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Disclaimer: Product shown in the picture above is only for representative and information purposes. This USB fan is great for refreshment when you're out such as camping, picnicking and so on.
Electronic fan sunglasses cap-like cover (the new electronic fan colourful glasses of cap-like cover). The actual product delivered may be different from the creative as displayed here in the website.

New style can filter the ultraviolet ray effectively, the cap is equipped with the small mini electric fan front. Shop Mini Turbine Fan Portable USB + Battery Dual-purpose Fan in Pakistan online and make payment by cash on delivery. Such an ultraviolet ray monitor helmet collect sunshine ultraviolet ray monitor and protect to an organic whole, especially suitable for the outdoor exercises and travel and use, care about health and skin.
The packaging explains; 360 one case best gift should give dear person most, dear people should be people of the sunshine the most most!

The ultraviolet ray will help you to realize the dream if the ultraviolet ray monitors helmets! This summer you can rest assured the open air to one's heart's content, but needn't afraid the sunshine ultraviolet ray burns the skin!

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