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When furnishing the patio our main idea is to feel comfortable outdoors and spend an enjoyable time. Once the winter has gone and summer days become hotter, the refreshing breeze is more than welcome while having a drink, reading a book or dine with friends and family outdoors. This means that you need to plan not only the furniture, but the lighting, the decor and the ceiling fan.
Outdoor ceiling fans add an immeasurable value when it comes to cooling and increase your home’s comfort and appeal. Stylish and functional ceiling fans can help air circulation while you enjoy the fireplace or the grill.
Another great feature of outdoor ceiling fans is that they could be a part of your patio lighting and give you both light above the dining table and a cooling breeze. The market offers an immense variety of ceiling fans for the outdoors – from cool and casual tropical designs to ultra modern contemporary designs, with or without lights, with or without remote control – and it is certain that you will be able to find the best style to fit your outdoor needs.
When choosing the right outdoor ceiling fan for your home, you need to take into account several important features.

In addition to the size of the fan, you need to consider is the motor size and motor noise.
The fan control is also important – a pull chain, remote control, or wall control – it will depend on your personal preference. The catch is I would like switch 1 and switch two to be run to the light and the fan in series together (only one wire rather than running a wire from each switch to each device) I have a feeling it can be done but my question is how? Connect all the ground wires together and to the switches if they have green ground screws. Connect the red from the cable to the blue wire(light) on the fan.Connect The white from the cable to the white from the fan. I take it the fan and the overhead light are not the same unit and are seperated by some distance?
If this is new bathroom a 20 amp branch circuit is required for the bath and gfci for the receptacle this circuit cannot supply anything else but this bathroom. It is a small bathroom which doubles as a laundry room so there is alot of wiring and plumbing in the walls as it is.

The big thing is how to get my two switches controlling the sepearate devices on one cable. If so and your diagram seems to suggest it, then do exactly as Joe or 221 said run a 2 wire with ground from the light to the fan and connect the red of the three wire cable coming from the switch box to the black in the cable to the fan the white of that cable to the other whites at the fan black to black white to white and ground it.
DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. I would also suggest you use push connectors at the switch box for the grounds and hots and neutrals.
This many wires going into the wirenuts is not easily done by someone not doing this everyday.

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