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July 26, 2012 by Gil Schauer Leave a Comment Outdoor ceiling fans come in all shapes and sizes to suit your unique cooling and ventilation, budget, and home decor specifications. Outdoor wet ceiling fans, on the other hand, are designed to handle direct exposure to rain so you can install them in virtually any exterior area. Many homeowners who have only experienced ceiling fans indoors are surprised to discover all of the outdoor uses of ceiling fans, which provide a great deal of convenience and flexibility in your outside living areas. Wet outdoor ceiling fans and damp fans are both built to resist heat, humidity, dryness, wind, and other extreme weather conditions that would damage an indoor ceiling fan.
Of course, you should also remember that although they are specifically designed for outside use, outdoor ceiling fans can be installed indoors as well. I know there are 2 different sizes of downrods (diameter dimensions); and I know this one is threaded.
Ideal for low ceilings, NuTone Hugger series ceiling fans offer the same classic styling as their taller cousins but require less space. There are two basic types: damp-rated and wet outdoor ceiling fans, each of which is rated based on the conditions where they are designed to optimally function.
A wet outdoor ceiling fan will function properly in an open gazebo, veranda, or other outdoor locations that are exposed to the elements. Regardless of the temperature outside, both damp and wet outdoor ceiling fans enable you to comfortably relax on your porch or entertain friends with a backyard barbeque while keeping cool, quickly moving smoke away from the grill, and even keeping pesky bugs like mosquitoes away without having to spray those toxic bug repellant chemicals in the air. Most wet outdoor ceiling fans are made with stainless steel and the blades of outdoor wet ceiling fans are made of weather resistant molded plastic.

Their versatility and modern designs make them perfect for use wherever you want to cool off or move air. All Hugger housings mount flush with the ceiling and install directly onto an outlet box positioning blades a mere 7 in.
White Indoor Ceiling Fan 1 answer Can this fan be mounted on a vaulted ceiling with the addition of Threaded Extension Downrod?
Just to re-address what we're looking for - this is a somewhat large, oddly shaped bathroom (approximately 350 sq ft) and we've already installed an exhaust fan near the shower for moisture assist.
The multi-capacitor offers quiet operation, and the quick-install blade system offers speedy installation.
Indoor Natural Iron Ceiling Fan 2 answers Can I turn the fan on with a wall light switch? Damp-rated outdoor ceiling fans are ideal for outside locations such as covered patios and decks that are not directly exposed to the elements but still encounter humidity and moisture. You can even hose-off outdoor wet ceiling fans for quick and easy cleaning without causing any damage whatsoever.
You can also control the speed of outdoor ceiling fans based on the temperature and amount of people in the area with a remote or fixed wall mount control.Damp and wet outdoor ceiling fans are affordable, and you can even install a stylish outside ceiling fan that has a protected lighting mechanism to illuminate a gazebo or patio. However, we have a large window and lighting that heat up the room in the vanity area (we love both the window and lighting so not considering a change). In fact, many outdoor wet ceiling fans even come equipped with lighting fixtures that are specially sealed for outdoor use.

With a wet rating, this fan can be installed outdoors as well as in great rooms that need air circulation.
So, yes, we're looking for a ceiling fan that will move air in and around the area where the window and the lighting are located to dissipate heat.
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Comes with all the QuickFit features (AccuArm, Quick Install blades, Slide-On bracket and Twist and Lock light kit) as well as a threaded downrod coupler for increased support for wobble free operation. While this comes with a 4a€? and 6a€? down rod, you could then purchase an extension down rod in 12a€?, 18a€?, 24a€?, 36a€?, or 48a€?.
I hope this is helpful, however, if you have further questions just dial 888-336-6151 and speak with our Technical Support Department. Because we really like the look and hugger appearance of this fan we were hoping it might work for our purpose. Finally, sorry but I've never seen a ceiling fan listed that doesn't state the cubic feet per minute movement of air?

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