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If you use Fandango much, this is one to take advantage of. After you have made your gift card purchase, you will receive an email from Fandango with a promotional code redeemable for one movie ticket. In order to keep the blog upbeat and informative, we ask that you keep your comments cordial and relevant to the post.  Read more information on our comment policy.
Instead of seeing movies when they first come out, I can catch them after they’ve been released for a few weeks at a greatly reduced price. This means that I sometimes have to wait to see a movie I want to check out, but often, it’s worth the savings.
That said, we occasionally reserve that remaining tenth of a percent for smuggling in a small snack (or we eat ahead of time). Sign Up With the Theater Online Purchasing your movie tickets from a second-party website might be super convenient, but you might not be getting the best deal.
Sign up for newsletters and promos with your neighborhood theater directly via their website. When you book tickets, you’ll avoid extra fees, and you might even get a heads up about cheap movie days, special discounts, and coupons for concessions like popcorn, drinks, and candy to relieve some of the burden on your wallet. Theaters generally don’t make coupons or other discounts readily available, but it’s possible to lower the cost of a movie without doing anything against the rules (I’m talking about those who sneak in their own snacks). Heading to the movies can be a totally guilt-free activity, whether you bring the kids, or are out on a date.
Use Price Clubs If you have a Sam’s Club or Costco membership, you can save on movie tickets.
Head to the consumer service desk and ask about discount tickets – you can usually score them for a few bucks off.

I’m not a club shopper, but I discovered that my local grocery store and gas station offer cheaper tickets.
I can then save even more by using a cash back credit card that offers additional rewards for shopping at these locations. Call around to different stores in your area and you might find a cheaper way to see the same movie that everyone else pays full price for. Divvy Up the Snacks I used to always buy my kids separate snacks to reduce fights and whining. Of course, it’s cheaper to buy larger quantities of popcorn at the movies – purchasing my kids two small popcorns and a medium for myself wasn’t exactly cost-effective. However, I once saw a mother pull out several brown paper bags from her purse and divvy up her large popcorn among them. Her three kids each had their own bag to limit squabbling, and she saved by buying a larger tub.
She writes for several online publications, including her own fashion blog, How Not to Dress Like a Mom , and specializes in fashion, finance, health and fitness, and parenting. Jae grew up in Toronto, Canada, but now resides in Utah with her husband, two kids, and prized shoe collection. Go for Group Deals Tons of group deal websites – like Groupon and LivingSocial – offer deals for movies.
Since it’s difficult to snag cheap tickets for particular theaters, you can look for deals instead for ticketing websites, like Fandango .
It’s usually a percentage off the ticket price, or a flat rate price for two tickets to a specific movie.

It’s perfect when you’re lining up a date night with your partner; you’ll get a code to enter into the ticketing website when purchasing the tickets. Grab Gift Cards You might think that a trip to the movies is a perfect gift, but not everyone thinks that way.
When a person gets a gift card that he or she probably won’t use, it can be listed on the site. Shoppers like you can then snag the gift cards on the cheap, sometimes for a seriously deep discount. Check to see what’s available – for example, you can get a $25 gift card to AMC Theatres for 14% off. You can snag discounted or even free movie tickets just by using the information that you already have.
Tons of theaters offer discounts for both students and seniors, providing that you can show an ID when you purchase the tickets. Fandango also offers programs for free and discounted tickets based on your online activity and purchases.

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