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Open only a few windows at first when its starts to cool down, then later open more windows. Close window shades and blinds during mid-morning to prevent the sun from heating up home as quickly. In the wintertime you may turn on the system at the warmest time of the day and bring in fresh warmer air to heat the home.
We recommend you start by cooling the area where you are going to be spending the most time for the next few hours.
Begin by opening a window or two in the area you are going to be spending your time and turn on all of your QuietCools at once, for maximum cooling. The breeze will flow through your home and make its way to each QuietCool that you have in operation. As it gets later in the evening, and even cooler outside, you can begin to open windows in other rooms of your home.
Sealing Windows, Doors, and FloorsUnlike major appliance upgrades or home renovations, a new and improved seal for your windows, doors, and floors can make your home more energy efficient without requiring a big upfront investment or skilled labor. In extreme climates, you should also consider spending a little more or hiring a professional to make sure you are shutting out the summer heat or winter cold with maximum efficiency.2. Installing Quality InsulationNew insulation may seem like too much of a project for some people, but it really is worth it for everyone.

Modern insulation products work wonders to help your heating and cooling systems operate efficiently. As a bonus, if you re-insulate your home, it offers a great chance to do some spring cleaning in your attic and other storage areas.3. However, the machine could be working overtime, huffing and puffing and racking up costs and environmental impact due to the unchanged filter.4.
Programmed ThermostatA thermostat with programmable times and temperatures is a great investment that will repay you every day thereafter. Once installed, you can set your heat and air conditioning to minimal effort while you are at work. Come Monday morning, it’s nice to run out the door to work without having to adjust the thermostat. The fact is, timed thermostats help you save your own energy as well as maintaining reasonable energy costs for your home.5.
Green Your AppliancesLaundry might be the best place to start for improving your appliances’ efficiency. If you have been hesitant about CFLs, consider placing just a few around the house at first and use them with more transparent lampshades. Use other bulbs for reading and computer usage if you wish, but most lighting should be coming from CFLs.Otherwise, any appliances you can replace with more efficient ones will pay off in the long run.

Start with your oldest, least efficient machine and go from there.Published on behalf of Ms. She has researched everything from the newest solar panel technologies to the advantages of installing solar panels in Perth, Australia.A post by Kidal Delonix (1506 Posts)Kidal Delonix is author at LeraBlog. Chief editor and author at LERAblog, writing useful articles and HOW TOs on various topics. Particularly interested in topics such as Internet, advertising, SEO, web development and business.Do you like this post?
Unfortunately, this welcome change in weather can soon become as nuisance when temperatures skyrocket. If you have an old, inefficient air conditioner or an old, drafty house, it can really wreak havoc on your finances.

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