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Summary: How to Install and Wire a Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Pictures and Step-By-Step Instructions to Guide You. A great home improvement is adding a bathroom exhaust fan or upgrading you existing unit to a quiet low noise bathroom exhaust fan. Installing a bathroom exhaust fan with an optional heat lamp to warm up those chilly mornings.
Replace the noisy worn out exhaust fan with a unit that provides additional warmth on those cold mornings. Locate the power source, install the box and switch, locate and mount bathroom exhaust fan unit and vent. I would like to use the power from the original light switch to run the fan independently from the light. You have identified that the power source which is at the existing light fixture which will be extended to the new exhaust fan. At the existing light fixture junction box, make sure to identify the existing cable that leads to the light switch and either wrap black electrical tape on the white wire or color part of the white wire with a black felt pen. From the new exhaust fan a cable will need to be installed from the exhaust fan to the double switch box.
Make sure to identify the new cable that leads from the exhaust fan to the double switch box and either wrap black electrical tape on the white wire or color part of the white wire of the cable with a black felt pen. Now that the white wires that are used for the switches of the light and the exhaust fan have been identified with black, lets concentrate on the white wires that are the actual neutral wires. Keep in mind that a switch is just a loop of the hot leg of the power source which is accomplished by using a 2-wire cable as you already have with the existing switch for the light fixture. With this in mind, the black of the power source to the exhaust fan splices with the white wire (which has been colored black to show that it is being used for the switch). The black of the cable being used for the new exhaust fan switch splices with the black lead wire for the new exhaust fan.
Single pole switches typically have two side screw terminals and or push in connections on the back of the switches, the side terminals are typically a better connection than the push in connections. It does not matter which wire of the pair used for the switch is attached at the terminals because the switch is not polarity sensitive, the switch is simply a contact. The ground wires of the cables should be bonded to the junction boxes and switch boxes if these boxes are metal and or have a provision for a ground wire attachment which is typically identified by a green screw. Basically you will have the same wiring configuration as the existing light and switch, except there will be the added cable between the light fixture and the exhaust fan, so the key is to identify each cable and what the individual wires of each cable are used for. The circuit should be positively identified and the circuit should be shut OFF before any wiring is performed.
So, your source power source, (hot, neutral and ground) is located at the switch box where you will have two switches, one for the light and the timer for the fan.
The 3-wire cable needs to be the same wire gauge or size as the power source cable, which is either #12 or #14.
If the timer switch that you have requires a neutral wire then it too will be spliced with the other neutral wires mentioned above. The ground wires all splice together, and an additional ground wire should be added to connect to the light switch, and the time switch unless the time switch has a green ground lead wire. Lets make the Black wire of the 3-wire cable for the Light of the exhaust fan, so the black of the 3-wire cable wire will attach to the single light switch. Lastly, we have the Red wire of the 3-wire cable that will be used for the Exhaust Fan, so the red wire of the 3-wire cable will attach to the timer switch or splice with the red wire of the time switch (or other color wire as described in the instruction sheet that came with the time switch). There will be either one or two white wires that are used for the light and the fan, and these white wires splice to the white wire of the 3-wire cable.

Make sure to positively identify the circuit and turn the circuit OFF before performing any work. The existing box is typically replaced by a two-gang box to accommodate a switch for the bathroom fan. Depends on personal level experience, ability to work with tools, install electrical circuit wiring, and the available access to the project area.
Identify the panel circuits found in the project area, turn them OFF and Tag them with a Note before working with the electrical wiring. Electrical parts and materials for home wiring projects should be approved for the specific project and compliant with local and national electrical codes. Installing additional home electrical wiring should be done according to local and national electrical codes with a permit and be inspected. I think your site offers the the clearest and best electrical information for homeowners I have ever seen on the net.You have given me confidence to do my own projects which I never had before.
I wish I found this site earlier, it is by far the best electrical related resource I have found on the web.
After Choosing or Selecting The Perfect Bathroom Exhaust Fan, Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation Technique get more important.
Seeing all these things, today’s market provides us with variety of products that destroy the spores and clean the stains that the spores usually leave behind. In order to reduce elbows and optimize fan performance, install the fan with the exhaust port pointed in the direction of the termination point. Sagging or weaving a fan duct will also increase static pressure and reduce a fans performance.
Using a flexible duct made of nylon or vinyl is not recommended due to high static pressure caused by its ridges and curvature. Second, use a long radius angle to help ensure optimum airflow and minimum airflow noise.
The shortest smooth, inner surface duct with the least number of elbows will provide optimum fan performance. Most bathroom fans have keyhole slots and alignment tabs to help with the installation, taking the guesswork out of proper mounting. When you use wide aluminum foil or duct tape to join smooth metal ductwork seams you will avoid air leaks.
When you install a bathroom fan do not let flexible ductwork sag because this will reduce air flow.
During the bathroom fan installation, position the bath fan outlet in the direction of the home’s exit point. Duct-wrap insulation (R-5 or above) will help minimize condensation in cold climates, especially on long duct runs. Exit vents should have backdraft flaps to help keep cold air from entering duct. Next step is to make wiring with the main light and for this look over the wiring leading to the bathroom main light. Bathroom exhaust fans need ducting to move the air from the bathroom to the exterior of the building. Since, electricity is not the right place to experiment, better shut off the main power supply when indulging into any of the electrical task. Find best value and selection for your Aupu A716G Bathroom Exhaust Fan Heat Light search on eBay. A bathroom exhaust fan that runs at 50 CFM, will work well for a smaller find in this category are: Bathroom Fan, bath fan, heater bath fans, bathroom fans with light Ahh A Warm Bathroom.

Series Bath Fan with Heater and Light Heater, Fan and Light brings convenient, comforting warmth to your bathroom.
Buy bathroom exhaust fan heater light at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web.
The power source goes to the light first and then to the single pole switch so the white is actually the hot. This is to clearly show that the existing cable to the switch is being use for the light switch only so there will not be any confusion about the wires of that cable.
A ground wire should also be attached to the green ground screw which may be found on the frame of the switches. I currently have one light switch with a single outlet on it i want to install a bathroom fan.
Bathroom is a place of moisture and humidity, organisms like mold, spores and mildew generally build up.
However, more appropriately one should use a technique which can prohibit the growth of such micro organism any further.
When using a flexible aluminum duct, support the entire length of the duct with braces or hangers to keep it as straight as possible for the entire run. Elbows, turns, long ducts and ductwork smaller than the fan’s exit outlet will reduce performance. These work by pushing the moist and humid air out of the bathroom and thereby preventing the mold growth. Most bathroom exhaust fans transfer the bathroom air up into the attic and out through the side of the house using metal ducting.
Products like the Nutone QuieTTest QT9093 Exhaust Fan, Broan 750 Decorative Bathroom Exhaust Fan Broan bathroom ventillation and bathroom exhaust fans, fans with lights and fans with heater.
I just need to know how to go about running the electric for it and what kind of outlet I need. The exact method and materials will depend on several factors of the home and the existing circuit cable. Reducing the duct diameter (at any point in the duct run) may create substantial static pressure and reduce the fan’s performance by as much as 90%.
An installation that has a 90-degree elbow immediately after the fan exhaust port will cause air to flow back into the fan.
Moreover, decision should also be done beforehand whether you want to go with the ceiling mount or the wall mount exhaust fans. Connect the exhaust fan wiring to the house wiring following the wiring schematic provided with the fan. Bathroom ventilation properly installed The Air King Deluxe Combination Heater exhaust fan series will instantly make your home a more comfortable place to live. I have added a bathroom exhaust fan and replaced the single gang box with a double gang box in order to add another single pole switch in the same box. However, the ridges in aluminum flexible duct increase static pressure and can reduce air flow and fan performance. But before that make sure you have all the necessary items like bathroom exhaust fan, hacksaw and some other carpentry tools. The degree to which performance is affected depends on the length of duct, number and degree of elbows.

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