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While our sunroom mojo was still running on high from accomplishing our most daring painting task to date, I quickly followed up with two small electrical updates to the room. Now on to my less successful electrical project in the room: adding a light to the ceiling fan. I was pretty stoked about the price of the add-on light fixture ($20) and the schoolhouse style was pretty decent too. Convinced I had purchased the wrong kind of light kit, I returned it to the store and brought a picture of my wire situation to show the lighting lady at the store in hopes that she could point me in the direction of a kit that worked for my fan. Certain I had done things right this time, I twisted the fan cover back into place and flipped the power back on.
Yup, it’s a floor lamp stolen from the bedroom (since we noticed that we never turn it on in there thanks to an overhead light along with two bedside lamps). Tall ceilings are a good excuse to put in LED bulbs, since they take many, many years to burn out.
I notice on HGTV they rarely use ceiling lighting, beyond chandeliers, other pendants and recessed kitchen task lighting. As of 2 weeks ago, we have offically replaced every single outlet, light switch, and cover in our house over a 3 year period. On Saturday, my fiance told me he’s working on a Christmas present and to say out of the house.
Just in case you did decide on buying a tall ladder, Amazon is running a great sale today on the kind you would need. My husband switched out a few dingy light switches this weekend too – the white plates make such a big difference! When we redid our den, my husband did a lot of outlet switcheroos, updated some dangerously out of code wiring (i.e. When my mom bought her house, there was an extension cord hanging out of a hole in the wall on the front porch, presumably to plug in a wreath at Christmas time.

AFTER: the kitchen is updated with laminate paint and vinyl flooring that look like real hardwood floors.
BEFORE and AFTER: laminate paint as well as tile paint has updated this kitchen on a budget.
AFTER: the living room with a new paint job, flooring and ceiling fans with inbuilt lights. The first is seemingly minor, but to us makes a world of difference in making a room feel new: updating outlets. So in my excitement I kinda sorta might’ve skipped over the directions and started taking the fan apart to see how it connected (after turning the power off to the room).
First was buying another kit from the store, just in case the one I had gotten was a bum one.
I must be one of the lucky homeowners where the original fan installer opted not to connect the wires for the light up there, figuring they weren’t going to be used since he was just installing a fan without a light kit. Sure I could buy a taller ladder or rent a scaffold to help me access the wiring that’s 12 feet up in the air, but that seemed a bit extreme for what we assumed would be a quick and easy (and inexpensive) project. You can get a changer on an extension pole so there’s no need to rearrange your furntiture for that. Once we have more furniture in there (and maybe even add built-ins under the window) it’ll obscure a lot of them!
So, I went 50% Goodwill shopping, a yoga class, Starbucks and a trip to Home Depot (my idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon).
One thing I learned (through trial, error, and lots of googling) while replacing our outlets and covers is that there is an extra hot wire connected to the outlets that are controlled by light switches and that there is a tab between the two hot wires that must be torn off (using pliers) in order for the light switch to work. Also, those candlestick lights people have in the windows were still in place…with the cords going down into holes in the window panes and electrical taped together. Cherie barber said that is a great way to halve renovation costsBy that indicator, the budget for updating a kitchen or bathroom in a property worth $400,000 would be $8,000.a€?But a lot of people dona€™t have that money lying around,a€™ Ms Barber told Daily Mail Australia.

It’s something that was especially helpful in a room like our sunroom where the off-white outlets just look dirty against the white trim.
So when my mom enlightened me that they sell kits to add lights to existing ceiling fans we immediately had our game plan in mind (which included this vintage-ish Ceiling Fan Light Kit found at Home Depot).
It was quickly apparent that this colorful mess of wires didn’t match up with the simple black and white wires that the light kit came with.
I was told that if I see anything different to not say anything as it will eventually be a surprise and come together.
I told him that if we eventually do the projects on the light that I would like to hire an electrian for piece of mind. Might give him the opportunity to fix it and make sure it’s all safe without having to bring someone else in without his knowledge, you know? If the previous owners changed the switches and outlets, they may not have torn off the tab, which breaks the electrical current between the two outlets to allow the outlet to turn off. So I actually put together a little graphic tutorial for easy reference if anyone else wanted to update some outlets in their home.
If you don’t have ceiling lights in some rooms, but those rooms do have light switches, that is a good indication of the light switches contolling an outlet in that room.
I’m not as entertaining as John and Sherry, nor are my pictures as pretty as theirs, but my blog (linked above if you click on my name) does have a tutorial on those particular types of outlets. I saw it on other blogs and given the layout of my house, it looked pretty straight forward. I checked the box, switched the bulb and everything looked fine but the light still didn’t work.

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