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Hanging your ceiling fan at the appropriate height ensures that friends and family members won’t hit their heads on low hanging ceiling fans. The right size ceiling fan will do more than just keep you cool, it can also save you money.
Selecting the right size ceiling fan for your room secures the fan's performance and longevity as well as the comfort and safety of the room occupants. When installing a ceiling fan near a hanging light fixture, allow for a minimum distance of 39 inches between the fan blades and the light fixture.
If you are unsure of which blade span to choose, see our room size and recommended fan size table above.
However, if you want to install two ceiling fans, we recommend choosing two fans designed for half of the room size.
Barbara Hedrick I need a fan in my hallway for air circulation in summer and to bring down the heat from the ceiling in winter. Donna Allbritton Furr I am getting ready to put ceiling fans on screened porch - dimensions 35' x 15' - should I have 2 or 3 fans? Vincent Rutt Setting aside the odd need to put a ceiling fan in a hallway, I suggest mounting it to the long wall and bring some added Indiana Jonesesque excitement to those less than sober walks to the bedroom. Melinda Sadat Del Mar Fans & Lighting What would you recommend if I place 2 fans instead - which would be my preference.
Del Mar Fans & Lighting Melinda Sadat , if you'd like to install two ceiling fans, we recommend two 44 to 50 inch ceiling fans. Olivia Gaddini What size ceiling fan do you recommend for an outdoor covered patio, of 112 square feet, with a 9 ft. Ron Mull I currently have a 54" ceiling fan that is positioned to one side of a 225 sq ft bedroom.
Del Mar Fans & Lighting The recommended minimum distance between the fan blades and the floor is 7 feet. Kathy Hartmann We just added a covered deck, measuring about 16X30, with cathedral ceiling.
Lindsay Farley Gettinger We are trying to determine the size and number of fans to put in an old New England church ceiling.
There are a few different ways the ceiling fans could be laid out and a few different types of ceiling fans that could be used.
It sounds like you have a great plan of what you would like to see cooling your guests on your deck.
For a living room of that size you would want to go with a fan larger than 60" to maximize efficient airflow so you get the most out of your fan. Although the amount of air a ceiling fan moves is most important(CFM) you a0re correct a 72" would be ideal. Del Mar Fans & Lighting Hi Melody, Due to the size of the room I'd recommend using a 52" ceiling fan.
A ceiling fan installation will help keep your room cooler during the warm months and warmer during the cooler months. If you need to circulate air in your home, summer or winter, installing a ceiling fan may work for you. To get started on your ceiling fan installation gather the tools and hardware needed (see below in "Things You'll Need). Install the u-bolt over the brace bar as well as through the bottom of fixture box and adapter plate. While this may sound like an ancient proverb, choosing the right size ceiling fan ensures maximum performance, style, and above all – comfort.
It also guarantees that they'll be able to feel the airflow the fan produces since fans cool people, not rooms.
Ceiling fans only cost pennies to run compared to air conditioners, allowing you to increase the temperature on your thermostat and save money on your monthly electric bill.

A small ceiling fan in a large room will have to work twice as hard to cool you off, which will result in the motor burning out quickly. We suggest purchasing a shorter blade set from the same manufacturer as your ceiling fan to ensure compatibility and proper distance from the walls. A ceiling fan with a minimum blade span of 56 inches and a CFM rating of 5500 or higher is sufficient for a 23' x 17' room (or 390 square feet). A ceiling fan with a blade span of 60 inches and a CFM rating of 6999 or higher is sufficient for a 15’x25’ (or 375 square feet) room. Your covered patio is roughly 250 square feet, so we recommend selecting a ceiling fan with a 52-inch to 54-inch blade span.
Knowing the length and width of the hallway would help us calculate the square footage of the space and help us determine which ceiling fan size is the best fit. For a 75-square-foot hallway, we recommend one or two ceiling fans with 28-inch blade spans.
For a 525-foot screened porch, we recommend a damp rated ceiling fan with a 72-inch blade span or greater. In the article above, you mention a recommended clearance of 18 inches between the blade and any surrounding wall.
For child safety, I would keep a minimum of 5 inches of clearance between moving parts and wee fingers. Based on your ceiling height, you could utilize a hugger fan application or a standard fan application with a short downrod; however, we recommend a standard fan application because hugger fans, although practical, do not move as much air. For a 360-square-foot-room, we recommend a ceiling fan with a blade span ranging from 68 inches to 72 inches. For a 441-square-foot space, we recommend a ceiling fan with a 72-inch blade span or greater. For a 330-square-foot space with a 10-foot ceiling, we recommend a ceiling fan with a 72-inch blade span with a 12-inch downrod. Since the roof is slanted on either side, do I still need to follow the rule of keeping the blades 18" off the wall (or, ceiling, in this case)? For your 640-square-foot breezeway, we recommend a 52-inch to 54-inch damp rated ceiling fan. We recommend 18 inches distance as a guide, but we understand that rooms come in many unique shapes. For a 340-foot great room, we recommend a ceiling with at least a 72-inch blade span and an extended downrod that allows the fan blades to hang 7 - 8 feet from the floor. For a 255-square-foot family room, we recommend a ceiling fan with a 50 to 52-inch blade span. For a 112-square-foot covered patio, we recommend a damp rated ceiling fan with at a 42-inch blade span and a 6-in downrod.
How effective would a 52 inch fan be for the living area if installed in the middle of the living area.
For your space, we recommend a ceiling fan with a 42-inch to 44-inch blade span that suited for a 196 square foot room. We have a 272 sq ft outdoor covered patio and based on past experience sitting on a covered patio in July, we know one large fan won't be enough.
The width of a ceiling fan's blades will not necessarily make a difference in the breeze the fan produces. Since the room size is considerably larger, we would recommend a 62 inch or larger ceiling fan. With the exposure to the elements it would be safest to use a UL wet rated ceiling fan, although a damp rating should be fine as well.
I plugged in my dimensions for my room and 72" was the recommended width for the fan. Considering that all ceiling fans have lots of screws for hanging bracket, motor, blade clip etc, it would be easy for some to not tighten enough during installation or become loose after a period of time.

Attach the black wires together, attach the white wires together, and attach the bare wire to the green wire (ground). She likes reviewing new edits for accuracy and helpfulness and fixing grammatical errors through the Spellchecker.
There should be a 7-foot minimum distance between your ceiling fan’s blades and the floor. A 3 or 4 foot downrod will help as well, unless you have an exposed second floor, then a 18” or 2 foot downrod would be best. We also recommend an extension downrod that allows the fan blades to hang at least 7 feet from the ground. Please keep in mind that the recommended distance between a ceiling and the fan blades is 8 to 10 inches, which is greater than the clearance between the ceiling and canopy. Our big living room is 25 foot x 25 foot, with cathedral ceilings 10 foot high at its highest point.
We recommend installing the fan at least 5 feet from the downlights to prevent a strobe like effect.
We suggest the 42-inch Hunter Beacon Hill ceiling fan with WhisperWind® Motor, which delivers powerful air movement with whisper-quiet performance. If your goal is to cool the living space on the right side of the room, you should place the fan on the right side of your vaulted ceiling.
For the downrod, we would recommend a downrod between 60-72" depending on the height of your fan. As long as you're not having any problems & it's keeping you cool in the summer, it should be fine. This can be due to a variety of factors (not installed properly, not having a quiet motor to begin with…etc). Check out the Minka-Aire Concept Collection, Emerson Midway Eco Collection, and the Minka-Aire Napoli Collection.
96 seems huge, 72 feels about right but I can't appreciate who it will feel being higher up on the ceiling. If you are not sure which breaker to use, then turn off the master breaker to the entire house. If for some reason it does not hold, a metal brace will be needed to be installed between the joists. Secure the fan to the fan box using the mounting bolts and install the canopy to cover the ceiling holes and fixture box. If you have low ceilings, or if you have regular size ceilings and you just happen to be really tall, install a low profile ceiling fan. Unless you like replacing your ceiling fan every few months or feeling as if you’re in a tornado, choose a ceiling fan that is proportionate to the room size. We have down lights so I am not sure a super big fan would work without creating a strobe effect. Using an existing ceiling light fixture for a ceiling fan installation is the easiest method. During winter a ceiling fan operating in reverse helps to circulate the warmer air that collects at the ceiling. In most cases, the canopy of the fan will cover any holes that are drilled into the ceiling. This has to do with air flow in the winter and how to maximize flow to the living area and not the walking area. Next, tighten the screws used to secure the down rod to the mounting ball, the screws for the mounting bracket, and finally, the screws that secure the ceiling box to the ceiling.

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