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Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. Installing a ceiling fan is an easy DIY project, provided you follow manufacturer instructions.
Note: this project is designed for installing a ceiling fan where an overhead light fixture already exists. If you’re not using a brace bar, measure the distance between the ceiling joists, and cut a piece of 2″ ? 8? framing lumber to span the distance, and secure with screws. I have a ceiling fan i'm trying to wire to get the light and fan to work separatly on diff switches. If you want to wire this up for the fan and light work separatly you will need to run a 3 wire between the fan box and your switch. OP says all he has to work with is 12-2, So run 2 pieces of 12- 2 from the fan box to the switch box.
I was not paying attention when I removed the current light fixture that was installed - except I do know that the black wire was not being used. That being said, I have two switches in which I was told when we moved in was ceiling fan-ready. Figure which wire goes to which switch then connect the appropriate one to the blue you want to control the light and the other to the fan. If I'm reading your first post right, Tie the red to the blue , keep the black to the black, white to white and you should be set. If this is the case the fan should be connected as follows: Tie both bare wires together with the green from the fan, tie the fan blue wire to the lone red wire, the fan black wire to the lone black wire (NOT the black wire tied to the white wire) and the fan white to the lone white wire (NOT the white that is connected to the black). What made me think it is the way I described is that the OP says there is a black and a white together at the fan box! Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

It helps circulate cool air in the warm summer months, but can also help push heated air back down in the winter, making the temperature feel warmer and allow you to dial down the thermostat. Turn off the electricity at the breaker box, then carefully remove the old light fixture and it’s ceiling box with a screwdriver.
Following the instructions on the brace bar, position it perpendicular to ceiling joistsand twist the outer bar until it locks into the foot. Carefully pull the wires through the knockout hole in the receptacle box, and attach the fan’s mounting bracket with the hardware included. Lastly, if necessary follow the instructions for wiring the lighting kit: white to white, and blue to black. Do a final check to make certain everything is secure and turn the power back on at the breaker. On this 3 wire you would put the hot onto the white and then this would feed both of your switches. Connect at the fan box the 2 whites to the hot supply (mark to show as hot as other posters have stated). Twin and earth wiring is required for all installations except those using a double wall control.
However, If in doubt with any part of the installation procedure then please contact a qualified electrician. It’s also the perfect weekend project for a homeowner, since you can accomplish the task in a few hours and enjoy the investment immediately. The blades need to be at least 18-24? from all walls, and be a minimum of 7? from the floor, and 10? from the ceiling. Make sure the wiring is in good condition and consult an electrician to replace if necessary. Attach the fan’s down rod with the ball end towards the ceiling, and secure (usually with an included cotter pin).

Secure the wires with connectors or electrical tape and tuck the wires into the switch housing.
Coming back from your switches you would put the black and red and this would give you two hots that are switched in the fan box.
Connect a black to the fan motor (usually black), connect the other black to the light kit (usually blue). He capped off the red therefore without seeing it , his statements indicate he has power coning to the switch box through a 2 wire black and white, the three wire is going from the switch box to the fan box. Choose a 36? fan if your room is less than 12? square, 42? if the room is between 144? and 256? square, and 52? if the room is more than 15?15? square.
If you have access from the attic above you can install the box to additional framing between joists.
Making sure the hole is between two ceiling joists, trace the outline of the ceiling box onto the ceiling and cut out the shape with a keyhole saw. Next, connect the fan’s wires to the circuit wires: white to white, black to black, and the grounding wire to the green lead wire of the fan or a grounding screw.
How many wires do i need to run to the switch box, then how should everything be wired to work separatly.
He never stated he changed anything in the switch box only at the light , So therefore in the light box he tied the black and blue wires from the fan to the black of the three-wire and capped off the red.
This will screw into the joists, and the ceiling box and fan will hang from the newly added support.

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