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The house of Fendi came back on perfume market after the 2005 – 2010 break with the release of the fragrance Fan di Fendi. This masculine scent aims at mysterious, sophisticated and urban men who radiate charisma and modern elegance. Fan di Fendi pour Homme blends notes of citrus with soft woody tones and touches of basil, cardamom, red pepper and leather. The face of the perfume is Mark Ronson, music producer, composer, DJ and style icon in the company of model Anja Rubik. Mainly cardamom and suede type of leather with little citrus and basil, what really need to be in to keep it in vibrant. Actually they had a blow out marketing campaign here in Canada when they first released it. So I ended up receiving it as a gift for X-Mas that year, and was astounded & surprised. My opinion is they should have spent less MONEY on advertising, and more TIME on strategy & luxury. This perfume, now discontinued, had an almost non existant marketing campaign and was always put on lower shelves in shops. Fan di Fendi takes inspiration on old-school perfumes, like fougeres and cyphres, but it is not one of those, completely. I can see this perfume with people who smoke, this seems to have something matching the smell of tobacco.. Edit: to be accurate, FdF projects well for the first three or four hours, without offending, then it slowly starts to become a skin scent after two or three hours.
I don't care what anyone thinks about the scent of this but I for one love it and shame on fendi for the lack of advertising on this and assoluto. I bought this one right away smelling it on my wrist in Italy, a bit of an old school early90s type classic with leather and cardamom leading from the front with a herbal effect,it must be nice with suit and tie thats what i thought for a 30 plus bold guy but very bad longevity and projection, really, it made me upset and disappointed. This one has a slight retro charm, reminiscent of the classic era of male fragrances such as Aramis or Gentleman. I admit that I have never heard of the corresponding fashion brand, and I am not sure whether its fragrances can be found in major shops outside of Italy.
I will preface by saying I am in complete love with this fragrance so if you don't like this you may want to stop reading.
The opening of this fragrance is delicious it is sweet and spicy and woody with an almost edible but not quite aroma.
In about 3 hours the leather really begins to peek from behind the curtains and this is where I think this fragrance stands head and shoulders above 9.5 out of 10 designers in your local department store. I would swear there is some sandlewood but that could be the mix of the cardamom and woody notes causing this sweet creamy woodiness. It?s been a long time since i made a post but let me say just this,(not going to make a review or talk about the notes) i blind buyed this one based on reviews and im so glad i was blowed away! From the top, I can detect hints of apple, cinnamon, some mild citruses, and some deep leather that all kicks in to build a magnificent scent. I can easily see this on a more mature fellow, or even a young man (high school or college) who wants to live slightly ahead of their age. Both longevity and Silage are excellent lasting well past 10hrs on my skin spraying it once. It has been almost two weeks since I bought and at least 2x every day I've had woman compliment me on the fragrance I was wearing and wanted to know which one it was. I recommend this fragrance for those who want a frag that isn't too heavy yet it lasts well past 8hrs hours. I had first sniffed this on a card at Macys after smelling a couple other scents and when I sniffed Fan Di Fendi Pour Homme I immediately thought "not bad"..

Fan di Fendi is a great blend of freshness, spices, wood, leather, and is anything but sweet. Fan di Fendi Eau de Toilette, the fresher version of this feminine fragrance, was introduced in summer 2011. Therefore, the composition tends to be both fresh and modern, as well as classic and refined. The One seems to mask the sharp opening of Fendi, and together they create a very warm and seductive combo. Fan di Fendi is a sweet and spicy pink pepper fragrance with a suede style leather in the heart and base. Fan di Fendi has the spicy opening of London, a fresh pink pepper accord that has a sweet spiciness approximating a sort of cherry tobacco flavor.
Clear concept, easily understandable notes, smooth quality dry down, simple, but nice manly fragrance for chilly autumn daytime. It is modern and discrete, for me it doesn't project at all and it's a skin scent, with longevity of four of five hours maximum (edit-see below). Easy: no marketing, low projection and longevity, and above all, this is a lovely, elegant, mannish scent created in the era of synthetic cotton-candy immature perfumes. I do like it a lot and can smell the resemblance to Spicebomb in the drydown, although it doesn't seem to project so much. I detect the green smell of a violet leaf & the rich woody note of tobacco but they are not on the notes list.
The citrus in the opening blends quite seamlessly and where often times citrus makes many men fragrances generic it actually makes this one a bit classy.
The base of leather mixed with the this creamy sandlewood vibe with a tinge of spiciness from the pink peppercorn is what I think made this not a best seller.
It would have flirted around the spicebomb with a bit less sweetness and definitely more tenacity and endurance. There is not another modern designer on the market with this leather outside of Coach's latest offering; however, this can be had for under $30 today. This is a bit underrated in the fragrance game, and unfortunately so as it is a wonderful smelling cologne. The leather, while being a primary note, only surfaces under the shadow of the prevailing apple and cinnamon notes to give a nice blend that lasts on the skin for a better portion of 8+ hours. This one does not project in an overbearing mode, so you can be somewhat more liberal with the trigger. I recently came across Fan Di Fendi Assoluto and was very impressed with it right from the first sniff, and because of that experience I decided to check out the original and I am glad I did.. This is not a fragrance made for teeny boppers that are into 1 Million and all of its clones. If u like masculine fragrances, characteristic fragrances and woody notes u should buy or try Fandi Fendi Pour Homme. In fall 2012, the collection expands with the first masculine edition - Fan di Fendi Pour Homme, along with the intense feminine version - Fan di Fendi Extreme. Its character is fresh woody – aromatic, created by perfumers Francois Demachy, Delphine Lebeau-Krowiak and Benoit Lapouza. Separately i find both to be very masculine scents, however, combined there's something feminine about it, which gives a very interesting twist. It has something of a fresh barbershop smell throughout that lends a traditional kind of clean, aromatic appeal.
It's mid and base bring out a smooth suede style of leather with a musky traditional "barbershop" impression similar to that of Le Male. The smell evolves from leathery, citric and sharp to a very comforting powdery and a bit sweet spiced drydown.

Leather is definetly present, there is a citrus note in the opening, some woody notes in the middle, and a sweet-ish drydown. This won't smell like a straight up new leather jacket though, thanks to the cardamom which had some sweetness to round the edges a little bit. I bought a 100ml bottle on the spot partly also because I knew the Fendi brand will not be a disappointment since it is a high fashion brand. This one reminds me of the underrated In2U Pop, which also had a synthetic undertone that suited it perfectly.
For me this is an office, out on the night type of scent so I don't want it going to far off the skin.
The projection is good, as well, holding a good scent cloud for the first 2-3 hours before retreating a bit to form a light bubble over the wearer.
Then in the heart, the cardamom still dominates but it is joined by some wood (maybe cedarwood?) and a leather note, which I found a little difficult to detect. This stuff smell so different and this stuff like as Fendi Life Essance, Ysl L'Homme but more intensive state than Fendi LIfe Essance.. If I had to guess the notes without looking at the pyramid, I would have said that this has lavender in it, though it appears to be basil instead. Now that I own it, I have to say that though the scent is pleasant and i like it much, i cannot say the same with the sileage and longevity. This one is, however, more elegant and mature and one of my favourites for the present decade. It may share similarities with La Nuit de L'Homme (cardamom), but they're not exactly the same.
The opening consist of tangerine, bergamot, basil, and it all smells amazing when it hits your skin..
If I got this as a gift, I'd gladly wear it and if I love it a lot, I might grab another bottle of it. But, I wouldn't rush to purchase it anytime soon because I have other things in mind, like Fahrenheit.
Dont expect to smell this fragrance in your body by mid afternoon if you sprayed it on in the morning; perhaps by lunch, it will already be gone.
The base consist of a very nice soft leather note, tonka bean to lend a bit of its sweetness, and a bit of patchouli.. It's a really nice conclusion to everything, a soft, naturally comfortable way to wrap things up. I also had the chance to smell the Acqua version which I was not that impressed maybe because I already have some Aquatic themed scents already. Just the right amount of citrus to give a fresh opening, just enough cardamom to spice it up, and just enough tonka to add a sweetness to the scent all while laying on a gorgeous soft light leather note.. There is a certain accord in Fan Di Fendi which I detect right from the beginning which reminds me a bit of Brut and I really like that..
I wanted something that was not a bland citrus or aquatic that I could use in warm weather, and this works!
Fan Di Fendi Pour Homme is a great modern release and I think more people should try it and give it a chance..
I read a bunch of reviews comparing the scent to Gucci Guilty, 1 Million, Spicebomb and all these other scents but I do not see them having anything in common..

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