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Maybe he just got a bunk kit, or somehow built it wrong even though i know he read the instructions and took his time since i was there building my plane..
I bought one of these planes on the cheap from Tower and have only read the instructions so far. I had my wattmeter hooked up and the brushed motor seemed to be drawing more current than it should. So it seems a break in helps seat the brushes and smooths them out more so the motor runs better. Anyway it is all built up, and yeah I had to cut out a chunk out of the top of the canopy too.
I am not sure if it'll fly at this time, as it is like 110 degrees F outside during the day, and I am not sure the ESC will cut out on me from the heat. Great Planes has apparently dropped the XPD8 as of July 2010 and I suspect the Miglet will be soon out the door as well, though Great Planes parent company outlet store Tower Hobby has jacked the price for the Miglet up to an absurd $80! I built one with a 20mm Turnigy 4400kv Inrunner and the other with the stock ball bearing brushed motor.
Incidentally, one thing GLARINGLY OMITTED from this build up is that you take your time and BREAK IN THE BRUSHED MOTOR before flying it!!!

Much information given in the review was not included in the instruction manual and as a result, many crashes and eventually a new XPD. The ESC cut out a couple of times, so i switched to a 2s1p 1000mah pack instead of the 3s1p 1000 mah pack I was using.
Plus the fan blades tend to stretch and start to rub on the housing, so building up the rpms slowly helps to wear the tips in. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated. Now that I learned how to set up the aircraft, I purchased another one and built it from experience. I continued the break in and later found that it drew about 50 watts off the 2s1p pack at WOT. But after a few higher rpm runs, you could see worn spots on the inside circumference where the fan bladed touched the housing. So I may wait for cooler days this fall or try flying it early in the morning before it gets too hot. I later switched back to the 3s1p pack and ran it again and the motor was performing well now.

They all appeared the same to me and I thought they were just spares and of course this plane never made it off the bench as the fan wobbled during the test break in period. I read in the forums that the rear cone doesn't let enough air to the motor and it would be better to leave it off. This new, non flying aircraft had to have the motor cut out and I took the old XPD motor and reinstalled it into this one.
With alot of work and patching up this new one now looks used but at least it is flyable again.
Hopefully GP is reading these reviews and making corrections along the way because I think this is a great flying aircraft with a ton of future potential. Then the shaft on the brushless motor decides to break right at the base where they reduced the shaft down in size.
The tip of the shaft was tight in the fan after it broke so it wasn't because anything was loose.

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