the best position coach to each player, and a check against the coach offers another opportunity for a rating to improve. They are most likely to improve when a player is young – any chance of improvement ends at age 28. On average, typical first-line NHL stars will see a decline to baseline skills in about four years, with another three or four years before they become fourth-line players whose careers are close to wrapping up. While the game is aggressive about ensuring that quality free agents find new homes during the offseason, players at lower levels will likely end up retiring if they don’t receive any contract offers.
Franchise Hockey Manager has a similar text-based appearance to its sibling, and it comes with many of the same bells and whistles.
From the title screen, you are able to begin as general manager for teams across the world, not just the NHL. You are in charge of lineups, including penalty killing, powerplay and who you want to bring in as extra attackers. There are even advanced statistics that I wasn’t familiar with before starting the game.
This option, which is my favorite way to play OOTP Baseball, is unfortunately a huge disappointment. Coaches were fired seemingly every other day (San Jose even hired and fired two coaches in one season!), and at least a half dozen GMs got canned before the season’s halfway point. My AI assistant had already called up another goalie to replace them, but I still needed to have a backup for him. While I did get the hang of it after a while, it was still far less accessible than its OOTP Baseball brethren.
That is one significant plus in regards to this simulator — it has a dedicated development team supporting it, and it is constantly releasing patches to improve the overall experience. After training, the hockey season begins, and you'll get reports about their progress against other team, how each individual player performs, and what injuries they receive. Take control of one of more than 300 teams across 19 leagues and run every aspect of its operation: set lineups and strategies, draft the next crop of superstars, haggle over trades, negotiate with free agents, navigate the choppy waters of injuries, and prepare your players for the grind of the regular season and the playoffs. And, of course, you can also create a custom league configured the way you want, with fresh fictional players ready to turn into a new crop of superstars. Failed checks in the first two steps mean the player will receive a penalty against any chance of improvement, although that chance will never equal zero.

Some of the Mental ratings will almost never change while others may improve by one point, at the most, every four years. However, it also has a fair amount of shortcomings that might be expected from a rookie effort.
I discovered leagues that I had never heard of, including Asia League Ice Hockey (the only such league outside of Europe and North America), four leagues in England, and a third tier Finland league. You can tweak the tactics of every lineup as well, with options to change forechecking, aggressiveness and more to whatever suits your playing style. Playing an individual game basically consists of watching play-by-play text slowly scroll down the screen. Perhaps most surprisingly, I received multiple job offers despite only having 25-30 games under my belt. The game wouldn’t let me call up anyone from my AHL squad, and it refused to let me sign a goalie off the streets even though I had enough cap room. I feel bad for comparing it to a simulator that has been around for over ten years, but FHM could learn a thing or two in terms of its user interface.
There is still a lot of work to be done, especially in terms of computer AI and team management (not to mention an overhaul of the play-by-play system), but it is promising that major updates are still being delivered. Hardcore hockey fans should give it a look, as it is still capable of whetting your appetite, but I would recommend downloading the free trial first. When the draft comes around, find new players to replace those you've let go, and start building your team for the next season. If you just want to stick with the NHL, you can play historical leagues all the way from the late 1940s to present day. There is a pretty deep learning curve in terms of navigating the game’s menu system, but once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are seemingly endless. You can go in and mess with lineups and tactics, but you can’t physically do anything while the game is simulating. When the simulation stopped to tell me I received a job offer, it was already too late — the teams had already hired someone else. I tried proposing a deal to another team, but they wouldn’t accept anything right away.
It can be difficult to maneuever throughout the myriad of screens available, and sometimes it requires more clicks than seemingly necessary. If you love sports management games, Franchise Hockey Manager may be just what you're looking for, and you can download the game right now. There’s also an in-depth scouting system that monitors young players across the world while also providing development updates on those in your own system. Yet despite their recent hiring, the game still gave me the option to go in and negotiate a contract with them.
Eventually, I had to change the position of one of my backup centers to goalie just so I could play my next game. One small example: why not make the scores at the top of the screen clickable, that way they go directly to their box score? If anyone is capable of making a top-class hockey simulator, it is the folks at Out of the Park Developments. Your team’s owner even checks in regularly during the season to rate your current job performance. Needless to say, my team got destroyed, and it was the beginning of the end for my once-promising season.

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