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Remember the photo-realistic virtual Kitchen Makeover Tool we found on Kitchen Tune-Up’s site and tried before? Once you are happy with your virtual kitchen, make a copy of your finished image to upload with your Challenge entry. Type a brief description (one or two paragraphs) of WHY this is the perfect kitchen for you.
Upload your photo and paste your description into the Challenge Entry form here; submit your entry by Wednesday, July 22 to be eligible for the $100 prize. I’m re-tiling my kitchen floor so I matched up everything to my existing colors (my layout is practically the same as the one on see it your way.
I won’t have my own home for a while, (not until my husband finishes pharmacy school) so this was a fun way to envision my dream kitchen.
Personally, I feel this kitchen conjures up an image of a classic cottage kitchen by the seashore. The teal color mimics the cool, tranquil sea and the wooden butcher block counters represents driftwood atop the foamy waves. I wasn’t going to get a wood floor in the kitchen, but the look is growing on me, especially if I can get one that has some time of border like the one shown as that will give the floor more life and bring out the reddish tones of the tiles on the wall. I have always wanted to design my kitchen the way I want, but it gets a bit tough when you can’t see it in front of you.
The almost monochromatic color scheme of this kitchen, with an unexpected pop of my favorite color in the island countertop, makes me happy to imagine.
I was born and bred in Texas which might explain why my look is way different than most of the others. I like the natural colors of the kichen along with the chandelier look and the barstools I chose.
Mary, Diane and Laura, I always liked an island with a different finish than the rest of the cabinetry. Laura, I went over to your site (fun artwork!) and agree that this may not offer all you desire yet. Yes, we are now in talks with several manufacturers who sell various items in the kitchen, and who want to add their merchandise to our database.
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In deze landelijke badkamer werd het raamwerk in dezelfde kleur geverfd als de lambriseringen.

We’re going to have a blast designing kitchens and someone is going to win a hundred bucks! It was so much fun and so helpful to her that Design Junkie Heather McHale suggested we run a challenge using a similar tool. Challenge Results post I’ll list the top vote-getter who wins the Challenge and the $100. It also licenses the technology to businesses like kitchen designers, remodeling companies and retailers. The red in the backsplash, counter, oven, floor trim, lights, valance and tabletop accessories touch off beautifully with the black and white overall look. I spent 2 hours going through evryone of my favorite combinations, and came up with this beauty.
I can just imagine the smell of salt water intertwined with that of fresh rosemary and lavendar wafting throughout the house. I chose the back splash tile because it reminded me of sea glass I’ve found on the beach and the valence and shade remind me of the sails furled over small boats, lazily drifting under the warm sun. Nothing extra, nothing cluttering up my counters, and most important – I need lots of sun. Then you need to sit there with swatches and samples and hope it will match when it is all put together. The chicken wire in the cabinet, and bead board texture of the island keeps the cream color everywhere from being boring. The modern black and stainless steel is an extremely luxurious look, yet it is a very practical kitchen. It’s a cutting edge tool for the consumer with a large choice of retail kitchen products, but not yet the complete artful (like lots of wall color choices) and cottage-style choices. Your site looks very informative and looks like a great place for designers to get together and exchange tips, ideas, and discuss the latest trends. We should be adding a huge amount of items in the near future, and they will encompass the full spectrum of tastes and styles. Indien je de website wil zien zoals deze bedoeld is, kan je beter een nieuwe versie downloaden of een degelijke browser zoals Google Chrome installeren.
In elke doe-het-zelf-zaak of badkamerwinkel vind je tegenwoordig wel enkele cottage badkamermeubels terug. Het wordt doorgaan vervaardigd uit houten planken of panelen maar ook tegels zijn mogelijk.

Zo wordt er meestal gebruik gemaakt van aardetinten en zandkleuren in combinatie met off-white. Via onze offertepagina kan je vrijblijvend prijzen aanvragen voor parket, badkamers, keukens, gordijnen, renovatiewerken, interieuradvies, isolatiewerken en zoveel meer.
My husband went for the black and macho look, and my 2 daughter’s each had their own top pick.
I love hardwood to stand on when working, and I thought the bright granite of the island would be fun to eat on for the family. Usability with a microwave, dishwasher and island for baking is number one in a kitchen, if you like to get lots of things done at once. Savvy designers and homeowners are flocking to places like Kitchen Tune-Up, where our technology allows kitchen renovators to easily express their unique style, without all the guesswork.
Niet onterecht want de zachte kleuren en ambachtelijke vormen van de landelijke stijl zorgen ervoor dat je van deze kille plek toch een warm nestje kan maken. Houten lambriseringen worden geverfd in een off-white tint om zo het landelijke gevoel te versterken. Bij een landelijk interieur staat elk meubel op zich dus het maakt niet uit als je kasten uit andere collecties komen. I would be 100% happy with it if i could get rid of the green plants above the upper cabniets though. In dit artikel kom je te weten hoe je bestaande en nieuwe badkamers een landelijke uitstraling kan geven.
Dit laat een steriele en kille indruk na, wat niet de bedoeling is bij een landelijke badkamer. Not just Apply and Remove.) All in all, this is the look I want and I hope you voters out there all agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dit maakt je landelijke badkamer niet alleen goedkoper maar zorgt ook voor een unieke toets.
Oud sanitair zoals het toilet en het bad kan je ook laten herlakken zodat ze er weer als nieuw uitzien.

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