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Whether you are looking for modern, beautifully designed ceiling fans, energy efficient ones or even a basic function fan, know that we have it all. A ceiling fan with light can be a good alternative to spending large sums of money putting up false ceiling to house your lighting points. Not only do these fans save you up to 95% in energy consumption, they are also designed to look deliberately simple and modern.
Best of all, these ceiling fans come with Amasco’s generous 2 year warranty for parts and LIFETIME warranty for motor, a sign that they exceptional reliable and built to last. Be extremely wary of sellers who do not want to use the messaging centre, or meet in person. If this image violates your copyright, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your feedback.
FANGLAN: Fan Grand The ceiling fan who I circulate the air of a wider range and is slender by fashion.

I let a circulation effect work and contribute to energy saving!I make circulation of the air of the room better by the turn of the fan, and let's hold down the consumption electricity of the air-conditioner. ATTENTION: Attention in case of the installation!Because I hit the screw to the ceiling depending on the installation appliance of the ceiling, and reinforcement work may be necessary, it is a check required here.
COLORS: Color It is the white that is a pretty natural country, or I say, and is a parenthesis silver bitterly? The reversible of brown and the natural that a main body body is silver, and woodgraining is beautiful as for the fan as for the silver together. A natural and the main body body that a main body body is silver, and woodgraining is beautiful as for the fan as for the silver and reversible of the white with the united feeling.
DETAIL PICTURE: Detailed image As well as functionality, it exerts presence as the interior. And with the wide range of ceiling fans with light on this site to choose from, you can be assure of choosing one which meets your needs and budget.

Also along with it, because the amount of light required eco, brightness is good because the Carlit-6 light bulb type fluorescent lamp 60 W.It's also happy what is reversible, in conjunction with the taste of the Interior and the room can be used in your favorite fans. With the influx of many designer models into the Singapore ceiling fan market, plus Amasco’s own modern range of DC motor fans, finding one that suits your taste or decor is easy. That’s a steal considering that most fans on this website are Amasco controlled models available only at their showroom and comes with 2 years warranty for parts, 1 year for service and LIFETIME for Fan Motor.

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