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EspaA±ol Santillana's Teacher's Edition includes comprehensive lessons with suggestions, strategies, and activities that help adjust instruction to any teaching situation. Language and culture are seamlessly integrated in each of the four units, or DesafA­os, which take students on different cultural adventures within Spanish-speaking countries.
EspaA±ol Santillana's Practice Workbook helps students practice and reinforce grammar, vocabulary, and language skills. EspaA±ol Santillana's Cuaderno para hispanohablantes Heritage Speaker Workbooks use expanded language arts and literacy activities that challenge advanced and heritage speakers and hone their Spanish language skills. EspaA±ol Santillana's Speaking and Listening Workbooks provide additional speaking and listening activities. EspaA±ol Santillana's Assessment Program tracks student progress and assesses student proficiency in all skills areas.

EspaA±ol Santillana's eLearning Center Student Licenses provide a wealth of online resources to help students learn and practice Spanish anytime with a click of a mouse. EspaA±ol Santillana's multi-level Enrichment Libraries are designed to expand unit themes and cultural perspectives, as well as build literacy skills for students at all levelsa€”beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Includes nine video segments that present the geographical and cultural context of the unit, the cultural challenges or DesafA­os, as well as dialogues that model the target language. Practical dictionary that illustrates everyday situations with pictures, making it the easiest and fastest way to learn Spanish! Just as students integrate technology into their everyday lives, they have an opportunity to learn and practice Spanish at school or home through a variety of online resources: Student eBook with point-of-use audios and videos, interactive Practice Book that provides corrective feedback, Fans Online extension activities, and many other resources.
Teachers are able to manage their classroom, minimize planning time, and deliver lessons with ease.

Take a tour of EspaA±ol Santillana's print and digital resources with helpful videos, sample Teacher and Student Book units for middle and high school levels, and even access to a free one-monthly trial of EspaA±ol Santillana. Language, vocabulary, and grammar are presented authentically to help students make comparisons and connections.
Includes twenty-four units covering over 1,300 words to illustrate the most common needs and situations, fun activities to reinforce learning, an introduction to Spanish pronunciation based on the vocabulary presented, and a glossary. It also includes the Student eBook with videos and audios for use on interactive whiteboards, practice book pages at point-of-use for whole group instruction, and grammar presentations.

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