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This is a guide for your average DIYer that wants a cheap and easy solution to improve the indoor air quality of their medium to small sized living space.
Don't you hate it when you're having a drink with a friend and you can't hold their attention because their cell phone keeps going off?
Probably, everyone who has a GoPro or another waterproof camera tried to make such picture.However, when you dip the camera into the water, you see only a huge blurry water edge that overlaps everything above and below. This vortex cannon was built as a Halloween effect, I wanted it to be self filling hence the attached smoke machine. How to make a mini USB VACUUM CLEANER part 1How to make a mini USB vacuum cleaner part 2 To do a mini USB vacuum cleaner you need!!! Ever had a situation where 1) You come home and all your devices are running out of juice? IntroductionIn this article we will be controlling the flow of Heat or Air Conditioning to a room.
Many AA or AAA battery chargers charge batteries in pairs, but plenty of devices use 1 or 3 batteries, meaning that some of your batteries get overcharged and some get undercharged. I am not much of a believer in free energy and every time I hear the term free energy I ask the question what is so free about it. I am a moderate gamer and the main problem for me is mouse left click starts to double click for after every 1 to 2 years of usage. In this instructable, I am going to show you How To Make An Electroluminescent Edison Lamp. I made this lightsaber with materials that I had laying around so it only cost me time and brain power.

In this instructable I am going to show you how to make your own little sweet talking box.So what is a sweet talking box? Grab your broom and quaffle and head out to the pitch because I'll show you how to make a flying golden snitch!
This is a mini styrofoam cutter you can build in 1 our or so.With this little device you can cut through styrofoam and thin plastic sheets. The idea came from Northwestern University, but decided to build one under a students budget.
This instructable shows how to create microwave powered holiday lights for inside your microwave oven using the RFD102A Wireless Energy Harvesting Module. The Evenings with the Maestro series is sponsored by the Bailey Family: Keith, Lucy and Wilma. This is my first instructable so let me know what you guys all think!For the longest time, I had been wanting a charger that I didn't have to plug in, one I can depend on when I am outside. So when I got interested in web-enabled electronics (the Internet of Things), I knew immediately that my first IoT project would be related to the first thing I do when I log onto my computer at work each day: check the weather. This requires checking the mailbox frequently which is fine if you have your mailbox in sight. The kit already has 2 but I remembered I could add 2 more so I got thinking and researching.
I didn't!My uncle gave me an old SLR film camera that he didn't need, Because he knows that I love taking electronic devices apart, I was really happy because I'd never taken apart a SLR camera! I built this Mayan Cipher Wheel adaption from a Mexican cipher wheel that had been used up until WWII.

Talamantes has been on the roster of the Metropolitan Opera since 2011 and gave a sold-out recital at Carnegie Hall in 2007. Molly Mustonen, who received rave reviews for her performance as Nellie Forbush at Utah Festival Opera, will reprise the role for St. I am just making a guide that shows step by step assembly of how to make a Gamecube to Wiimote controller. I thought of attaching EL Wire inside a mason jar at an up-and-down zigzag way, Which would make it look like a pretty awesome Edison Lamp! Welll you have come to the right place Follow these steps to make your own, homemade, bug zapper THIS DEVICE USES HIGH VOLTAGE. We had done our first IoT project (based on FabLab Polytech in Sankt-Petersburg) and had a bit learning.
Bass Jeremy Milner, who has sung at the Metropolitan Opera as well as other prestigious houses, will sing the role of Colline.
Michelle Seipel, who has starred in numerous SPO productions, including Cosi fan tutte, Ariadne auf Naxos and A Little Night Music, will sing the role of the coquettish Musetta.
Administrative Professionals from Pinellas County will be honored and the Administrative Professional of the Year will be named. Catch up with friends while playing whist, bridge and other games all while helping to benefit programs at St.

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