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After losing a Super Bowl bet to "Extra" correspondent AJ Calloway, Maria Menounos showed off her incredible body in a tiny bikini in the middle of chilly NYC. The good sport went through with her hosting duties alongside AJ and Mario Lopez, surrounded by a crowd of cheering NYC Giants fans. The stars were out in full force at Daily Front Row's Fashion Los Angeles Awards this weekend. Sign up here for exclusive access to all your favorite celebrities and breaking entertainment news! From the moment those bright red lips appeared onscreen and that sliding bass line came up making a musical promise of the emotional rollercoaster to come, I was mesmerized.
Well, how about that!a€? Eleanor and I snarled, giggling, as we walked the long breezeway to math class, garnering strange looks from the other kids.

I bought his album, Read My Lips , and traced a finger over his picture on the LP cover, letting it linger over the curves of his full mouth.
How could I date eighth grade boys when none of them were as beautiful, as arch, as tragic and sexya€”TragiSexya„?a€”as my beloved Frank-N-Furter, I told myself. Ita€™s astonishing to me, looking back now, that they were willing to do this at two oa€™clock in the morning every weekend for nearly a year. It is also astonishing that they allowed us to go to the midnight movie by ourselves at only fourteen.
It was a different time and place, as the saying goes, though arrangements had been made with the theater owner so that we could attend the R-rated flick without a parent present. Ya€™all are cool.a€? We waited, giddy with glam-rock excitement, eager to stake out our spots and shout back our lines, to throw rice and toast on cue, to belong to something that felt bigger and hipper than our carefully circumscribed lives inside the halls of our Jr.

My parents split up and I was introduced to my fathera€™s new life with a new partner named John. Eleanora€™s mother blew out of town with a man we both hated, leaving behind two hurting daughters and drawers full of Avon perfume. And then we were out in the wide green world, ready for our own floor show, and Denton, Texas, was only a flat heat-haze of landscape growing distant in our rearview mirrors.

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