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To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. The ventilation fan has the following wires Neutral, ground, black (L), Fan, Light, common, Night Light (we don't want to hook up the night light). On your new fan there should one common neutral (white) and 3 hot wires for exhaust, main light and night light. On edit: Based on your last pic - you are supposed to power the fan combo at the unit and then run a dedicated switch line down. That yellow wire is connected to the black inside the fan therefore it must be capped off. Based on these two pieces of information, splice the black switch wire to the red wire in the unit.
The labels on the wires in the unit and the colors in the wiring diagram don't appear to agree.
In the example we use in this article and supplemental video, we have an existing 4-gang outlet with three switches and a ground fault receptacle in the decora or decorator device style.
Step One – Ensure the Power is OFF Ensure that the power to the circuit is off, and arrange for an alternate light source (either battery operated, or an electric light plugged into a different circuit in another location). Step Three – Test the Circuit Double check with a voltmeter, power pencil, etc., to ensure that the power to the circuit is off.
Step Five – Remove Additional Switches For the reason noted above, and the fact that the new device requires a neutral connection, we will have to remove all of the switches in this outlet box. Step Six – Identify Required Connections With the switches now out of the way, we can determine what connections and splices that we will need access to. After looking over the wiring diagram that came with the timing switch (yes, reading the instructions is a must), determine what connections are required. In the outlet box we will need to gain access to one of the ground screws in the back of the box to connect the timer’s ground wire to it. The black wire needs to be added in to the splice of black wires that have pigtail wires that connect to one side of each of the existing switches, and to the line in terminal of the GFCI receptacle. Remove the wire connector and remove the pigtail that goes to the existing bath fan switch.  In its place you need to spice in the black wire to the timer. The black wire that was connected to the other side of the existing bath fan switch needs to be spliced to the blue wire from the timer switch. Now we need to push back all of the splices into the box, making sure that you have room for the new device. There is more space behind the single pole switches, so work the bulk of the splices in behind them, and be careful that when the devices are reinstalled, there will be no pinch points or pressure on the wires.
Note that with this particular timing device, there are tabs that must be removed in order to fit within the space available in the multi-gang box.  The tabs are scored for easy removal.

Reinstall all of the devices.  Test fit the cover plate and adjust device positions if necessary. This entry was posted in Wiring Projects and tagged bath fan, bath fan timer switch, electronic timer, electronic timer switch, exhaust fan, fan, switch. The FOX Fire Safe (FOX FS) is a specialist two-room (bathroom and WC) fan with timed overrun. The fan supplied as standard with two interchangeable intumescent cartridges so that the installer is able to easily place the cartridge as required..
The low-watt fan system operates on an overrun proportional timer activated by the light switches in either room. Integral Intumescent fire protection system which expands and closes off the air duct in the event of a fire providing protection against the spread of fire. Polycarbonate ABS mix with fire retardant housing which provides a robust and high temperature resistant casing. The levitation of the blade and housing is created through opposing magnetic forces causing propulsion through perpendicular magnetic fields. IMPORTANT: The connection to the system requires intumescent mastic as a sealer to make it fire safe.
The FOX FS is supplied with a proportional timer and two internal intumescent fire break systems. While replacing outlets, I came across a 110 line that: instead of having power (continuation) with the typical black to black (power) and white to white (neutral), has power on all 4 wires and any combination of wires.
First guy that stopped at my house, gave up after about 15 min, said he would have to come back when he had more time. Doing a remodel and rip out of your kitchen needs to have a rewire with it 90% of the kitchens I have seen. This site answers questions related to home electrical wiring, home wiring, general electrical help,and other electrical questions related to aleternating current (AC). Learn where to shop for a remote control fan and find the lowest prices on fans for floors, tables, windows in addition to ceiling fans. The diagram shows a un-switched 2-conductor cable providing power to the fan and a 3 conductor cable running to switch box for the switch. Its fire safety properties are due to an intumescent seal contained within the metal connecting section which expands when exposed to high temperatures. One intumescent outlet connects to the ducted system and the other provides fire protection for the second room.
The FOX Fire Safe utilises two energy efficient MagLev motors, offering great efficiency, quiet operation and exceptionally long life (up to 50,000 hours of operation). We have integrated the science behind making the MagLev trains float above the rails and propel forward, into our complete range of domestic fans.

This means that there is no physical contact between the moving parts and therefore no mechanical friction. No transformer is required with the FOX FS 240V Fan and therefore the connection is direct from the fan to the isolator. I am not an electrician but never ever had any problems doing basic electrical work, especially changing out switches and outlets. I can help advise people on their wiring needs, what kind of outlets and switcher to use, explain what an electrical service is and how their breakers work. The fan works fine but the light will not work independently of the fan no matter what we try. We have the 2 switches powered by a feed line that runs up through the walls to a junction box where the main power feed is. It will be white to white, the red wire in your box to the main light, black wire in your box to the fan and just cap off the extra night light wire.
I require this article to comprehensive my assignment inside the college, also it has very same subject along with your post. An added benefit is that sound transmission is reduced making it the ideal solution for communal ducted systems. This in turn means that the fan temperature is low and there is less waste of energy and less wear to the components. The fan should be placed at high level on a suitable wall so that the second spigot can be aligned to the second room. To wire according to the diagram you woulf have to either run a new 2 conductor cable to the fan in addition to the three conductor cable there or replace the existing switch cable with a 4-conductor cable. No friction also results in exceptionally high efficiency, quieter running and improved balance.
There are 3 way switches in 2 different rooms on this circuit (not sure if that's involved or not).
1 set is black and white coming from the fan motor and the others are blue and white coming from the light receptacle. Normally your tester will read some weird voltage are power sneak across the filament of a light bulb. We can get the unit to work in every way except independent of each other on 2 seperate switches.

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