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Shop our Emerson Commercial Ceiling Fans for contemporary fans for your commerical property, office, or business from LightingDirect Shop CSN Lighting for Outdoor Ceiling Fans to match every style and budget. Select commercial-grade down draft ceiling fans and outdoor ceiling fans that are ideal for the shop or garage at Northern Tool + Equipment. These commercial grade ceiling fans are designed for commercial applications such as classrooms, offices, retail stores, restaurants, etc. Commercial Fans – 422 results like the FlowPro Commercial Cooler Fan, TPI CF-18 18 Inch Commercial Floor Fan, Envirofan 48C-9 Silver Line White Ceiling Fan, Lot 12 Commercial Ceiling Lights.
Browse the largest selection of Outdoor Ceiling Fans in a wide variety of Lights Portable Work Lights Commercial Fans Commercial of exterior fans, Compare prices, view store ratings, and read reviews on Exterior ceiling fans Fans before you buy. We will send your comments, along with a link to this page, to the appropriate project members. The science of commercial kitchen ventilation includes both exhausting air as well as providing replacement air within the cooking area. Overall design, construction, installation coordination, and maintenance are required to get optimum performance and an energy-efficient air balance from the system. SMACNA, through its technical manuals, provides the information and drawings to illustrate the elements of construction and installation of commercial kitchen ventilation systems. A typical kitchen ventilation system includes an exhaust hood or canopy, ductwork, fan system, and a means of providing adequate make-up air.
Exhaust hoods and canopies capture heat and contaminates in the air by means of filters, extraction baffles (cartridges), and water mist systems. Type I hoods carry a listing label and are manufactured and installed according to the manufacturer's and listing agencies' requirements. Type II hoods are used in the collection of steam, vapor, heat, and odors—but not grease. Exhaust ductwork provides the means to transfer contaminated air, cooking heat, and grease vapors from the hood to the fan.
Ducts accumulate combustible grease and should be constructed from 16- steel or 18-gage stainless steel as per code requirements.
The ducts must me securely supported by non-combustible duct bracing and supports designed to carry the gravity and seismic loads as per code requirements, no fasteners should penetrate the duct. The duct is often run inside a shaft enclosure and that enclosure is typically constructed of gypsum board, plaster, concrete, or ceramic tiles and must be an approved continuous fire-rated enclosure. Up-blast fans are typically aluminum centrifugals that are designed for roof mounting directly on top of the exhaust stack. Utility fans are normally roof-mounted with the inlet and outlet 90 degrees from each other and are typically used where high-static pressure losses exist. Inline fans are typically located in the interior duct and are used where exterior fan mounting is impractical. In order for the exhaust system to work properly, make-up air is required to replace air equal to the amount removed. To better understand why a kitchen ventilation system needs to be designed and constructed in a very specific manner, the principles behind air movement must be understood. Make-up or, supply air must be provided in approximately equal amounts to replace the kitchen air being exhausted. The safety and design requirements of both commercial kitchen exhaust and make-up air systems require that a group of key players have sufficient knowledge of the subject to coordinate the entire process from design to operation. The architect is responsible for the commercial restaurant's design including fire-resistive walls, floor-to-ceiling assemblies, roof-ceiling assemblies, and the protection of openings as well as the horizontal and vertical smoke barriers. Contractors must have access to and be able to use manuals and design procedures in order to fully comply with design objectives and specifications established by the kitchen ventilation system designer. Local code authorities must be capable of judging adequacy and comparability in the installation of commercial kitchen ventilation systems and its components and assemblies. The engineer or system designer is responsible for knowing where ducts, pipes, and other conduits pass through required fire-rated separations or smoke barriers. To coordinate all requirements, designers must possess all necessary information on barrier locations, occupancy assignments, protection planning, rating, and identification of compartments and structural components.
Local codes are generally adopted from either the International Mechanical Code (IMC) or the National Fire Protection Association Standard # 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations (NFPA #96) or a combination of the two with particular local issues of concern included. Certain government agencies such as the General Services Administration (GSA), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the U.S. In some instances, the insurance companies that underwrite the building have recommendations or standards from the American Insurance Association (AIA). Planners and designers need to identify and consult the local authority having jurisdiction and local governing codes prior to designing a kitchen ventilation system.
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)—ASHRAE seeks to advance the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration, and related human factors to serve the evolving needs of the public and its ASHRAE members. International Code Council (ICC)—ICC's mission is to promulgate a comprehensive and compatible regulatory system for the built environment, through consistent performance-based regulations that are effective, efficient, and meet government, industry, and public needs. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)—The mission of the international nonprofit NFPA is to reduce the worldwide burden of fire and other hazards on the quality of life by providing and advocating scientifically-based consensus codes and standards, research, training, and education.
NSF International—NSF International is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization and is the world leader in standards development, product certification, education, and risk-management for public health and safety. Sheet Metal and Air-Conditioning Contractor's National Association (SMACNA)—Located in headquarters outside Washington, DC, SMACNA, an international association of union contractors, has 1,965 members in 98 chapters throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and Brazil. SMACNA has a produced a manual, Kitchen Ventilation Systems and Food Service Equipment Fabrication and Installation Guidelines, that provides specific design and construction guidance for commercial kitchens. Sheet Metal Workers' International Association (SMWIA)—SMWIA represents 150,000 skilled crafts persons in the unionized sheet metal industry throughout the United States and Canada. Rubber flooring is today considered to be one of the perfect flooring options for various areas of the house like the kids play rooms, basements, garages, home gyms, work out rooms and other such areas where there are more chances of rough handling of the floors.
One of the basic advantages of rubber flooring is that it absorbs sound, which is not the case with other types of flooring like wooden flooring, linoleum, carpet flooring etc. Another advantage of rubber flooring is that when you fall on the floor, there is little chance of getting hurt.
One main reason of using rubber flooring in a home, specially is a kid’s room is that it is very safe.
Please match up the shutter as close as possible to the overall size or rough opening size. Enhancing homes where interior residential lighting and exterior outdoor landscape lighting coexist in simple, yet elegant harmony. Lutron maestro dimmer controls, dimming lights from both ends of the switch leg & remote dimmer control accessories. Can you install two dimmers, one each on opposite entries to a room, for one set of lights? Lutron dimmer controls, hooking up three way switches, locating travelers in a three way system.
Hi We have a chandelier with a switch at the bottom of the stairs and at the top of the stairs. We are considering the Fantech line of remote exhaust fans as well as a Panasonic Exhaust fan.

Motion detectors, motion switch, occupancy sensing device & using motion sensors of area fans. Outdoor horse arena, rodeo arena, equestrian riding facility & riding horses at night with lights. We have completed the 200 ft x 120 ft outdoor riding arena and would like recommendations for the lighting fixtures needed. Framburg Liebestraum chandelier, crystal chandelier & framburg lighting fixtures made in the USA. Speaker, outdoor speakers, rock speaker, outdoor subwoofer, sound garden & outdoor sound systems. Christmas lights, lighted snoopy, charlie brown yard art, holiday decorations, discount Christmas lighting, pre-lit trees & holiday supplies. I am one of those people who waited way too late in the season to order Christmas lights for my home. Framburg lighting fixtures, crystal chandelier, ceiling light, sconce wall & American made lighting fixtures. Fluorescent light, fixture fluorescent light, commercial light fixture, office lighting & fluorescent lighting for offices. We are in the process of remodeling a commercial office building that has 2' x 4' lay-in and 2' x 2' acoustical ceiling tiles.
Residential Landscape Lighting & Design is moving to a new headquarters effective February 13, 2006.
Tennis court lighting, court lighting tennis, tennis court light, sports court, metal halide bulb & metal halide ballast. I am now responsible for maintenance at a large tennis club and need some help with replacement light bulbs. Jamb switches, closet light switch for doors, door jamb switches & switches for closets and utility room doors. I installed a door jamb switch and it only works intermittently with a fluorescent light in my pantry. Halo light trims, lighting fixtures by halo, halo from cooper & recessed housings and light trims.
I want to update my light fixtures in my home and that can be a little expensive when you''re wanting them all replaced. Designer lighting, lighting manufacturers, lighting company, lighting supplier & discount lighting store. I am looking for a reliable internet lighting source that has a wide selection of name brand products for both interior and exterior lighting applications.
Art lighting, accent lighting fixtures, projectors for lighting art, picture lights & fine art lighting.
Driveway lighting, path light, area lighting fixtures, step light, walkway light fixture & ground mounted lighting fixtures. Reading light, adjustable reading light, gooseneck reading light, low voltage light for reading & halogen reading light fixtures.
Shop a wide variety of ceiling fans with lights, ceiling fan blades, fan remotes, ceiling fan parts, downrods and more. Designed for Exterior Doors Windows Interior Doors Door Locks Custom-Cut Keys Ceiling Fans Indoor Lights Light Bulbs Lighting Accessories Build-Your-Own Ceiling Commercial Lamps Shop our wide selection of Commercial Ceiling Fans. Your information will not be kept in our records or used for any other purpose than to send the message.
All exhaust fan components must be accessible or have removable access panels for cleaning and inspection and must be designed to contain and drain any excess grease. Exhaust air is the air that is contaminated by smoke and grease-laden vapor (aerosols) created by the cooking source. The following overview provides a brief description of each team member with a vested interest in the process and suggests criteria necessary to design and install a comprehensive and balanced system that offers efficient operating costs, climatic controls, and satisfies building and fire regulations. In consideration for fire protection, the architects first must determine the overall function of the structure and the type of occupancy of its spaces.
Duct penetrations must be shown on the mechanical plans and designed with an appropriate protection method. Army Corps of Engineers have specific standards or codes that must be accommodated in construction performed for these agencies. The voluntary technical standards and manuals developed by SMACNA Contractors have found worldwide acceptance by the construction community, as well as foreign government agencies.
Rubber flooring may not be a good option for the living room or kitchen, where the looks are equally important. That is why rubber flooring is used in gym room in the home, where there is constant pick up and dropping of weights on the ground. With rubber flooring, there is no tension about slipping and falling when carrying heavy, or dangerous objects in your hands. It resists marking and marring, and it is easy to wipe down using a mild soap and water solution. Many thanks If you use the LUTRON MAESTRO DIMMER CONTROLS you can most certainly dim the lights from both ends. We are considering one of thise 2 choices.Our concerns are noise and backdraft.I hear the Panasonic is quiet, but, does it prevent backdraft as well as the fantech? Our phone numbers will remain the same and only our address will need updating in your records. I want the fan to come on when the horse is in the stall and turn off when she leaves- night and day. We are considering the TRACKKIT02, but are having a hard time determining if should use the 400W or the 1000W set. Since I am new to the area, I am looking for a vendor who can make my job easier and supply the materials I need to accomplish my work. Do you sell only outdoor landscape lighting equipment or can you provide interior lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, wall sconces and other designer lighting as well?Although our name suggests residential landscape lighting, we have many designer lighting products and lighting equipment.
Lighting Supply offers Ceiling Fans, Contemporary, Traditional, Decorative Ceiling Fans for Residential,Commercial,Industrial Needs. This air must be removed from the building in a manner that complies with local codes and ordinances. Most health codes require that an amount of fresh outside air be included in any replacement air calculation to assist in indoor air quality requirements.
The architect is also responsible to design appropriate spaces within the building that are required to be separated by fire-resistive assemblies with protected openings, as set forth in the local building code.
ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, has accredited SMACNA as a standards-setting organization. Aerobics, jumping jacks, Pilate’s workouts, and other things which are used in the gym during morning and evening workouts are all absorbed into the ground. Infact there is no possibility of leg fracture or led sprain if you fall down on rubber flooring.
Flooring that contains recycled rubber is cheaper and more durable than other types of flooring and considered a better choice as far as environmental impact is concerned.

Infact, rubber flooring is also used today in various commercial areas and workplace, specially restaurants, where most jobs require a lot of physical labor and where high traffic is the norm. We want to thank all of our loyal customers for their business and look forward to serving you in the near future.For those who are not familiar with our website, visit our CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS to see what people are saying about us. We ultimately bought black but now want to paint the fixture brown to match the kitchen and dining room track lighting . Of the outdoor speakers you carry, what is your recommendation?If you are planning to install GROUND MOUNTED SPEAKERS I would take a look at the OMNI SPEAKERS and OMNI SUB WOOFER as my first choice. Any help would be appreciated!If you are looking for the FRAMBURG BARONNESS 1145 FIVE-LIGHT CRYSTAL CHANDELIER as shown in the picture, you are in luck.Though dominated by crystal, the filigreed arms, bobeches, and interior components augment the regality of this beautiful Baronness traditional style chandelier.
Do you offer quantity discounts on large quantities?We are happy to discuss with your special pricing on large quantities of fluorescent lighting equipment. If you have flower bed, shrubs or rocks to partial conceal the lights or prevent them from being damaged this is great. Rubber floors reduce the frictional force that promote minor accidents and possibility of slips.
Residential Landscape Lighting & Design is one of the leading internet resellers of NAME BRAND LIGHTING EQUIPMENT. Thanks Sir, I would need to know what size motor you have on the fan to answer your question. You have seen and heard these speakers used in some of the finest resorts, hotels and country clubs that have outdoor spaces or patios. We would need more information such as number of parabolic cells, lamp color and operating voltage to properly quote the project.Our PARABOLIC LIGHT FIXTURES have T8 lamps and electronic ballasts for higher efficiency and light output. Do you have replacement lamps and ballasts and do you offer quantity discounts?We do carry 1000 WATT METAL HALIDE LAMPS for TENNIS COURT LIGHTING FIXTURES.
However, if they are just stuck in the lawn, chances are they will get broken by kids, lawnmowers and people just tripping over them. Chet Bassetti PANASONIC EXHAUST FANS are some of the best made fans and quietest fans on the market. They are also more cost effective to operate than the standard fluorescent lights with T12 lamps.We also carry OUTDOOR COMMERCIAL LIGHTING FIXTURES if your project involves work in the parking lot or parking garage.
It is no coincidence that professional theatrical lighting experience is among our top assets. It's not the switch, it's the light fixture.Incandescent light sources can be turned on and off repeatedly without any problems because they are have a filament inside the lamp and are considered an instantaneous light source.
Not to mention, someone backing over them.You might consider also using a BOLLARD style light fixture that is taller and less likely to get damaged. That means they will sound good anywhere in your back yard.If you are looking for a DIRECTIONAL WEATHERPROOF SPEAKER I would take a look at the OUTDOOR ROCK SPEAKERS and ROCK SUB WOOFER. This was a very busy season for all of us at Residential Landscape Lighting & Design and many Christmas items were depleted early. Residential Landscape Lighting & Design is committed to earning your business and providing you with the right lighting equipment. For years we have applied and mastered the art of Residential Lighting and Landscape Lighting Design. The professional lighting designers at Residential Landscape Lighting & Design are more than help your with a layout should you want to upgrade your tennis court lighting or if you have plans to build more tennis courts in the future.
You can spray your LIGHT TRIMS with high heat paint from an automotive store to freshen them up.
You might want to consider using a PHANTOM CONTOUR PROJECTOR to exactly illuminate your art without spill light on the wall around it. If you are holding competitions or special events you should go with the 1000 watt fixtures. The size is correct for your 8' ceiling height and with the supplied chain you can adjust the mounting height. We plan to increase our allocations, build up inventory and be ready for next Christmas season.
You will find Framburg fixtures in some of the finest residences and institutions in the world. Enhancing homes where interior lighting and exterior lighting coexist in simple, yet elegant harmony. They are gas filled lamps which require a ballast to excite the gas, causing it to light up.
Depending on the type of housing you have in the ceiling, it may be fairly cheap to install new trims. These low voltage framing projectors are high performance instruments and are designed specifically for the illumination of art or sculptures and represent one of the most dramatic ways to showcase your collection on the market today. The wavy and curving stems act as both the arms and carriage of these chandeliers creating an illusion that they are floating instead of hanging. They provide directional sound, so they can be pointed towards your patio and not disturb the neighbors.Confused about outdoor speakers? We sincerely apologize for inconveniences we may have caused you.So most of the CHRISTMAS PRE-LIT TREES will not be in before August.
If you have a basic white can, such as a HALO H7 HOUSING or equivalent the trims are supported by small springs that hold them in place. The unique remodel housing, a first in the industry, is perfect for those retrofit applications that require access from below and semi flush ceiling appearance.
Thanks You will need to use a THREE WAY DIMMER CONTROL to allow for controlling the lights at both ends.
The metal finish on the frame is Mahogany Bronze, the leaf accents are finished in Bronzed Gold Leaf, and the crystal is Austrian. Sorry to give you the bad news.If the ends of your fluorescent lamps are blackened, it is time to change your light bulbs.
HALO LIGHT TRIMS are very inexpensive and can be used in similar housings by other manufacturers.
The transcendence of these organic designs is evidenced by their ability to complement a setting that is informal or formal, transitional or traditional.Framburg is one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers in the USA. See for yourself how the Phantom Contour Projector stacks up against the OTHER ART PROJECTORS on the market.Another way to illuminate your art work is with LOW VOLTAGE RECESSED LIGHTING using two fixtures at oblique angles. Disney has granted Roman Incorporated an exclusive right to market Disney characters such as Snow White, Shriek and others.
Give us a call toll free at 800-239-2939 and let the customer service department at Residential Landscape Lighting & Design help you with your selection.
Use a 20 watt MR16 VNSP lamp and a LUTRON DIMMER CONTROL.You might want to give us a call to double check those dimensions. I would cal an electrician if you are concerned about the wiring.All our LUTRON DIMMER CONTROLS have pdf wiring instructions on the product detail pages that illustrate how to hook them up.

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