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To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. I'm setting up a shop in my garage and wired up two fluorescent light fixtures (each having two fluorescent bulbs, 11W T5 bulbs (I think)). Each light is working properly when I am running power to each one singly, but when I wire it as stated above, when I turn on the switch, each light turns on but at a VERY low level - the lights seem to come on only a little bit.
It shouldn't make a difference, but this is on a 15A circuit dedicated to an exterior receptable (GFCI in a weatherproof case).
You have series wired and for the switch to be on the far end you would need 3-conductor cable between the lights. As ray2047 mentioned -- you've miswired the circuit by configuring it in a series arrangement. If one of those bulbs quit then the circuit dies -- think of those in series Christmas lights.

The reason the lights are dim --- instead of each light getting 120 volts they are only getting 60 volts because of the series wiring. It's required in new work to bring a neutral to the switch box in case it's needed for a future timer or dimmer. If the neutral isn't required where you are you can just use 2-conductor cable to the switch. Notice in the third sketch the white wire ( in blue ) is used as a constant *hot* feed with a black marking --- tape or felt marker -- to indicate that wire is not a neutral. Besides with NEC if I understand correctly, it doesn't mean it phyiscally have to be there if the location meets the accessibility or raceway exceptions. If the power comes at the switch (or at the first light and the first light is wired to the switch) all 2-conductor cable can be used. Also inspectors don't like to see it as the switched feed to the lights since techincally it's not allowed to be used as a switched feed.

Different from Ontario - are you saying it's required for the neutral to be wired to the switch even if not used?
Note diagram is compliant with NEC 2011 that requies a neutral at the switch even if not used. Many types of electronic switches now require a neutral with the phasing out of incandescent lighting south of the border. With incandescents power for switches containing lights or electronics could be drawn though the bulbs.

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