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Skylite Plus Polycarbonate 50″ (cylindrical-shaped body) displays its excellence in terms of both wind delivery and aesthetics. This model also boasts the durable Alumi Motor and 3D Double Angle Wooden Blades for better and wider breeze distribution. A magazine ordered ceiling fan that was only available through the Family Handyman magazine at the time.

According to the magazine, this ceiling fan was suppose to be comparable to the classic Hunter original ceiling fan, and was sold for $29.95 plus the shipping.
Unlike most ceiling fans made at the time, or even present, this ceiling fan is gear drive, driven by a small motor with a gear on the shaft which drives the geared flywheel.
Looks a little bit similar to a Emerson Casablanca Classic ceiling fans, has some of the features.

The bell canopy is similar to Casablanca, and mounts very similar to Casablanca ceiling fans.

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