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During my efforts to upgrade my unfinished basement, I wanted an alternative to the typical acoustic tile drop ceiling or drywall ceiling.  Fred told me of his tentative plans to paint his open basement ceiling dark brown. I was hoping that 2? gallons would cover the area, but the open beams and bare wood took almost seven gallons to cover with a light second coat.
Overall, I’m pleased with how bright the basement is, and I like the industrial look!
Subscribe and never miss an article!Free articles delivered conveniently to your inbox(and no spam, we promise)Enjoy this? Now, I don’t know what officially constitutes converting a basement to living space, but I would guess it has to do with how a house is marketed.
Aside from that, electrical wires will get yellow lightning bolt tags, phone lines will be tagged with little soundwave tags. As for the top of the ceiling, crown molding is certainly an option, or some other type of molding. I will say that we ultimately decided against this plan, even though Chuck is very happy with it. I was planning on doing the same thing and found this site when looking for spray painters. Instead of crown molding, I playnto put guttering around the top with lights running inside the guttering for indirect accent lights. If I wanted to paint the pipes another type of paint to prevent peeling what’s the safest paint to use?
I have two small children that would be using the basement a lot so I want to make sure it’s safe and looks nice. I was going to go for a black ceiling, but after looking at these pictures I think a white ceiling would look a lot better. Am considering having the unfinished basement ceiling–exposed joists with insulated wiring running through holes to the panel.

Aside from vacuuming up the spiders, do you suggest I do any prep to the ceiling before painting? I’m going back and forth about wether to just paint the joists or sheetrock with a lot of access panels? I am going to do a whole post about how we installed the wood, but for now, I thought I would give you a sneak peak. Thanks for following along and for all your sweet comments about my “Honey, I just want to paint the cabinets white” Kitchen Renovation. I had some Killz 2 primer left over from a previous project, so I decided to get more of the same for this one. Cover the outside of the paint sprayer, hose, and spray handle with spray silicone to make clean up easier. I have an unfinished basement but with a little (affordable) Love – a white ceiling to brighten it up, a classy color on the concrete walls, and maybe some all-weather carpeting, it could turn into a very functional space! I just started revamping a creepy basement and am only at the point where I’m scraping paint and fantasizing about how the space will be. Should we just rip out the exhisiting insultion ( may loose noise and heat protection) and spray with wagner after priming? I have been wanting to find an inexpensive way to upgrade my basement (so the kids can play in it), and this idea just might work! All along I was planning to do black-out (cost-effective, cool) but thinking about it I felt it might look too gritty (punk-rock) and incongruous with the rest of our home (eclectic but traditional). The pipes will likely peel eventually, in my opinion, but there’s no danger I know of in painting them. I’ve got a similar basement ceiling, only with older wood (100 year old house) and more metal beams. I am interested to know though, why are you painting the wood panels after you put them up and not before??

Attempting this job with canned spray paint or a traditional brush and roller will not yield good results. No matter how well you isolate your work area you will get some overspray, but this should help minimize it. Not only am I going to paint the ceiling and steel beams white, but I’m going to color code all the various pipes. I have a chalk board in the basement that I will use for scheduling the maintenance of the water heater, furnace, etc. There is no danger in painting Romex wire as long as the wiring is done to code (certified electrician is probably a good idea, and may be required in your area). The airless sprayer I used is particularly nice because the hopper is on the ground with a long, pressurized hose leading to a lightweight nozzle.   (Some airless sprayers hold the paint in the nozzle area).
After cleaning it up from the primer I decided to put a light coating of spray silicon on the body of painter and spray handle. The cold water pipes will be painted blue, hot water red, grey water pipes will be painted grey and the sewage pipes will be painted chocolate brown. Could you let me know where did you get the wood and what type of wood planks are you using? The silicon prevented the paint from sticking and made cleanup the second time much easier.
You shouldn’t need a building permit for this type of work, but if you are doing electrical work you will most definitely need an electrical permit.

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