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HR and Recruiters: Be a part of history & take our behavioral survey to help us understand "Who is HR?" clicking here. There is certainly enough chatter about the potential of Facebook acquiring LinkedIn online. While I agree with Craig that the sign-on option is not necessarily a tell, I think there would be repercussions. And would they drive the lawn mower straight through the walled garden between professional and personal? This might simply be a strategy for LinkedIn to pull as many Facebook users as possible before Facebook becomes a serious competitor in the professional space.
Social games industry leader Zynga has gotten a lot of heat for making money indirectly through lead-generation scams. Industry leader Zynga has gotten so much heat over allowing these types of advertisers into its games that that over the weekend, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus shut-down in-game offers in his company's games entirely. But Zynga is not the only social games maker benefiting from unsavory lead-generation offer scams. Facebook is also starting to make lots of money from social games makers like Friends For Sale buying ads to market their latest games. Are tech bosses looking for privacy or is this new breed of celebrity rewriting the high-end real estate playbook? Zuckerberg made headlines last fall when he reportedly spent $30 million to purchase four of his neighbors’ homes.
Two weeks later, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer reportedly bought a funeral home near her residence, with the Daily Mail proclaiming, “Yahoo!
While this tech titan home-buying spree was newsworthy in its own right, buying up neighbors’ homes is not a new phenomenon. Eric Boyenga says it’s the same for high-profile tech execs, who are increasingly becoming household names. Younger tech company execs — including 29-year-old Zuckerberg — are drawn to the vibrant culture in Palo Alto. Zuckerberg purchased three homes behind him and the one next door in his Palo Alto neighborhood. He says most people who move to Palo Alto want to keep the neighborhood the way it is, and tech entrepreneurs are no exception. Because Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are drawn to historic neighborhoods such as Old Palo Alto and Crescent Park, they’re subject to a competitive market.

And, unlike celebs who buy sprawling Beverly Glen estates or Manhattan penthouses spanning multiple floors, execs living in the Valley don’t always have the choice to buy a bigger home.
But when tech titans buy neighboring properties, it instantly raises questions about what they’re going to do with the lot and how it will impact the neighborhood. He’s skeptical that Mayer can drastically change the property, even if she wants to, because of building restrictions.
At the end of the day, whether celebrity or tech titan, it’s about finding a place to call home. Catherine Sherman, a real estate writer for Zillow Blog, covers real estate news, industry trends and home design. Given the lack of any significant differences in social behaviors in studies comparing Christians and non-believers, I have serious doubt that there will be greater loyalty when it comes to the pocketbook. If anyone knows of a study, or has any suggestions where I might find one, please let me know in the comments below or shoot me an email. April 11, 2015 By Kristi Shmyr Leave a Comment I often get questions about the benefits of organics. There are reasons other than the nutrition alone to chose foods free from certain chemicals. Whether or not you go organic, one thing I would implore is for you to find a local producer of meat and animal products that humanely raises and produces their products, and support them. Whenever you are sad think about how your favorite bands are there for you; they just want to see their fans happy. I have nothing to really substantiate beyond a gut reaction to something I stumbled across just now. If signing up for a Linkedin account with a Facebook account is nothing new and has been going on for years, then ignore all of the above. Now if FB spent $1B on Instagram, which was making no money, how much would they need to spend on a cash machine like Linkedin? Not only were the homes not on the market, but Facebook’s chairman and chief executive officer turned around and leased them back to their original owners. From Brad Pitt to Reese Witherspoon, celebs long have been known for making multiple real estate moves in their neighborhoods. For instance, when Zuckerberg began buying additional homes in his neighborhood in December 2012, it was because he reportedly learned of a developer’s plans to capitalize on his residence in the area. For this reason, Boyenga says most people tend to use neighboring property as a place to have friends come and visit.

If this is your first time signing up, you will soon receive an email asking you to confirm your choice to subscribe. I pointed out some of the issues that may arise when one chooses to do so.  Now, I want to know if making that choice translates into more business. You’ve probably heard that they released a meta-analysis of some research on the nutritive value of organic versus non-organic foods. A lot of the fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides used in commercial growing are not good for you or for the environment. This will help you decide where to put your money, and where you don’t need to bother.
By making Friends For Sale a verified app, Facebook is making it easier for Facebook users to get themselves scammed. The question is whether tech titans have the same motives as Hollywood stars or if this new breed of celebrity is rewriting the high-end real estate playbook. And that the conclusion was that organic produce is NOT more nutritious (high in nutrients) than non-organic produce. There have been a lot of advancements in our industry that are due to dedicated chemists working on innovative solutions to complex problems. LinkedIn would give them a strong foothold on the professional side as well, making them (even more) omnipresent online.
In fact, some of the studies included in the meta-analysis suggest organic food is LESS nutrient-rich. The fact that organic food fared as well as it did is a testament to the hard work that those growers put in. But lessening the impact of certain toxic chemicals  and (especially) the overuse of antibiotics has very little downside. See for yourself – ethical farms will let you tour their space and see how the animals are treated for yourself. And the widespread use of antibiotics in agriculture is, without a doubt, going to have devastating consequences to our health in the future if we don’t curtail its use.
Yes, they make me nervous too, but not all fears are rational or supported by objective data.

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