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As Instagram is one of the fast growing social media sites, people can use it to show their visibility to potential internet users. People have to understand the difference between real and fake Instagram follower’s sites in order to avoid the wastage of money.
It may seem enticing to simply buy a following rather than letting it organically grow over time, the reality is, it may actually hurt your social media in the long run. The formula for getting on the Popular page has been a much discussed one, but Instagram has been quiet about what exactly you need to get there.
Being on the Popular page is beneficial for one purpose: getting more organic followers from those browsing the Popular page. With the two accounts above, both of which have been on the Popular page and belong to fashion bloggers, it seems as though both have been using spamming to get a boost in their accounts. The second example shows how another fashion blogger’s account is completely littered with spam comments. If a brand was educated in the issue of manipulating a fake Instagram reach, they would probably find these clues a bit curious. I work for a company that once paid for 50,000 Instagram Followers from with essentially no negative repercussions. I take a lot of pride in my IG feed and I’ve never understood why anyone would do this? Look at any popular account, like Lady Gaga for example, and it’s littered with spam comments because spammers flock to popular accounts where their comments are more likely to be seen. I find it really weird that you talk about spam comments as if the blogger is to blame for receiving spam comments. Here’s the list of the top 100 celebrities that lost the most Instagram followers during the purge. Worth Instagram following service is provided by many sites and this will increase sales and profits of business owners in a better manner. To boost the online presence of business, they have to get the Instagram followers from the service providers who deliver at fast turnaround time.
That way photo ends up on the Popular page, which in turn usually means gaining organic followers due to the free advertisement.

Besides the fact that a smart brand might dig a little deeper into your account and find some discrepancies, you may not be able to deliver what you promise to them if your following is fake. Instagram, so far, has been slightly better at self-policing spammers (compared to other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook).
Before signing on to do a project (especially if the project isn’t paid) it may be to your benefit to do a once over of their social media growth to see who you are really reaching.
And if you’re looking for tips to grow your Instagram organically, see all of our Instagram-related posts.
I have been thinking about purchasing but after reading your post i will try to be more careful. I don’t have many followers on Instagram and have recently noticed a lot of spam on my account and quite a few are obviously fake. I’ve heard all about buying followers and never knew anything, seems like a bad idea to me! It seems like this issue is one that’s just coming to light, so we may not see it yet (and hopefully we won’t), but is this a legitimate concern as readers start becoming more and more aware of the practice?
We started our campaign with merely 43 followers, we purchased 2000 to start off with and a month later we have over 5600+ followers on our feed..
Noone can control spammers, and even the hugest instagram accounts that belong to famous bloggers (like garrypeppervintage) get spammed. If people do not know how to buy Instagram likes or followers, they have to perform thorough search on the web. Major boost can be provided for their business with the services offered by the legitimate sites in internet.
Say, for example, a brand wants you to get 50 people to sign up for a contest you advertise on your Instagram.
Just do your research, and don’t use the followers for the sole purpose of show-off you should be fine. I love engaging with people on Instagram and have met many interesting people on the platform. I want people to follow me in an honest way and because they like what I have to day, not because I paid for them.

We’ve got the list of the top 100 Celebrities that lost the most Instagram followers during the Instagram purge. Though images and videos sharing only available with Instagram, professionals can use it to get popularity in shorter time. Increasing the sales and products of the business can be done in an easier way by getting potential clients for their business using Instagram followers and likes.
Furthermore, new features on recent updated versions of the app, such as flagging individual comments as spam, help the community as a whole fight spam.
Sadly, I have noticed the rise in spammy comments and fake followers in everyone’s feed, my own included. The person in charge of their Instagram account will be answering some tough questions for sure. High quality services are delivered by many prominent sites and they can buy Instagram followers  from them to get quick results.
Skills and talents of the individuals can be noticed only when they satisfy the needs of the followers in a good way. But if you’re following is mostly fake, you may not have people sign up, and therefore disappoint the brand. One has to check out the different plans available with them in order to receive the positive outcomes without any issues. Promotion of their business is not possible if they do not carry out their activity properly. One should grab the chances provided to them in order to get new customers every day otherwise no use in getting followers. Suitable packages have to be selected and they have to fill the form in a correct way to get all chances to win in their online business.
There are tons of fake and spam accounts out there in social media that follow accounts just to lend credibility to their accounts.

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