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I keep seeing the portable ones that are like a bubble building that look like exactly what I am looking for, but I can not find any pricing or real information on them. Making a tent or enclosure is fine and dandy, but the primary intent of a spray booth is to dilute the concentrate of flammable vapors (via ventilation system), if you intend on just containing them, all you need is the vapors (which are usually heaver than air) to creep along the floor till they find an ignition source. I see the ones on Ebay for about $2000 for the metal ones, I guess they are easy enough to set up and break down, but not quite ideal. One thing to note is the need for proper ventilation, as mentioned by Shadon, or you'll have a big risk of fire.
Note that this setup will certainly would set off alarm bells if it were ever seen by an OSHA inspector, so definitely a good idea to keep it at home.

I have seen a similar set-up in an airplane hangar, made of standard 2x4's and 6 mill sheeting. But I need something, because winter is coming, and painting outside at the house it not going to cut it. The one price I did find was about $6500, which seems like 4 times what I thought they would be.
I thought there would be a cheaper alternative out there somewhere to the $7000 air building, but I am not finding much.
It’s hard to imagine what led Pascal Prokop to install a wood-burning stove in his 1990 Volvo 240 station wagon.

A lot of what I will be doing is kind of my own hobby thing, like recently I painted a set of fender flares for my truck, but had to wait for the perfect weather, almost no breeze, 65 degrees, and has to be a saturday or sunday, so there are no cars around that will get overspray. Prokob built and installed the wood-fired stove himself and got an operating permit from the Swiss technical inspection authority.

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