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At InsideSeen we’re welcoming spring with open arms and plenty of new interior design ideas, inspirations, and general designs! Peacock Toile Fabric in Cerulean Blue, Tuilleries Upholstery Fabric, Biscayne Upholstery in Bluestone, Shiga Fabric in Aqua, Mod Upholstery in Glass, Lucas Upholstery in Indigo, and Linen Sheer Vertical Stripe Drapery in Periwinkle. As the daughter of an interior designer, Brianna Smyk has spent a lifetime cultivating a knowledge of and appreciation for the art of interior design. Rebekah studied Apparel Design in Seattle and now lives with her family in the pretty German city Munster. It’s time to introduce our first fabric designer for the American manufacturer Timeless Treasures.
Artist, fabric designer, illustrator, sewer, mother, woman – those are just a couple of the terms the New York City based designer Hoodie uses to describe herself. Since we started selling organic fabrics from birch, Dan Stiles’ designs are present in our shop. He is currently working on a new fabric line for birch called Marine Too, but has also just finished his first children’s book as well as several book covers and posters. With a background in fine art, Melody has done everything from study industrial design, to work as a makeup artist and, later, as graphic designer and marketing maven. Melody Miller lives with her family in Atlanta, USA, where she develops her fabulous retro designs. Her love for flea markets and vintage designs totally shows in her collections. We currently carry Melody Miller fabrics from her Ruby Star Vinyl Spring collection, all the fabrics we had from her earlier lines Ruby Star Shining and Ruby Star Rising already sold out completely. The fabric bundle consists of 8 fat quarters with designs mainly from the Urban Zoologie collection. Winners will be chosen through, so the more entries you have, the more chances of winning! Today the stage belongs to the first male fabric designer, who we introduce in our blog series: Caleb Gray. Currently Caleb is debuting a travel fabric collection with Robert Kaufman called “Out N’About”, which will be released this October. Creating the patterns of planes, luggage, campers, and cameras really took him back to long road trips as a kid!
Besides on fabrics Caleb’s work can be seen internationally on stationery, gift products, calendars and home decor as well.
Besides designing for Michael Miller Patty also wrote a sewing book and is the lead designer of MODKID LLC, a company she owns and operates with her husband.
Inkjet Designs is the name of Marie Perkins’ design studio who is a freelance designer based in England. Enter your email address to subscribe to our blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

On the tag of a home decor fabric, you may see a number of double rubs listed as a measure of the fabric’s durability (see the photo below for an example). While fabrics with lower double rub ratings may be fine for most residential uses and draperies, heavy duty use and commercial projects require the use of more durable fabrics. Armed with just a bit of background knowledge, you can make an informed choice about the durability of the fabric you select for your home. With a keen eye and discerning aesthetic, Brianna works to bring you the best dispatches from the design world. They recently welcomed a new family member, a couple of weeks ago Rebekah gave birth to her daughter Luna Marie. Not only is Dan Stiles the first fabric designer in our series who designs for the organic fabric label birch, but also one with an extremely colourful biography. He is moving into his third year of working with organic fabric label and has launched a variety of collections with them already. Jane Shasky finds her inspiration in the beauty outdoors and transfers this onto her fabric designs for Robert Kaufman. She paints beautifully detailed watercolors celebrating the verdant flowers, plant and bird-life she observes around her home in the USA. If you want to know more about her work or want to see astonishing photographs of nature, visit Jane Shasky’s blog.
She has a traditional background studying painting and fiber arts, followed by textile design classes.
She also works as an illustrator and does a lot of work for children’s publishing and the stationery market.
The designer was artistic from a young age already, whether coloring with his crayons on the wall or on paper and so it was kind of a logical consequence that he got a Fine Art degree as an adult. They all have bright colours and fun designs, which are quite typical for Caleb’s style. Today it’s the turn of successful designer Patty Young, who is a licensed textile designer for Michael Miller.
She grew up in San Jose, Costa Rica, and later moved to the United States where she got her university degree in Graphic Design and Photography. They specialize in high quality boutique-style sewing patterns which include children’s clothes, doll outfits, purses and other assorted accessories and home furnishings.
This week we go to England and meet Marie Perkins, who runs a design studio named Inkjet Designs. Marie definitely leaves her unique handwriting in all the fabric designs, which are colourful and simple.

Between 1994 and 2000 she was already working as a freelance designer for Timeless Treasures, licensed Hoodie’s line with that manufacturer were released in the last two years.
We mainly carry Dan Stiles fabrics from the Mod Quad collection, but will shortly receive lots of designs from his Safari Soiree line. Her love of nature can be seen on calendars, greeting cards, home decor, scrapbooking and fabrics of course. At the beginning of her career she even started out painting all of her designs in gouache before she switched to working digitally. Melody taught herself how to sew and and started her own business sewing custom window panels. So one of you guys has the opportunity to win a beautiful fabric bundle with some of her coolest Robert Kaufman designs. In his career he passed stations like The Disney Animation Studios, which provided him with an excellent foundation in character design and expression.
She has done quite a few collections for Robert Kaufman already where she is know as Print & Pattern.
And she seems to like lions very much, they are the main characters of two collections already. She has been working for Robert Kaufman for more than 3 years and created lots of beautiful designs with flowers or fruit. Since 2010 she has been designing for the Japanese fabric manufacturer Kokka and has released a spring and fall collection each year since. In 2009 he started designing fabrics for Robert Kaufman and still fully enjoys his work for the company. This is the name of her blog and also a book series, in which she celebrates the world of surface pattern design by introducing the work and bios of many designers. Nowadays she mostly designs for Timeless Treasures and is also an art director for Newcastle Fabrics since 2012.
Caleb has developed a modern style with a fun, retro vibe, which really shows in his collections. Of course, I’m a huge fan of mid-century modern design, but inspiration can also be as random as a kooky cartoon, unique color combination, crisp classic movie dialog, or modern music video imagery.
I have several travel inspired collections, like Andalucia, Mezzanine and Heaven & Helsinki.

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